5 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Botox

Last year Australians spent in excess of 345 million on non-invasive cosmetic procedures, with Botox being recorded as the number one requested procedure in 91% of clinics[1].  As the demand for Botox in Australia continues to grow at a rapid pace, leading cosmetic Dr to the stars and founder of Star Cosmetic Medicine, Dr. Marius Gajewski (Dr. Maz) shares 5 important facts about Botox people need to know, before they lose the lines:

1:      Botox can have side effects

Like any other medicine, Botox can have adverse reactions. In experienced hands they are rare, however, even in the best cases, there is still a roughly 5% chance of an eyebrow droop.  Fortunately for patients, this is only temporary. But this may take days or weeks to do so.

2:      There is more than one type of Botox

Globally there are several types of Botox treatments, with the quality ranging from great to potentially dangerous. In Australia, there are currently two approved types of Botox – Botox by Allergen and Dysport by Ipsen.  Luckily, both are quality products, and when used correctly can yield fantastic results!

beautiful woman having botox injection in her lips

3:      Going overseas for treatment can be risky

Botox is often stabilised by a protein called albumin. This is actually a human blood by-product, so you may want to think twice when being injected by someone unqualified, especially in a foreign country. They may be giving you a blood by-product of dubious screening.

4:      Botox is not just for wrinkles

Botox is often also used for medical issues, including cerebral palsy in children, and strokes.  Apart from its medical use, it can also be used to treat problems such as teeth grinding. The chewing muscles known as masseters can be relaxed with Botox, and it may even totally relieve the symptoms.

By a strange evolutionary coincidence, the same receptor that works on muscles also works on sweat glands. So Botox is also the world’s most powerful antiperspirant, working for up to 9 months at a time.

5:      Botox can be addictive  

One of the most important tenants of cosmetic medicine is that the work done looks amazing, but is invisible to the untrained eye. As with most things in life, the results are not forever. It will need to be maintained every 4-6 months. For those keen to uphold wrinkle-free complexions, maintenance is imperative, but it is also important not to get carried away and overindulge – the reason why an honest professional Doctor is crucial! Correctly maintained, Botox will look amazing, but too much will make you look worse.

Dr. Marius Gajewski (Dr. Maz), Director and Founder, Star Cosmetic Medicine said:

“Botox is an amazing medicine that can be used to treat both medical and cosmetic issues.  But like any other medical treatment, it must be treated with prudence.  It is not a magic potion for all our aging ills, and it is definitely not without caution. Like all medicines, Botox is a great servant, but a bad master”.

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