Revlon Fake Lashes

Revlon have added four new products to their range of fake lashes which are launching into Australia in April 2012. If you are a lash lover here is a rundown of the new additions:

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Dramatic 3 x Volume Lashes

These are your high impact lashes for a glamorous night out where you want your eyes to get noticed. The Fantasy Lengths are latex free so they should be less irritating to sensitive eyes. They come with adhesive strips so you cut, apply and you’re done. To remove use an oil based makeup remover and gently peel off. In the box is one pair of lashes, two adhesive strips and an applicator. RRP $9.99

Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Double Pack

The second product is called Beyond Natural, and it gives a more everyday kind of wear-a-bility while still retaining the glam aspect. This is a two pack and these lashes need to be glued on (adhesive sold separately). A little more trickier to apply than the Fantasy Lengths and the result is that little bit less dramatic – which could be a good thing depending on the event. Set of two has an RRP of $17.99

revlon lashes

Revlon Beyond Natural Individual Lashes

Take the natural look one step further with the Individual Lashes. The beauty of individual lashes is that you can add a few to give added definition to one area or spread them evenly for realistic results. Done properly your eyelashes will look stunning but not obviously fake. A lightweight design, there are 70 clusters in a pack in varying lengths of short, medium or long. Once again the glue is not included so remember to pick that up if you are choosing this option. RRP $9.99

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Lastly is the special fake eyelash glue, and as mentioned above this is something you will need to purchase with some of the other products. It comes in a tube with a super skinny brush, making a clean application easy. It dries clear and latex free. The glue is also waterproof but can be removed with eye makeup remover. This will last for multiple applications and has an RRP of $9.99

Available from Priceline, Kmart and Target, to find your nearest stockist phone: 1300 650 981

Visit Revlon for fake eyelash application tips: REVLON

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