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Cosmetics are a very personal thing and we all have our own style, our own loves and our own disaster stories.

Milani Cosmetics are a brand who pride themselves on quality and a product that offers you more. More than just gorgeous colours inspired by Milan the brand offers the perfect makeup fit for every skintone.

The prices are really quite affordable and the range, though not as extensive as the mother brand, is still quite diverse.

Milani Cosmetics are only available online in Australia and all orders  within Australia over $50 attract FREE shipping.

Milani Cosmetics Australia offers a wide range of great quality, affordably priced products for the eyes, face and lips. I love the look of their liquid eyeliners, and some of the eyeliners are just spectacular.

Eyeshadow Primer – Nude offers 8-plus hours of performance, which means it turns every eye shadow into longwear. The primer goes on nude and once it’s dry it’s invisible; it is lightweight, not sticky, intensifies colour and minimises creases.

I have never been one to subscribe to all of these extra steps in my makeup routine, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty slapdash when it comes to applying a ‘face’ before I go out. And it shows… within a couple of hours I’m all washed out, washed off or smudged.
For a long day at work, or a longer night out with the girls, an eyeshadow primer is sure to keep your look intact and you looking spectacular.
RRP: $13.95

eyeshadow primer

Baked Blush can be used in many ways. It highlights, shapes and contours. The blush is sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles which sounds so very decadent but I love it. This is a product you can build anywhere from sheer to vibrant, it will add a radiance and warmth to your complexion.
Milani’s Baked Blush comes in 9 different shades ranging from the quite nude looking Luminoso to the very deep Bella Rose.
 RRP: $15.95
baked blush

We are lucky to be offering 12 Beauty and Lace Club Members the chance to trial two fantastic Milani Cosmetics products in the Eyeshadow Primer – Nude and the Baked Blush – Corallina. Keep an eye on the comments below to find out what our club members thought.

For more information about the Milani Cosmetics Australia range please head over and check them out at Milani Cosmetics or on Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Milani Cosmetics

  1. I had never heard of the Brand Milani but after trialling the products, I now though they are great and very affordable to any age.

    BAKED BLUSH – A gorgeous little gold compact with a flip lid exposing the blush. Another flip over and you have a compact mirror and a cute little blush brush. Great for travelling or even just throwing in your handbag for those touch up times.

    I received the Corallina colour and you can see a slight shimmer though the blush. I just ran the supplied brush on top of the blush, then of course tapped off any excess and applied to the cheeks.

    If you want more depth of colour to your cheeks, just apply more and again tap off the excess.

    It perfectly highlights cheeks with a soft colour but gives a slight shimmer that can be seen. Cheeks looked radiant.

    I am thrilled at learning about this product which is totally affordable and looks great. I also applied to my forehead, nose just because it does makes your face radiant but not overdone.

    EYESHADOW PRIMER. – I absolutely love primers under eyeshadows and have tried a few and I can honestly say that I do love this one.

    It’s a very lightweight cream that blends easily over the entire eye area. It goes on nude and you can see the colour then as it dries in 30 seconds it becomes invisible.

    This primer is non greasy, didn’t sting my eyes (as other brands have done).

    I applied my eyeshadow at 8am and it certainly lasted well over the 8 hours+ as mentioned. I am a bit older and found no creasing in the lids.

    All in all, I love this product as well and I know this Primer and myself are going to be a couple for a bit longer. It is amazing.

    Thank you to B&L and Milani for the trial. I’ve never trialled make-up before but thoroughly enjoyed this one.

    1. I have used the makeup for eye lids found no creasing or eye shadow caking I would buy Milani when I have finished the trial. Thankyou B&L

  2. I was so very excited to be included on the trial team for these two items from Milani Cosmetics. I travel to the US as often as i can and I have seen there products in stores over there but I have not purchased any as I thought the low price might reflect the quality. Im so pleased to say it doesnt as in this case the purchase price is low but the quality is high.

    The Milani Baked Blush is in a lovely gold compact with a clear face so you can see the shade of blush with a glance. I had #08 Coralina which is just so very beautiful. There are pinks, golds and oranges through this blush and a hint of sparkle also. The sparkle is just that a light sparkle and not a heavy dose of glitter so you will look as if you had an accident at the craft table. The compact has a section where hidden under blush is a handy blush brush. You just flip the blush up and there it is. Now often i find that these brushes that come with makeup products are a bit of a nightmare and then to leave bristles from the brush all over your face but this brush is firmly held together and excellent for if you are travelling or what to carry the blush in your handbag for a quick touch up. When at home I would normally use the blush brush from my brush collection but its handy to have one included with the product for travel. Oh and in the compartment that holds the brush is a lovely quality mirror.
    You get 3.5g of product and for the price this is amazing value.


