Makeup Picks: Nudes

Nude is one of the biggest makeup trends right now, wear barely there colour on your lips, go soft on the eyes and make sure your skin is looking it’s best.

If you want to embrace all that is nude, here are some product picks that will help you get started:

A primer will give your skin good preparation before you apply foundation and if you are on a budget the Face of Australia Face Base Primer is one that we mention quite often on this website, it is oil free and gives you a smoother start.


Get it for: $11.95 / Stockist: 03 9338 5222

Another skin starter is the Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer from Jemma Kidd. It can be used as a primer before foundation, but I like to use it as a standalone product for those days when you don’t need a full face. It gives you a touch of coverage, a beautiful illuminating effect and has Vitamin E allowing it to glide on with ease.


Get it for: $35.95 / Stockist:

Nude looks minimal but you can fake it and still wear a heavier foundation if you want that extra coverage for night time wear. Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse comes in a hygienic pump bottle and will give you quite a thick, matte finish when it dries. This is good for photographs but make sure you get the right shade because if you don’t it looks very noticeable!

matte mousse

Get it for: $21.95 / Stockist: 1300 369 327

If you prefer a tinted moisturiser, Youngblood’s Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint has just the right amount of colour to give your face a lift without feeling too heavy. It moisturises with a special blend of Marine Extracts, Vitamin E and Kiwi Antioxidants. If you can go past the sleek black tube packaging then you are a stronger woman than I!

moisture tint

Get it for: TBA / Stockist: 1800 625 387

I am becoming a bit of a powder convert, and I have found one that allows you to avoid that mess factor. It is from Dermaquest Skin Therapy and it is called On The Go Finishing Powder. The beauty of this product is that it is sealed in with a built in brush, so you are less likely to get it all over your clothes. Water resistant with no parabens, talc, or synthetic dyes, pop this one in your handbag and touch up whenever you need to.


Get it for: $ / Stockist: 1300 799 709

There are two shades of lipstick from Bloom which work really well for this look – Peach and Nude (pictured). Peach is a little more pink and nude is more brown, but neither are strong vibrant colours they just give you a subtle hint. These lipsticks feel soft and have a slight gloss to them.


Get it for: $28.00 / Stockist: 03 9421 0200

Innoxa also have a Nude shade of lipstick which is a light, light pink. This is from their Matte collection but if you smooth it out you can make it look barely there. If you want something with slightly more impact try Peaches and Cream, which is more of a coral shade. Lovely lipsticks that are non drying, there is a colour for everyone.

nude innoxa

Get it for: $14.95 / Stockist: 1300 650 981

Kit Cosmetics have gone nude too of course, their lipstick is called Moon Lighter and it is slightly darker than nude. It’s like wearing a bikini instead of going completely naked – just that little bit of something there. Super smooth and kissable on the lips, pucker up with Kit.

Get it for: $24.95 / Stockist:

If you are a real lipstick lover then Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipstick in Crystal Nude is for you. The formula is smooth and creamy and the colour is a light, light, browny nude. There is also the faintest amount of shimmer which helps give your lips extra definition. Comes in their signature gold tube which you will want to have on display! This image is from their website, but it doesn’t look anything like that in real life (I just thought I’d give you an idea of the packaging) – it is much lighter and nuder!!!

estee nude

Get it for: $45.00 / Stockist: 1800 061 326

All these lipsticks call for a lip liner and Natural Compatibles Lip Definer in Natural Nude will give you a longer lasting application. Line and colour your lips before using your lipstick for a more even and smoother look. This one will go with most nude shades, especially the browner variety.

lip pencils

Get it for: TBA / Stockist: 1800 636 077

For something a bit different to black eyeliner, go for a brown or grey to compliment your nude skin and lips. I would, however still go for curled, dark lashes to give your look some impact. SAX have a Silver Cream Precision Eyeliner which will go the distance. It is no fuss application and the line is clear and crisp.

creme eyes

Get it for: $12.95 / Stockist: 03 9568 5999

What do you think of the nude makeup look? Love it or hate it?

3 thoughts on “Makeup Picks: Nudes

  1. Love love love it… hard to find really “nude” ones that don’t look pasty too thick.. Great selection you have written about.. I have found lipliners hard to find- have stuck with the body shop 01 for years and also Australis do a great nude liner

    Jo 🙂

    P.s. thinking of you this week 🙂

  2. I love the nude look because it is natural and not OTT. Find it hard though to find the right lipstick for my complexion and like jo says, hard to find the lipliner. Thanks for the article.

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