BYS Eyeshadow Animal Instincts

BYS is the beauty brand to go to for high impact colours at a budget friendly price. Just because the products are cheap as chips doesn’t mean they are ineffective, and they are constantly bringing out fun new items.

The Animal Instincts Eye Shadow palettes will bring out your wildside, try the Darks for wickidly smokey eyes. You won’t really end up with zebra stripes on your eyelids but you will have that dark night time look with some added shine.

bys animal instinct

Four animalistic shades come in each eyeshadow quad, choose from Darks (pictured), Purples, Naturals or Greens. The set also comes with a double sided applicator so there is a clean side for each shade.

Try the new BYS Animal Instincts Eye Shadows for a look that stands out…reow.

Get it from Fashion Addict for $4.95

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