    The Eyeshadow Primer is just blissful. In the shade nude it is so smooth to apply to your eyelid so there is no dragging of the delicate skin. You simply smooth it on and wait for 30 seconds and then apply your eyeshadow. I found that it made my eyeshadow very easy to apply and it kept it in place all day long and no touch ups were required.
    I honestly will stock up on this product and over such a short time frame it has become a product that I do not want to be without.


    Milani … I am so pleased that I got to try your products. To say that I am impressed is an understatement. I am sold and without doubt I will be purchasing more Milani products because now I want to try the entire range and with the wonderfully low prices this will not be hard to do.

    I very much suggest that if you are in the market for some new makeup products that you seriously consider Milani.

    Thank you Milani and Beauty and Lace. I loved this trial.

  3. Let me start by saying I LOVE both products. I am a runner so some days when i apply makeup it seems to disappear, top that with working long hours and being over 40 sometimes eye shadows crease and look very tired by the end of the day and most blushers are non existent by mid afternoon… that is if they last.

    BUT let me say this blusher was just magic, it was different to anything I had used before and was a little skeptical with the glimmer and sheen it appeared to have but it was beautiful. It lasted all day and did not seem to fade off, as the day wore on it did become a bit transparent but it gave that shimmer that was just perfect from the late afternoon and evening.

    I also trialed the eye shadow primer and this is the first time that I have used a primer and I LOVED this as well. My eye shadow was where it started in the morning a real winner in my books.

    This product did live up to the claims and is affordable and offers great value. I will definitely be a purchaser in the future and cannot recommend it more highly especially if older women are having issues with makeup.

  4. This is my first time using the Milani brand and I’m very happy with the introduction. I’ve checked out their website a few times now and look forward to using some of their other products, especially their blush in other colours.

    Baked Blush

    Sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles, if this is not the most fancy way of making blush I don’t know what is! How much of a Princess do I feel right now 🙂
    It comes cased in a gorgeous gold compact complete with mirror and brush. I like to use a larger brush than the one it comes with but this is great when on the go.
    The colour #8 Corallina is beautiful, it’s a mixture of pink, orange and peach with a shimmer. I find it’s a ‘pretty’ blush, very girly and not harsh or Nanna’ish. The colours in the range are also really nice.

    This blush is build-able so add more where needed without it looking overdone. I like to use this colour lightly across my forehead, collar bones and deeper on my cheeks. The shimmer makes for a radiant sun kissed look.

    Eye Shadow Primer

    I haven’t used a primer specifically designed for eyelids I normally just use a normal face primer and add a bit to my lids, this was a treat to trial.

    It goes on smoothly and feels lightweight, it’s the same consistency of a thin concealer.

    It evens out the colour of the lid to ensure an even eyeshadow colour and makes the colour really ‘Pop’!

    Stated on the packaging to last 8 hours and honestly I was skeptical but it delivers on that promise and if applied thicker even lasted 12 hours!

    Don’t apply under the eyes however as this was tried hoping to extend concealer wear (which it did) but made the skin feel tight, so not ideal.

    What a great trial! Thanks Beauty & Lace 🙂

  5. I love the colour of the Milani blush it was easy to apply to cheeks.
    It did not over power the face with a bright colour like some to do.
    Thankyou B&L.

  6. Thank you for the reviews. I love the packaging of the blush, looks posh and very pretty. I’ll definitely be looking out for Milani when I’m shopping for makeup that’s so well priced.

  7. Was really excited to trial the Milani brand of cosmetics had not heard of them before. After using them I have to say am really impressed at the quality of their products and really curious to explore the rest of the Milani range!

    Milano Eye Shadow primer –

    I have never used an eye specific primer before and was very happy with the results. The packaging in classic silver and black looks good. The nude coloured primer blends on very smoothly onto the eyelids creating the perfect even base to unleash my inner artist! It did not have any bad reactions considering it was applied on the delicate eye area.
    My eyeshadow colours looked more vibrant and stayed on all day long without the usual fading due to heat and wear. It looked more even and neater and helped the eyeshadow go on with very little friction.

    Milani Baked Blush

    Fell in love immediately with the gorgeous gold compact. I got to trial Coralina a beautiful shade peach shade that helped me achieve a natural soft glow with just the teeny bit of sparkle in it!

