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The new nail polish craze set to sweep the nation, and quite possibly the world, is Cracked Nail Polish and BYS is getting in on the action.

This fun new look is relatively easy to achieve all on your own at home and it’s not going to break the bank.

There is a colour combination to suit every mood and every occasion, not to mention every age bracket and you can have limitless fun experimenting with the different shades.

bys cracked polish

I love beautifully painted nails and I love the idea of nail polish, unfortunately I am pretty ordinary at the painting of them myself. I sat and had a bit of a play with these polishes this evening and even I can make them look reasonably good; so for anyone with a steady hand who can paint their nails this is going to make a fabulous fashion statement.

The range of Cracked Finish nail polishes is extensive and there are some brilliant colours that will stand out in the crowd. The cracked polish comes in everything from pastels, to primaries and neons and black.

To continue the simplicity of this new trend, you can buy the Cracked Finish Nail Polish in a 3 piece pack that will achieve your entire look. The colour combinations in this range are quite fantastic, some of them seem a little out there to me but that just means that the chances of appealing to a wider range of people is that much more achievable.

bys cracked polish

Alternately, you can buy your crackle coat individually and mix and match it with the nail polish collection you already have.

Creating this individualistic new look is fun and easy. The first thing you need to do is pick your colours because that is going to be the most important factor in your new nail look.

Base coat could be any of the basic nail polishes, a matte finish is probably the best bet, in any shade you want. I would suggest putting some thought into how your base coast will work with your crackle coat though. One quick coat of base coat and allow that to almost dry, I guess touch dry at least.

Next for the fun part, the Crackle Coat. One coat of this and allow it to completely dry as you watch the cracks appear. The crackle coat is available in some show stopping colours. I used the black tonight and must say I am pretty impressed with the results. I think a black crackle will go with any undercoat and it’s dark enough that no underneath colour could overpower it.  Some of the lighter crackle coats will just need some thought to create the right combination and the possibilities are endless.

Top it off with a quick coat of clear top coat to seal in your new look. This step is very important because without it your cracks will fast turn to chips.

So head on in to your nearest stockist and check out the range of Cracked Nail Polishes. Available in a 3 piece pack which includes a base coat, crackle coat and top coat. Or choose a crackle coat to complement your existing collection. Either way I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

An extensive BYS range is available from K Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, Ice Accessories, selected pharmacies, and specialty stores or online at

For full stock enquiries please call head office on (03) 9551 4666

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