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So here I am again actively practicing a beauty routine so that I can come tell you all about it.

Derma Intensive +Q10 is a brand new range of high quality low price skin care products designed to fight the first signs of aging and it’s available exclusively from Coles. Most importantly it is suitable for all skin types.

This new range has been enriched with Q10, Sepilift and Omega 3; quality anti-aging ingredients that are proven to be effective and are best known for the part they play in the expensive luxury products.

My road test beauty routine has included 5 of these products:

Derma Intensive + Eye Revival Roll On

This is a cute little roll on tube that is simple to use. Roll lightly from the inner corner under your eye to the outside two or three times and then pat gently to assist absorption. Could it be any simpler! And of course be careful to avoid your eye.

The Eye Revival Roll on is delicately fragranced, non greasy and very light. Some of the hard working ingredients are:  Caffeine Extract to help improve elasticity of the skin under the eye, Horse Chestnut extract assists microcirculation of the blood under and around the eye and Hyaluronic acid which has wonderful moisturising properties that help skin to rehydrate, a necessity for mature skin.

15ml tube – $9.99

Derma Intensive + Double Protection SPF 15 Day Cream

A much richer cream this is non greasy and has the double benefit of being SPF15 so protects the skin from the suns harmful rays while keeping the face hydrated. Sparing application required which makes it even better value for money because it will last a while.


Big name helpers in this one are: Coenzyme Q10 – stimulates the skin to repair and renew itself, improving elasticity and apperance, Omega 3 – An essential fatty acid it deeply hydrates the skin to build and reinforce the skins natural defences, Sepilift –  helps firm, regenerate and strengthen the skin and Aloe Vera – improves skin’s healing mechanism, to leave skin feeling refreshed and regenerated.

50ml can – $9.99

Derma Intensive + Q10 Eye Cream

This gentle action anti-wrinkle eye cream is barely scented and need only be used very sparingly. Apply to cleansed skin with gentle finger pressure morning and evening . Specially formulated to refresh and preserve the delicate skin around the eye.


Some of the important ingredients are: Coenzyme Q10 improves elasticity and appearance by stimulating the skin to repair and renew itself, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E work together so the skin replenishes it’s moisture levels and inreases it’s elasticity

30ml tube – $4.99

Derma Intensive + Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

This gentle action day cream is faintly sweet smelly and quite pleasant. It’s light and refreshing when massaged into face and neck sparingly after cleansing in the morning.

SPF15 to help protect the skin from the sun and specially formulated to tone and protect the skin from the damaging effects of everyday life.

anti wrinkle day cream

Superstar ingredients on the job in this one: Coenzyme Q10 is a super antioxidant helping the skin repair and renew itself, improving elasticity and appearance, SPF 15 Protection offering UVA and UVB protection filters which help to protect the skin from sun’s harmful rays, Grapeseed Oil which will soothe and moisturise while this anti-oxidant attacks free radicals to help protect skin and Silk Proteins: a natural moisturiser that helps increase skin’s elasticity for smooth-feeling skin.

50ml jar – $4.99

Derma Intensive + Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

This pleasantly fragranced night cream is much richer and thicker than it’s day cream counterpart. Still a non greasy cream that doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. This gentle action night cream has been specially formulated to nourish and soothe your skin while restoring its firmness and freshness.


Important ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 is a super antioxidant helping the skin repair and renew itself, improving elasticity and appearance, Macadamia Oil to deeply soothe and moisturise and Vitamin E to help the skin’s natural exfoliation process improving skin texture.

50ml jar – $4.99

Regular use of the Derma Intensive + range may help to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and stimulate the skins ability to prevent new wrinkles naturally. This range is so easy to set up a routine with, all of the products are convenient  and pleasant; I think this is a beauty routine even I can persevere with once I decide which of the range suit me best for continual use.

“In Australia, Derma Intensive+ Q10 achieved sales of seven units per minute within two weeks of its launch. It regularly outsells other beauty brands in its category and has fast become the cult beauty buy of choice for many Australian women.”

….is one of the most exciting quotes on the website and I just had to share it here because that is a major achievement in the highly competitive skin care market.

4 thoughts on “Derma Intensive +

  1. This is very exciting for me and all ladies who want to look after their skin and tell me who doesn’t. These products are very affordable. I too will persevere with this brand and see what results i get. So glad it made its way to our shore.

  2. My skin is combination to oily and as I have gotten older I have some dryness issues also. I have been using Made from Earth’s Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum for about 4 weeks. I love how it keeps my skin hydrated all day! And it has a high concentration of Q10…

    My skin also looks better than ever. I was using the La Mer (very expensive) which was doing a very good job for me, but I wanted something that worked very well without costing a small fortune. This is it. I am thrilled with the results.

    1. Lol how did i find you here haha!

      yes i agree with my sister i also use these products too i got them cheaper then $4.99 , was on special for $2.38 buy 2 and get the third free . and while i have been using it i have felt my skin to be better and more viberant. i have a little scar on my eye since i was a baby due to falling with scissors and to this day 21years old i hate it and 2 days of using the night cream and eye cream absolutley amazing! dont ever get rid of this product woman like me and my sister loves this product and it is afordable for people who dont have alot of money to spend i.e pensioners!

      Over all 100% great product

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