Australian face of Biotherm Homme

Biotherm Homme has proudly announced Geoff Huegill as the new Australian face of their men’s skincare range.

The “Ultimate Biotherm Homme man” is perfectly embodied by Geoff because of his passion for health and fitness, and his love of water and hydration. Geoff Huegill is one of the world’s most powerful water-men so where could you find someone more ideal to be the face of Biotherm Homme’s No.1 skincare moisturiser ‘Aquapower’.

Biotherm Homme was founded in France in 1985, the pioneer and world-leading skin care brand for men. It is the brand that has spent 25 years breaking barriers and eliminating taboos to help men feel comfortable about taking care of their skin so they look and feel better. Today the range can be found in over seventy countries.

2000 saw the brand launch in Australia to be sold exclusively through select Myer stores and this year Biotherm Homme became the No. 1 Men’s Skincare Brand. It is effective and specially formulated for men’s skin. All Biotherm Homme products are non sticky, non greasy and non shiny.


The new face of Biotherm Homme, Geoff Huegill, was born in 1979, destined to be a modern Australian icon and professional swimmer. The past 3 years have seen him stage a sensational comeback as one of the world’s great butterfly competitors and a tour de force for Australian swimming.

The list of medals and championships to Geoff’s name is long and impressive and his story is rare. A remarkable journey of a hero retiring early and coming back 5 years later to become and Australian National hero at his peak in competitive, elite international swimming.

Geoff Huegill emerges, through it all, as an elite athlete determined to achieve his dreams and make something of himself, which is something we all dream of doing.

2011 sees Geoff ‘Skippy’ Huegill trying to get in a position to bring home more gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Geoff’s drive to be the best he can be, his pure love of the water and his determination to take care of his health makes him the perfect candidate to embody the ‘friend’ that challenges men to change their skin care habits and look after their skin without challenging their sense of masculinity.

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  1. It is crazy how much weight he lost and how he has completely transformed his body (I was reading it was a 3rd of his body weight) to make his comeback. It is pretty inspirational, go Geoff Huegill!

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