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I’ve been having fun experimenting with a couple of beauty goodies from Love Those Lashes, a company that is known for their professional eyelash extensions and who are now offering a selection of take home products.

The first product I want to share with you is The Compact Cotton Bud Lip and Eye Make-Up Remover. These essentially look like regular cotton tips but they are so much more. An easy way to remove your lip and eye makeup, these are compact and perfect for travel…no more waking up with panda eyes due to the inconvenience of the tired night time removal.


Even better, if you want to change or update your makeup look from day to night, a quick wipe and you are ready to start over, no mess and no fuss. If you have sensitive eyes, never fear, the Compact Cotton Bud Lip and Eye Make-Up Removers are made from vegetable extract and Vitamin E, no bloodshot eyes for you, girly, unless you stay up too late!

How do they work? Simple, hold the container upwards, pull off the cap and wait for the magic liquid flow onto the tip. Apply and dispose. A pack of 20 will cost you $19.95

The second fab-u-lous product I can recommend are the Siberian Mink Strip Lashes. While you can go into the salon for a full set of Siberian Mink extensions, for those who want the occasional wow factor the take home set will instantly transform your eyes in minutes.

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They don’t take long to apply, you may need to trim them to fit but once that’s done just glue, press and voila…you have lashes. They are a little bit more expensive than your regular chemist brands but they ARE made from Siberian Mink and they DO come with a little tube of glue so you can reuse them multiple times if you treat them well.

The take home strip false lashes start at $99 for a pair of black basics, and for a really fancy pair it will set you back $275.


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