DISCUSSION: Bum Implants and Botox

By now you have probably heard about the faulty breast implants from French company PIP, women from all over the world have been effected including right here in Australia. The risks are real, not just when you go overseas to cheap doctors but locally too.

This has got me thinking about the subject of plastic surgery. One procedure which surprises me is bum implants, while many of us work on having a smaller rear end there are women who want to perk it up.

And then there are facelifts, tummy tucks, lip injections and liposuction as well as non permanent procedures like Botox. This week we are discussing these procedures and what you would and wouldn’t do.

plastic surgery

I am all for women feeling good about themselves, and if a new pair of breasts or a wrinkle free face makes your life better then who am I to judge? I’ve had two kids, my body isn’t what it used to be and while plastic surgery isn’t on the cards right now who knows how I will feel in the future.

Botox is one of those things that can make a positive difference if done right, or ruin someone’s look completely. With any procedure it is important to do your research and make sure your practitioner is qualified, registered and experienced!

So would you or have you gotten plastic surgery or treatments like Botox? Would you consider bum implants? (imagine recovering from that one!?) Share your views on plastic surgery this week!

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21 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Bum Implants and Botox

  1. Plastic surgery and Botox are not for me (maybe I’m too scared!). I’d rather rely on more traditional methods of feeling good such as nice clothing, new hairstyle, improved fitness, and a glass or two of wine!

  2. Each to their own.
    For me personally…*sigh*…ok…Ive had 3 kids and after baby number 1 my skin was saggy in the tummy area. I was not carrying excess baby weight and infact i was so busy with my eldest who had health problems that i simply didnt have time to eat and if i managed to get her to sleep then i would sleep..it was a choice…eat or sleep and sleep won out everytime so i actually became under weight. Then after baby number 2 my tummy skin became worse and throw in baby number 3 and its even more of a disaster. No amount of situp and muscle work will help as its not that…its stretched skin and it hangs there. I dont wear tight fitting clothing because it would look totally disgusting. Bikini..LOL…no way and even a full piece is pushing it. I wear one but i dont feel comfortable. Would i be posing nude on the cover of a magazing like Debroah Hutton…no way. The only way to remove this horrible sagging skin is to have surgery. Would i feel more confident afterwards?…Im sure I would. Am I going to have it done?…No…well..least not yet. Im scared crazy of surgeries. Years ago a needed to have a tooth removed and a small piece of my jaw that was at risk of becoming cancer. I was told the surgery was not really that big of a deal. For me it was. I reacted to the anesthetic and was so sick i just wanted to die.
    In August of last year i had to have surgery to have tumours and a polyup removed from my uterus. I explained what had happend with me all those years ago and they told me i would be fine and that they use differant drugs then they do for mouth surgeries, etc and they said they would give me soemthing that would make it impossible for me to get sick. It didnt work and for 24hours i was so extreemly sick that if someon had handed me a loaded gun i certainly would have put myself out of misery.
    So…Would 24hours of throwing up and wanting to die be something im happy to go through to get rid of this saggying 2nd stomoch? Nope…im way too scared so I will simply live with my imperfections because if i had my life over and i knew that if i had children i would end up with a ugly stomach like this…well…i would still have the children. My ugly, saggy stomach is a small price to pay.

  3. There is no way I would have bum implants, mine is big enough as it is! I would be interested in breast implants, after having 4 kids, feeding all of them for 6-12 months each, what I had is nowhere near the same as before. That and the stretched skin from having big babies, no matter how much I work on it, it will never go away, so would be likely to have a mini tummy tuck done as well.
    It is scary, but for a few weeks of pain, I think the result would be worth it, just need to find at least $10,000 to pay for it!

  4. I must be abit behind because I have never heard of bum implants but it sounds totally and utterly ridiculous to me. My gosh, what are they going to come up with next? I am sick of the cosmetic industry preying on vulnerable women, young and old. It is all getting out of control. Personally, I prefer to grow old age gracefully. We should embrace who we are wholeheartedly.