    The brush was perfect for application.Just a touch is enough to highlight my cheekbones to give a healthy touch of colour and you can add more for party wear to intensify the sparkle effect for a glamorous finish.

    Will certainly keep an eye out for the rest of this beautiful as well as affordable range in stores!! Really happy I got to trial and discover these two fantastic products!!

  8. Having not heard of Milani Cosmetics before, I was really looking forward to trying both the Milani Backed Blush and Eyeshadow Primer.

    The Baked Blush I was given to sample was called “Corallina”. As the name suggests, the colour was a rich, Coral hue, with slight gold specks throughout, which upon first impressions appeared extremely bright! I have a fair complexion, but felt the undertones of the blush was a compliment to my skin. Upon first application, I perhaps went a bit overboard. Not being used to the silky texture of the blush, I overloaded my brush and was a bit shocked at the effect! The second time around, I used a layering approach and applied the blush little by little, slowly building up to a colour that was suitable for my pale skin. The blush feels beautiful – soft and silky, unlike the hard powder like blushes that I have used in the past. The colour stayed on my skin throughout the day and did not “fall off” as other blushes have previously. Although at first I was unsure if the colour was suitable for my skin, I was definitely impressed with the soft, creamy texture of the blush which felt unexpectedly luxurious against my skin. The gold flecks in the blush were a bonus as I love the dewy looks this creates. It added some glamour to my makeup and made me feel fresh and vibrant. I was pleased to see at the end of the day that my cheeks still had the rosy glow, not having faded away throughout the day’s events.

    I am also a fan of the eye shadow Primer. I love wearing eye shadow and I consider it to be one of my makeup essentials. However, working in an air conditioned office sometimes irritates my skin and along with my foundation, my eye shadow has a tendency to also rub off and get stuck in the creases of my eyelids, which I really do not like! I have tried eye primers before and not liked the texture, so I was interested to see what Milani would be like. I added the primer to my morning routine, applying it to my eyelids, about my crease and underneath my eyes hoping for some extra staying power. After putting on my foundation, I went to put on my favourite eyeshadow on top of the primer, which dried quite quickly and make my eyes feel moisturised and smooth rather than sticky. My eyeshadow glided effortlessly over the primer which also worked to increase the colour intensity of my eyeshadow which I loved. It looked more defined and was much brighter than usual.

    I used the primer each morning for a full week to see what effect it had on the staying power of my eyeshadow. I varied the amounts of primer used each day and felt the best effect was when it was not over loaded, a little bit seemed to go far. At the end of the week, I felt that overall the primer helped to increase the quality of my eyeshadow over the day’s duration. Somedays there were still some eyeshadow creases but they were less than what it would have been without. The eyeshadow definitely lasted longer. However, my favourite part of the product was the fact that it increased the intensity of the colour of the eyshadow.
    I look forward to continuing to use these products.

  9. Very excited to trial these 2 products, thank you.

    Milani Blush – “Corallina” colour. Beautifully presented, handy with mirror inside the compact. Easy to apply and certainly lasted on my skin for most of the day. I loved the golden sparkle which gives a beautiful glow however the coral colour is not for me. I am going to purchase as it’s such a great price and will select the “Dolce” pink.

    Eye Shadow Primer – my nearly 45 year old eye lids loved this product. It works, it’s easy, doesn’t take long however the longevity of my eyeshadow and less visible creasing is worth the extra minute or 2 in the morning. Please don’t use it under your eyes to assist concealer hiding dark circles, it caked and flaked and had to start my regime again!

    Thanks again B & L xx

  10. I have tried the Milani blush and it was perfect for me to use wouldn’t of even looked at it in the shop put will be using it in future makes you look more healthier than overdone with makeup.

    Eye shadow primer -was excellent never used one before but my eye makeup stayed on all day instead of wearing off and improved the colour of the eye shadow never too late to learn new tricks

  11. I really liked both the products thought they were long lasting and felt nice on my skin, i did find the eyeshadow primer creased not sure if i put too much on or should of kept my eyes closed till it dried? The blush was really pretty but probably a bit too sparkly for me the colour was nice and would of loved it without the shimmer but for anyone that loves some sparkle it would be perfect. Overall i thought the quality was great and excellent value for money would def try different shades and products.

  12. I would like to thank Beauty and Lace for trialing our products and for the honest and absolutely fabulous comments from the women who were selected for the trial. It is wonderful to hear how you feel about our cosmetics. We are continuing to try and have Milani throughout Australia and in the near future we hope to in a pharmacy or beauty salon near you. Thanks again for all your kind comments and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity.

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