Estee Lauder Failsafe Fatigue Fighter

One of the most common beauty concerns amongst women is dark circles under the eyes, they can be difficult to conceal and will make you look tired and worn out.

Now you can banish the darkness (or hide it at least) with Estee Lauder’s Fatigue Fighter. Premier Makeup Artist Stephanie Greer is from the brand’s Australian division and has put together a how to video to teach you how to use the product at home.

With a few simple steps your eye area will look fresher and brighter! Take a look at the following how to:

Estee Lauder is the latest brand to create how to videos, this is a great way for product users to make the most of their makeup and get a professional look without having a makeup artist on hand.

To find more videos like this one you can visit Estee Lauder’s Facebook page, there you will find a dedicated tab called “Make Me Up.”

For more information on the brand please visit:

For stockist enquiries phone: 1800 061 326

What is your number one tip for hiding dark circles?

One thought on “Estee Lauder Failsafe Fatigue Fighter

  1. I have not managed to find a great way to hide my dark circles under my eyes, so I will be going straight to the Estee Lauder page to find out how. Thanks.

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