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I’ve never had much success with at home waxing, I’ve always found it a slow process and the results less than perfect. Parissa is a brand I had never tried before, so when given the opportunity to try it out I thought I would give it a go.

The product I have been using is called Chamomile Body Sugar. The name sounds more like a shower scrub but in fact it is microwaveable and works to remove unwanted hair. This is a natural sugar product which is heated in the microwave for just 20 seconds on high heat. I did find I needed a few extra seconds to get it to the right consistency as microwaves do vary – but it’s important not to overheat.

Included in the box is an applicator and strips, and the body sugar is applied like they would in the salon – smoothed over the skin, a wax strip on top and then the removal.

body sugar

My legs were silky smooth and hairless and I wasn’t left with a confused look on my face because for once, my at home hair removal attempt actually worked. I think the reason this worked so well is because it is designed for both beginners and experts – so it is professional quality with ease of use.

You do need to be careful where you are putting the container and tools as it is quite sticky, but it is a washable solution if you do happen to get a few small drips.

In terms of pain factor, it didn’t hurt any more than it would at the salon. I don’t find waxing my legs painful so that wasn’t an issue for me. Much more comfortable and faster than using an epilator if that’s your alternative!

Really impressed with this brand, and will keep an eye out for it in stores.

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