How to Fight the Anti-Aging Battle

Anti-aging is more than just a concept. It is a true battle we must all fight eventually. The environment and natural aging processes are against us. But luckily the skincare industry is on our side. Skincare experts have created and continued to hone many clinical weapons you can use to fight back against the wrinkles and other skin concerns caused by the aging process. But it’s important to choose just the right skincare weapon based on your circumstances, so let’s examine a few of the top options.

Repairing Minor Skin Damage with Light Therapy

When you hear the term “light therapy” you may think about lasers. However, light therapy actually refers to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). IPL does not use the same sort of light as laser treatment. Instead, it is a more mild procedure. IPL devices come in both at-home and clinical versions. The clinical versions often work the best, but with consistent, as-directed use at-home devices can also produce some results. Typically, IPL treatment is used to reverse fine lines and make very subtle skin improvements over prolonged periods of time. It is not meant as a quick fix for any condition.

Repairing More Advanced Skin Damage with Laser Machines

Laser machines are designed to fight back against aging in faster and more efficient ways than IPL devices. However, the exact procedures and results associated with laser treatment depend on the particular types of skin concerns you have and the type of laser machine used to treat your skin. Non-ablative lasers are special medical-laser machines for skincare that are designed to avoid doing any damage to the surface of your skin. They bypass the surface but send pulses of light and heat to deeper cells, which are then repaired using your body’s own natural healing processes.

In contrast, ablative lasers are often used specifically to treat the surface of the skin. Such procedures are called laser peels. Although, ablative lasers are also capable of providing multi-layer skin treatments. Since ablative lasers impact the surface directly, they produce the most visible and fastest results. However, they can also produce side effects that may include blisters and scars under extreme circumstances. Under normal circumstances, they can cause skin infection risks and temporary swelling. Your skin may also be tender or red for a short time after each appointment.

Advancements in Laser Technology to Consider

There have been many advancements in laser technology over the years. For example, Fraxel lasers now exist that can drill microscopic columns through the skin to promote healing. CO2 and other laser devices can also be used for customized treatments. Such options may be useful to you if you are not a candidate for standard types of laser treatment for any reason.

Other Anti-Aging Methods to Make Your Skin Healthier

Lasers and IPL procedures do not stand alone as anti-aging treatments. The skincare industry has many other treatment options to offer you. Among them are chemical peels, sound wave therapy and medicated skin creams. Sometimes one treatment may work better for you than another, such as when you suffer from acne. Other times combining treatments can lead to the best anti-aging results. For example, at-home skin lotions and creams can be used regularly as a skin-supporting measure after most forms of clinical anti-aging treatment. Therefore, you must talk to your clinician to develop a multi-faceted skincare treatment plan based on your needs. That is the best way to win the battle against visible signs of aging like wrinkles.

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