How to Look Catwalk Ready in Under 15 Minutes

In this fast-paced world, all of us are running to jobs and university every day and really get a lot less time for ourselves to get ready. It’s important to look presentable and beautiful even when time is not on your side, especially if your job involves dealing with client or customers.

So here are some tips from the owner of one of Melbourne’s best beauty salons: Paulina de los Reyes on how she manages to look absolutely smashing every day in under 15 minutes. For days when you don’t have time to do an elaborate makeup and hair routine, these tips will help you look beautiful and catwalk ready in just 15 minutes.


Treat Your Skin

First of all, it is very important to invest in good skin care products. Great skin will save a lot of time every day because you will not have to follow the elaborate foundation routine. Flawless skin also makes you look beautiful and gives that confidence which adds to your personality.

Organise Your Make-Up Drawer

Secondly, organize your products. We all waste a lot of time hunting for the products from a heap on our dressers. Keep minimal essential beauty products on the top shelf and store all other products separately to avoid a confusion when you don’t have time. Choose the products wisely. Use multi-purpose products which serve 2 or 3 purposes.

For example using the same colour on eyes, cheeks, and lips can not only save time but also avoid a lot of confusion and eliminates decision making time. Now that you have all the necessary products, it’s time to find out how to use the products effectively to save those precious morning minutes!


Time Saving Beauty

First of all, take a shower with a hydrating shower gel and wash your hair using a shampoo cum conditioner. A clean body looks radiant and half the battle is won already. When you are waiting for the conditioner to work before rinsing, wash your face in the shower with a face wash. This whole process takes 4-7 minutes and it cleanses the face and body and provides hydration to the skin simultaneously.

After that, apply a BB cream which not only provides additional hydration to the face but also acts as a sunscreen, concealer, and foundation in one. It targets multiple skin needs together and saves a lot of time. BB creams also lasts longer on the skin so no touch up is required.

Apply a lipstick and a kohl on the upper and lower lash line and you are beautiful and ready to go. Use the same lipstick as a blush to get rosy cheeks. Blow dry your hair for 2 minutes to get the perfect ramp-ready hair. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before using the blow dryer. If you’re a fan of straightening your hair, we’ve heard good things about the hair straightening brushes as a time saving straightening option, Ella Mobbs did a good review on her blog. Braiding your hair before going to sleep is another tip to get perfect waves the next morning without using any heat.


The whole routine above takes 12-15 minutes and makes you look naturally beautiful without looking overdone. When the occasion is a little more special or fancy, just apply a red lipstick which suits your skin tone to convert it into a glam beautiful look.

It’s important to choose products according to your skin colour because a lighter or darker shade will break the look. Choose outfits the night before and keep matching accessories and shoes with it to avoid contemplating your look at the last-minute.

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  1. These are excellent time saving beauty tips, they’re motivating me to be more time wise with my procedures. I like the shampoo and conditioner in one, very practical.

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