  5. As someone who just recently had a breast reduction I can honestly say that was the most painful experience of my entire life. I too had tons of back and neck pain. I went from a GG to a C cup. And while I’m happy to be having nights where I can sleep now, I can honestly tell you, I would NEVER recommend someone to do it. People/doctors don’t tell you about the healing process. They just say oh it will hurt but you’ll love it after the pain. The don’t tell you that you can’t even use the bathroom with out help. They also don’t tell you about the depression that sinks in. Yes, I’ve considered a tummy tuck plenty of times but after undergoing a breast reduction, I pray to GOD as to not even needing my tonsils taken out.

  6. Bum Implants? Isn’t that what Kim Kardashian had??? I wouldn’t even be bothered doing that. Besides, how would you sit down? lol As to Botox, yes, it probably does take those unsightly wrinkles away etc etc but from what I have seen, your face looks really Botoxy. Girlfriend did the botox a few years back and honestly, she has never looked the same since. If you have ever watched Bold and the Beautiful, the lady that plays Taylor, she looks AWFUL yet before all her botox she was so beautiful.
    I just would like to find the perfect cream that dissolves those little wrinkles that are forming on my face.

  7. I don’t condemn anyone that chooses that path of plastic surgery but needles and knives don’t float my boat. So surgery is not an option for me. Even though I’m tempted to when my boyfriend out of the blue says “Stop frowning!”

    The sad truth is I’m not lol

  8. Why aren’t we happy with what we were born with?So many women especially are insecure and ashamed of our bodies we strive for perfection ( big fake boobs,not!!) and mess with dangerous surgerys and be worse off before you started,we need to work on our self esteem and be thankful for what we have ,in all shapes and sizes and be healthy!!!!!

  9. Im sitting on the fence for this one. Im reasonably happy for now but may change my mind in 10 years or so depending on how my body changes.If the finances are available and the success rate is high and the pain factor fairly low I may seriously consider certain procedures.

  10. I had breast reduction surgery, and it was the best thing I have ever done. It was NOT overly painful, and the relief from neck and back pain and the expense from chiropractor visits every week for months, was all so worth it. Most women are back at work within 7-10 days. Yes you have to keep the area dry when showering etc but it isn’t hard.
    It all boils down to having a good Plastic Surgeon (NOT a Cosmetic Surgeon) who will asertain the correct re-sizing for you, and to be well informed yourself.
    I wish I’d had it done many years earlier!

  11. plastic surgrey is a right that each persons can make themself.
    I would not use botox myself maybe fillers if it is safe.
    I really dont like the freeze face you get when you get botox natural is better why cant we age naturally…………..

  12. I’d love to get botox and most likely will get it done in a few years time on the forehead and frown areas. I would not get bum implants though!

  13. Why put yourself through pain. If people (including your partner) don’t like how you look then STUFF THEM!!! Everyone is beautiful so don’t worry!!

  14. I think when it comes to plastic surgery that it is a very personal decision to make. I personally would be too scared to have anything done because of all the bad press that it gets, and knowing my luck I would be one of the people that would end up with welts on my face or busted breast implants. Also I have no idea why anyone would want to get butt implants, its just another fad that will fade away and then your left with a giant butt. I dont judge those that want any of this done cause as I said it is a very personal choice.

  15. Although I can’t win this contest ( I’m in los Angeles, ca) I did want to chime in on the discussion. I am 32 years old and have worked in plastics and cosmetic aesthetics for 9 years. I have had Botox, the deep fillers – radiesse and artefill, lipodissolve as well as water assisted liposuction. Looking at me, you would never know. I did these things fo myself and loved the way I looked. If you are considering it I say only only only do it if you are doing it for you. Learn as much as you can about the procedure you are considering. Go to a consultation and ask tons of questions. As to see before and after photos. Check with the governing board to see if there are any issues on the doctors record.
    As for the bum implants, because the risk of infection is so great, many dr’s are steering clear of performing this procedure. The more popular procedure that is gaining alot of interest is fat transfer to the buttocks. Fat is taken from other areas of the body and injected into the buttock for further plumping. If a sagging bum is your issue there is a thread lift procedure where threads are placed into the buttock, set for a couple of months and then lifted and knotted to lift the buttock higher an back into place.
    If you decide to do any procedure, research it thourghly and know your alternatives. Hope this has been helpful!

