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Ella Baché are an Australian owned brand who are at the forefront of beauty. Their Skin Love online skin diagnosis service is a new concept where you can talk to a therapist face-to-face through your webcam.

The service is complimentary to all Australians and you are able to book an online appointment time that suits your schedule – you can even wear your pjs if you want to!

This morning I took the opportunity to use Skin Love and chat to a qualified Ella Bache skin therapist, to find out what products would best suit my skin.

I had made an appointment prior to the meeting, and signed in ten minutes before as advised. There is a brief survey you need to fill out which gives the therapist additional background information about your skin concerns – I chose fine lines, ageing and dark circles!

When the time came I was able to start the session and after a slight hiccup with my web cam we were ready to go. The screen was much smaller than I expected, but that really wasn’t an issue – besides, this morning I wasn’t particularly excited about the idea of seeing my face super sized on my computer!! The conversation was clear and I didn’t notice any time delays.

We began chatting and my Ella Bache therapist asked me about my skin type, which is normal to dry. She knew which questions to ask and we discussed my current routine.

The appointment felt very personal, and lasted around 10 minutes. She told me about her product recommendations and their uses, and I felt confident that from the information she had that it was an accurate diagnosis.

When the consultation is complete you receive an email notification with a list of the products and some further information from the session (a really useful feature as it can be hard to remember everything). You can even purchase any of the product picks directly through the website, and there were a couple of free samples added to my cart if I wanted to proceed.

skin diagnosis

The verdict was that I should start with the Classic range (Ella Bache’s base products) and when my skin becomes accustomised to it I would move on to a stronger anti-ageing regime with the Eternal range.

The products recommended to me:

  • Crème Douce Démaquillant
  • Crème Royale
  • Eternal Décolleté
  • Eternal Restructuring Eye Gel
  • Everyday Zinc 30+
  • Serum Marin
  • Eye and Lip Cleanser
  • Eternal Instant Ultra Rich Cream-Mask
  • Revitalisant


When you are logged in you can see a more in depth view with the My Routine tab. This is split into different times of the day and there are focus points that work as handy hints and tips. This explains each product and where it fits in your daily routine.

Going by this there are a few products that really caught my attention and ones that sound like they would be really targeted to my current skin concerns – the Crème Douce Démaquillant (cleanser), the Eternal Restructuring Eye Gel (for puffiness around the eyes) and the Serum Marin (serum for evening skin tone and reducing redness.)

eye gel

What I really like about Skin Love is that you are not just blindly purchasing products off the shelves or online. You have the chance to find an Ella Bache system that works especially for you and discover something you might not otherwise would have.

Ella Bache give you the ability to have all your questions answered instantly without even stepping outside your door.

To get your own free online skin consultation, visit: www.skinlove.com.au

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