neoSKiN SPF 30+ Clear Milk Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a beauty essential but if you are unfortunate enough to have skin sensitivities it may be something you try to avoid. neoSKiN SPF 30+ Clear Milk Sunscreen is a little friendlier with its fragrance free formula and thinner texture.

This is much lighter than your average sunscreen and if I didn’t know it was an SPF I would have said it was a moisturiser. The product turns clear almost the instant it hits your skin and the included Vitamin E leaves you feeling smooth, not sticky.

neoskin sunscreen

neoSKiN SPF 30+ Clear Milk Sunscreen can be used on your face as well as your body – even under your makeup. As it is 30+ (rather than 15+) it does give you that extra face protection, and it dries quickly so adding this extra step to your morning routine is barely noticeable.

The sunscreen is made in Australia and has an RRP of $30.00. To find out more please visit:

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