Qsilica Remove Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel

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Qsilica is a natural Australian skincare brand who have recently won a very special award. Their REMOVE Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel is the star of their range as it took out the title of overall ‘Best Skincare Product’ at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards in London recently.

A panel of judges declared this to be a winning cleanser and so I have taken my solo panel of one to create my own award show – complete with a pony and fireworks so that I too, can give the product the praise it deserves.

No, not really…the fireworks might scare the pony. But, I have been testing and loving REMOVE.

Qsilica REMOVE

You already know it is natural, made with sugar, coconut extracts and jojoba seed oil and no artificial ingredients. This is a little more hardworking than your typical cleanser, it can remove your makeup so you don’t need to use two separate products.

It feels quite thick in texture, very gel-like but with a little water it applies easily. Even after the first use my skin felt really fresh, soft…and clean.

Qsilica’s key feature is colloidal silica which helps to keep your skin and hair healthy, and is an important part of collagen production.

Keep this in the shower for a convenient cleanse, and follow with your regular moisturiser.

RRP $19.95 / www.qsilica.com.au

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