Party Makeup Tips (Laura Mercier)

Oralie Maylin is a makeup artist and brand ambassador for Laura Mercier. She has worked with the brand for the past 12 years and has extensive industry experience.

With hot summer days and the party season starting soon, we asked Oralie how to make our makeup last the night:

What are your top tips to keep your foundation lasting all night long?

Always set your foundation with a translucent powder, this will fix your liquid foundation in place and stop your makeup from slipping off your face.

Is powder or liquid foundation better for photographs?

It is better to use slightly more matt products when being photographed, so if you are using a liquid, again set with a powder so you don’t have a shine when the photo is taken. Avoid liquids and powders with an SPF in them as these will reflect when photos are taken with a flash, your face will appear a lot lighter than your body.


And would you choose a blush or bronzer for the cheeks?

On your cheek area it is always best to apply a blush to give you a natural look. Bronzer is applied all over the face to warm up your skin
tone, if you apply too much Bronzer with no blush this can appear very flat, and sometimes ‘muddy’ looking on the face.

What is the best way to disguise dark circles under the eyes?

Concealer! If you are particularly dark, I would recommend applying Laura Mercierโ€™s secret brightening stick on the darkest parts of the eye
to even out the tone before applying your Concealer. Remember when you are applying your under eye Concealer only to apply on your shadows, too much product can sit in your laughter lines and appear immediately too heavy, and at times quite aging.

Do you have any suggestions on how to keep smokey eyes and black mascara from smudging?

Before doing any smokey eye I always apply Eye Basics all over the lid. This is the absolute key to keeping all your eyeshadow and eyeliner in
place, this clay based product makes sure that anything you apply on your eye will stay in place for many, many hours! I would also use waterproof mascara as if you suffer from oily eyelids, or in an environment that you may perspire, the holding agents in the waterproof mascara will ensure everything stays in place.

Is it possible to keep your lipstick on your lips, and not on your glass?

Yes! Before you take a sip of your glass, discretely lick your glass when you are about to take a sip. This creates a barrier between your lips
and the glass and stops the lipstick from being left behind!

What night time makeup trends will be popular for summer?

A soft smokey eye with rich chocolates and soft mauves, black liner. Bright lips in peach/coral or red. Coral tones on the cheeks.

And what will be popular for nails?

The trend for nails follows in pastels and blues.

Do you think a primer is essential for party proof makeup?

Yes a primer will keep your makeup looking flawless for many hours.

If you could recommend one Laura Mercier product for a night out, what would it be?

Undercover pot (pictured), Concealor and translucent powder in one little pot ensures you look flawless all night long.

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