Sometimes a product comes along and you think “I wish I invented that”, and the Tanbag is one of them. Designed to protect your sheets and bedding after tanning, the Tanbag will quickly become your bronzed beauty essential.

It is a comfortable cotton sateen sleeping slip in a light tan colour and you simply zip yourself in and have a good nights sleep without worrying about ruining your linen with tan marks. Even your pillow is safe as it fits snugly over top.


With a thread count of 380 it is good quality and I can honestly say that it feels better than many of my other sheets. When you wake up, throw it in the wash and store away for next time, you don’t have to change a whole set of bedding.

Getting a fake tan is now that little bit more convenient and I can’t recommend the Tanbag highly enough.

The Tanbag is quickly becoming a celebrity favourite and at $79.95 it comes with a 12 month warranty – a very worthwhile purchase for regular tanners!

The Tanbag is being stocked in tanning salons around the country and is available for immediate delivery by purchasing online for $79.95 + $10.00 delivery Australia wide www.tanbag.com

Have you tried the Tanbag or another cool tanning invention? We’d love to hear what you think…

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