Nailease Self Adhesive Nail Strips in Khaki Black Leopard

When I was offered a chance to roadtest the Nailease Self Adhesive Nail Strips I jumped at the opportunity. I try a range of different beauty products each week, but I have a slight obsession with pretty nail stick ons which always makes me excited when a new pack lands on my desk.

In the past I have used nail foils, but this was my first experience with the Nailease version which are slightly different. In the pack there are 20 nail strips in a range of sizes, a nail buffer and cuticle stick. As you can see I decided to go for the Khaki Black Leopard print this time.

nailease leopard

The application is super easy, there is no cutting (you just choose the closest size) and unlike the foils I didn’t get any awkward lumpy bits – these are more like stickers and they can stretch if they are too small. Although there are 20 in the pack, if I wanted to get two applications I would need to do some resizing because only the big ones are left.

It is recommended you use these at room temperature, they don’t like it too hot or too cold – once they are on that isn’t really an issue.

Quite a quick process compared to what I was used to, you stick them onto clean nails and gently file the top to remove any excess. A couple of hours after application I was giving my children a bath and I had one rogue nail which kept falling off and I was silently cursing as I had to keep resticking it. That night I had a dream that all my nails came off but when morning came they were all still there, unharmed. Since then all the nail strips stayed put and I didn’t have any other issues with them.

They probably lasted about a week before they started looking a little worse for wear, and I am the kind of person who never gets very long out of my nail polish because I am always doing things with my hands…one week is an eternity for my fingernails!

Would I use these again? Definitely, I want to try them all!

There are over 45 different styles, to find out more please visit:

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