Pond’s Returns to Australia

Pond’s is a brand which has been around for over 150 years and is stocked in more than 50 countries worldwide. Until recently Pond’s has only been a fond memory for Australian women as it has been unavailable here for some time.

The brand has now relaunched here with Unilever and Priceline behind the move. There are three ranges which you will find on shelves:

  • Age Miracle – anti-aging and restorative with fast results
  • Gold Radiance – the premium range from Pond’s
  • Flawless White – skin lightening and treatments for dark spots


Pond’s do extensive research when creating new products and have a team of scientists working behind the scenes. The products are affordable while targeting common skin concerns.

Pond’s is available exclusively at Priceline stores nationwide.

Do you remember this brand? Will you be purchasing?

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