  16. Ah yes, vanity is a curse…!
    I would be lying if I did not say that when i was younger I used to shun all the hollywood stars who disfigured their faces all in the name of vanity. However……….. Soon I am to turn 34. BIG wake up call with the fine lines and wrinkles developing under and around the eyes. Something I was not prepared for, nor did I even briefly entertain that I’d be experiencing since I have always had such a good skin care regime. But alas! I too am starting to see the effects of all those days lying in the sun like a lizard when i was young and the inevitable ageing process.. Ladies, when it comes down to the nitty gritty of botox and surgical procedures, if people want to do it- so be it! it is entirely up to the individual and nobody else’s business really. Sure, some people DO take it a little bit too far… but we are lucky that we are in a world where (minus the french idiots) the technology is of high standard and we have the freedom to do something to improve our confidence and self esteem if we are unhappy with our appearance. As for me, although i know botox is toxic, i really am starting to lean towards the odd injection or two…ageing is inevitable but if there are things we can do to make us feel better,and soften the blow, what’s the problem in that…?

  17. I would definitely have Botox on my face if I could afford it! I have seen so many famous faces that look years and years younger than what they are. I admit I feel alittle envious!! Here is poor me, with my fine lines on my face using all these different facial moisturisers etc. in an attempt to take them away! Hopeless, as they dont really work, they just soften the skin and relax the lines for a while. Whereas Botox fills them out for a long time, I wish I could have it!! As for plastic surgery, yes, I had my ears pinned back as a teenager….the result was not pleasing. I would not have it anywhere again I have lost my trust in plastic surgeons.
    Well, I am what I am and I guess I have to accept my lines and grow old gracefully as Botox is just a dream…….unreachable.

  18. Botox well…….It’s such a personal thing , I have to be honest I was feeling like I really was feeling down about my starting to sag 50yo jawline & had botox along my jawline hailed the ‘liquid facelift’ & just below each side of my corners of my mouth to turn up the corners and lift the puppet lines up & out like when I was younger .The 1st time it was amazing the next time one side had to have a LOT more than the other & this continued having to go back & be tweaked with an extra few units here & there to the point my smile was crooked & my face lopsided . I looked awful & I will also add I did not have Botox in a beauty clinic I went to The Australian Plastic Surgeons association & a Nurse Injector of 15 years she was lovely but in the end it was costing me close to $800.00 every 6 months that I seriously could not afford but I was so desperate that this botox etc would make me look amazing so I quit .I bought a small micro current machine now botox & filler free & look better than with botox & fillers!. I had Juvederm/Voluma but also a reaction so bad it had to be dissolved- leaving me 2k wasted totally & in pain but all is good now it’s worn off 100%) I look Better than ever in fact I look younger now than before a VERY costly lesson .This is only my story I’m sure many others get along just fine but not me.

  19. I wouldn’t have bum implants, I think that’s just plain silly – but then I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a bum, I’m told there are women that have next to no bum and I imagine they are just as self conscious of that as are the majority of women who think theirs is too big…

    I wouldn’t have plastic surgery of any kid at this stage, Yes I’ve had 3 kids and there’s stretch marks and cellulite and a bit of extra padding around the middle, but I don’t need surgery to change that. The stretchmarks are fading as time goes on, the cellulite improves (doesn’t go away but hey any improvement I’ll take!) when I remember to drink more water and exercise reguarly and the extra weight is coming off with the regular exercise.

  20. I am not ruling out to plastic surgery in the future. I think after I have finished having children I would like to have a breast lift but bum implants…no way!!

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