Interview: Nina Gajic (Skin Virtue)

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This month, a selection of our members are testing the Pure Exfoliating Mask from Skin Virtue. While you wait for their reviews, take some time to get to know the brand’s founder, Nina Gajic.

It’s a unique brand, and this interview with Nina is worth reading.

Tell us about the Skin Virtue brand… 

Skin Virtue is a brand meticulously developed to address sensitive skin concerns. In a world where our skin faces an ongoing barrage of pollutants and irritants, the necessity for a skincare brand tailored to sensitive skin is irrefutable.

Skin Virtue stands as a guiding light in this domain, committed to creating premium multi-tasking formulations that not only provide relief for sensitive skin but adeptly target the challenges posed by ageing skin, spanning across all skin types.

Where did the name come from?

I wanted to keep it simple! Then I thought about what values our products stood for. When I summed up everything in my head, Skin Virtue was born!

Skin Virtue is all about us having excellence, morals, and intellect at our core.

What made you decide to launch the range?

The inception of Skin Virtue originates from my personal journey of enduring persistent breakouts, skin irritation, and sensitivity.

Amidst my efforts to rectify these skin concerns, I unintentionally ended up damaging my skin to the point of hypersensitivity. It was during my quest to find a solution that Skin Virtue came to fruition.

How do you choose the ingredients?

It’s a complex process, there are a lot of different variables. The short answer is that I consider what skin type I am formulating for, its concerns and what I would like to address.

I choose each ingredient based on scientific studies, whether it’s suitable for sensitive skin and how well it performs within a formulation.

Is Skin Virtue suitable for all skin types?

Certainly, Skin Virtue caters to all skin types. Notably, our Future Advanced Collection holds a universal appeal, it’s designed to target ageing skin concerns. This range seamlessly accommodates all skin types.

Our offerings also encompass two distinct collections tailored to specific skin needs. The Super Clear Collection is tailored for those with a predisposition towards oily skin, with or without dehydrated regions—a common occurrence termed combination skin.

In contrast, the Pure Nourish Collection is specially formulated for balanced skin types and skin that tends towards dryness.

What advice do you have for those thinking of trying Skin Virtue?

Identify your skin type and concerns. First, let’s break down skin types. The concept of categorising skin into different types based on its characteristics has evolved over time to help individuals understand their skin’s unique needs and choose appropriate skincare routines.

Skin typing these days takes into account factors such as oiliness, dryness, sensitivity, and propensity for certain issues like acne. 

We believe there is no true normal or combination skin, and sensitivity and ageing are skin concerns — not skin types. 

Skin tends to be either oilier or drier. Oilier skin types never become dry — they can become dehydrated (this is usually referred to as combination skin), and drier skin types never become oily. So-called ‘normal skin’ is skin that is balanced and is predisposed to becoming drier as our biological function declines and our sebaceous glands produce less sebum (which lubricates the skin). 

My advice is to know your skin type and choose a range based on your skin type.

  • Skin with a tendency to become oily and/or feels dehydrated – Super Clear Collection
  • Skin that is balanced “aka normal” or tends to dryness – Pure Nourish Collection 

Once you know what base range to use, you look at our Future Advanced Collection for specific age-related concerns such as Future Advanced Brightening for pigmentation and redness, Future Advanced Line Filler for fine lines and wrinkles etc.

What is the number one thing we should look for in a skincare product?

That it works for your skin! 

Is sustainability important to you?

Absolutely, at Skin Virtue, sustainability is a cornerstone of our values. We recognise the ethical obligation we have towards our planet and future generations.

Embracing practices that minimise environmental impact and preserve finite resources is not just a responsibility but a commitment we hold dear. It’s a crucial factor guiding our decisions and actions.

What is your best-selling product?

Our top three best-selling products include:

  • Future Advanced Line Filler: Garnering viral acclaim, this product is loved for its remarkable ability to instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles while providing deep hydration.
  • Future Advanced Firming Mask: A versatile gem, this mask can be utilised both conventionally and as a leave-on treatment for drier skin. Its versatility extends to neck and décolleté care, instantly revitalising crepey-looking skin.
  • Future Advanced Brightening: A longstanding favourite, this cream boasts remarkable efficacy in tackling pigmentation and redness. Enriched with a potent dose of vitamin C, it also aids in combating skin congestion and breakouts, reviving skin’s luminosity, and radiance.

If you’d like to learn more about the products, visit Skin Virtue.

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  1. It’s interesting to know a little bit more of the product. I am one of the lucky ones to trial the Pure Exfoliating Mask which sounds lovely. Am looking forward to trialling this one.

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