Innoxa SOS – Skin Tissue Oil

SOS – Save Our Skin, a cry that I’m sure has been made by many a mother and reformed teenage tomboys covered in scratch and scrape scarring.

Innoxa has heard these cries and formulated SOS Skin Tissue Oil which will help reduce the look of unsightly scars, stretch marks, aging skin, uneven skin tone and dried out skin.

SOS Skin Tissue Oil is a very light body oil that absorbs really quickly so you aren’t left feeling greasy or oily. It utilises aero technology  meaning no mess no fuss application and you really can’t ask for much more than that, especially in an oil. Spray it on, massage it in and you’re good to go.

innoxa sos

Innoxa doesn’t test on animals, but they did have it dermatologically tested and approved; especially for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance and paraben free but does have quite a pleasant scent of lavender and geranium.

Two of the stand out ingredients in this skin saving oil are Tocomin and PCL liquid. Tocomin is a potent form of Vitamin E antioxidant which moisturises and conditions the skin with regular massage. It is 40-60 times more potent than the Vitamin E’s you generally come across.

“PCL Liquid makes the skin soft, smooth and supple whilst producing a thin hydrophobic film on the skin which helps prevent dryness. It maintains the natural water vapor permeability of the skin”

For best results you just need to spray a little of this on your skin in the morning and the evening and massage it in for silky soft, smooth skin and with regular continued use watch the condition of your skin improve. This is also safe for use on the face, you will just need to spray into your hands and rub onto the face.

Innoxa SOS – Skin Tissue Oil has an RRP of $19.95

For your nearest stockist please phone: 1300 650 981

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