BYS Nail Enamel and Nail Art Lacquer

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BYS Complete Cosmetics is a Melbourne company that designs and develops a stunning range of nail products that are easy to find, easy to apply and even easier to afford.

It doesn’t matter what you are after for your nails you will find it in the BYS range.

To start you have your basic colours – of which there are so many that it is far from a basic range. There are also chrome, matte, metallic, glitter, neons, pastels and summer brights.

Then there are the slightly more special nail polishes – mirror finish and cracked which we’ve talked about before, the UVs – which react to UV rays, the color changes – which change shade according to your mood and all of your base and top coats.

Add to that nail decorations and nail art lacquer. BYS really is a one stop nail care shop that is budget friendly and fun!

You will definitely find the shade you are looking for regardless of the occasion and outfit you are looking to complement.

phantom bys polish

I have spent the afternoon with BYS polish and Miss 7 to check out some new looks and we are feeling just a little glamorous.

Miss 7 is wearing an Ultra Violet from the Summer Brights range with some very pretty(ish) spots and hearts in a Metallic Violet Nail Art lacquer over the top. Quite a bright and fun look that has made Miss 7’s day.

I, on the other hand, am wearing Phantom (pictured) from the Glitters range which is a gorgeous deep purple colour with fine glitter. Finished with a clear top coat.

Some extra information about the BYS nail polishes that I have only just discovered. All BYS nail polishes are made with a top-quality formula built on a French Base which makes them long-wearing, fast drying and chip resistant. There are over 120 shades – so no wonder it seemed like there would be something for every mood, occasion and outfit.

BYS is renowned for being on the fashion forefront bringing out the latest and most daring shades.

For more information about the BYS brand, range and stockists please visit them on the web:

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