Garnier BB Cream Oil Free

Ever since Garnier released their BB Cream it has been a bestseller, and has held the title of number one skincare product in Australia since 2011. If you have tried it you will understand why it is so popular and it is something I use regularly.

There has been some feedback from customers with oily and combination skin that the “Miracle Skin Perfector” wasn’t such a miracle for them as it was for the normal and dry skinned girls. In response the brand has heard their cries and released an Oil Free version so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this multipurpose gem.

bb cream oil free

The BB Cream works as a tinted moisturiser, evens skintone, contains sunscreen (SPF15) and hides imperfections while giving your skin a look that glows. The Oil Free version creates a more matte effect while reducing the appearance of pores and minimising oil.

The new addition is available in two shades with Light or Medium. The Oil Free is a bit slimmer and taller so you can differentiate easily between the two.

If you are still not sold on the benefits of Garnier’s BB Cream Miracle Perfector products, you really just need to try for yourself.

Garnier BB Cream Oil Free has an RRP of $13.95 and is available from supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

2 thoughts on “Garnier BB Cream Oil Free

  1. I can vouch for this new BB cream addition! I had avoided the previous release after reading reviews from oily-skinned gals stating that it seemed to encourage the shine.
    When I saw this on the shelves I had to try it. Be warned though, it is VERY pigmented… apply too much and you will forever be trying to blend it into your face, with a less-than-satisfactory mask like result. After much experimenting, I have found the perfect application method. I mix one part BB cream to two parts spf 30+ face sunscreen (mine happens to be Neutrogena, but any would do) and voila, fully protected and evenly toned skin! I often work outdoors so prefer the 30+ protection, and a little of the BB cream offers the perfect amount of coverage for daily wear.
    This will settle into dry skin and fine lines, so this is really only suitable for us oily-skinned girls.
    The wearability is amazing; at the end of the day my skin is still matte and powdery soft to touch. I don’t know what they put into this thing to give the powdery matte effect, but it is really incredible.

  2. I do really like the sound of this oil free BB cream as it sounds like it has great staying power and no shiney oils coming through and i like that it has a matte effect.And it sounds so good that you can add some extra spf to it and keep your skin safe in the soon to come summer.

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