Make Me Over Day with Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis is a passionate supporter of Ovarian Cancer Australia and they are teaming up again to raise awareness and funds in the fight against this deadly disease.

February 18, 2011 in Napoleon Perdis stores nationwide a special in-store event will be held to raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia. “Make Me Over Day” is a one day only event where Napoleon Perdis staff rally behind the cause. Last year the event booked 832 makeovers and this year Napoleon Perdis staff are hoping to top that number.

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“Make Me Over Day” is the one day that customer can book in for a full makeover and pay only $40, which is half the regular price, and $20 will the donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Ovarian Cancer has always been considered a silent killer. More than 850 of the approximately 1500 women in Australia diagnosed with the disease every year will ultimately be lost to the disease. Diagnosed at an early stage the prognosis is extremely good, as many as 90% of patients will be cured. Unfortunately about 75% of women diagnosed will be at an advanced stage, after the cancer has spread, which makes it very difficult to successfully treat.

Net profits from the sale of DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Hera were donated to the charity in 2008. Every time an Auto Pilot Lip Service has been purchased in Hush, Cherry or Original at a Napoleon Perdis concept store since February 2010 the net proceeds have been contributed to this extremely worthy cause.

Amelia Earhart conquered the skies and inspired generations of women, which is why her image is featured so prominently on the Auto Pilot collection at Napoleon Perdis. Ovarian Cancer Australia takes the empowering message of Earhart a step further by supporting ovarian cancer patients through their journey while they raise the profile, education and community awareness of ovarian cancer.

Auto Pilot Lip Service to benefit Ovarian Cancer Australia is only available in Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores with an RRP of $28.

To find your closest Napoleon Perdis Concet Store or to make a booking for “Make Me Over Day” customers can call 1300 MAKEUP or check them out on the web at:

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