How to Do Your Eye Makeup (Expert Tips: Benefit)

Eye makeup can be as much of a fashion accessory as your outfit, and to find out the latest styles and colours we enlisted the help of  Sabrina Melei who is one of Benefit’s Senior Makeup Artists and an expert in all things cosmetics.

With summer fast approaching we are starting to think about injecting some colour into out look and Sabrina says “its’ all about bright colours! Summer is all about fun so be daring and try bright colours such as pink, yellow and orange on the eyes!

If you choose to go with bright lips keep the eyes minimal with colour.  As for skin, get out the iridescent complexion enhancer for fresh dewy summer skin. (Benefit Moon Beam is great for this.)

On the catwalk this summer we will see bold black liquid eye liner with bright lips! Lots of healthy glow tans and pink ,pink and more pink on the Cheeks! “

(Our expert: Sabrina / Benefit Cosmetics)

So how can you get the perfect application?

If you follow Sabrina’s tips you will have perfect eyes, every time:

  • Use an eye lid correcting primer (such as Benefit Lemon Aid) over the lid before application of eye shadow. This will even out discolouration and help even out the lid for a clean canvas start. This will make your eye shadow stay on all day as you are setting the primer with powder!
  • Having a cotton tip ready to fix up smudges!
  • Use creaseless cream shadows for summer for the wet look!
  • Highlight your brow bone to add more space to the eye area

And smoky eyes?

For taking your look from day to night, nothing is sexier than the smoky eye. One of the most common beauty questions is solved, with Sabrina’s essential steps for achieving smoky eyes:

  1. Start with a concealer under the eyes and a primer over the lid to even out your imperfections and give you a clean canvas. (Think Benefit Boi-ing Concealer and Lemon Aid Lid Primer)
  2. You will need 3 Eye shadows a light, medium and dark.(Think Benefit’s Smokin’ eyes kit)
  3. Apply the light colour all over the lid not exceeding the crease (the best way to find your crease is to tip your head back slightly and look in the mirror. You will then see the shadow of your crease).
  4. Apply the medium colour in the crease making sure you apply darker in the outer corners and lighter in the inner corners.
  5. With the dark shadow, dab your brush in the outer corner in a v shape, this will help to lengthen and make the eyes look more sultry.
  1. A good black coal eye liner (Think Benefit’s Badgal Waterproof Liner) is then applied to the lash line across the lid. Set with your black shadow to keep it on all night.By using the black shadow on the bottom of the eyes instead of a black liner, the smoky eye look will be achieved much faster.
  2. For bigger smoky eyes put a pink coloured eye liner (the same colour as your rim) in your inner rim. Stay away from solid white as this looks too fake.  For lengthening round eyes, put black coal eye liner in the inner rim.
  3. Apply a double coat of lash loading mascara black mascara (think Benefit BADgal). For a fuller lash look apply some individual lashes on the ends of your eyes.Remember, it’s very important to frame your eyes with gorgeous brows. (Think Benefit BrowZings or Instant Brow for a fuller, sultrier look.)

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