Fake tans are a must have summer accessory, the right shade of bronze can give you a body confidence boost and make you ready for your favourite party dress.

Getting a fake tan can sometimes feel like too much effort, there is the preparation and time spent waiting for it to develop. Two Australian tan lovers Michelle Hampton and Susan Taylor have solved one problem for us, with TANFAN.

TANFAN is a black shirt dress which is designed specifically for slipping on after you get faked, so your tan won’t be smudged or ruined and your clothes and furniture can stay protected.


The TANFAN is made from 100% pure cotton so your skin can still breath, and it is a fashionable fit so you can go straight from the salon to lunch with the girls – without the embarrassment of your oldest, daggiest ensemble.

The sleeves are adjustable, you can wear them full length or elbow length and it has a tie around the middle so you don’t drown out your body shape. It buttons down the front which means you don’t have to pull it over your head and the collar can be lifted up – no more smudging your neck on your car’s headrest!


The TANFAN comes in a black bag, just be careful how you put it in because it can get creased. The bag has a pocket inside where you can put your valuables and your pre-tanning clothes can be transferred in there too.

This is comfortable and stylish and will take the stress out of tanning and you can be confident you won’t wreck your perfectly even tan when dressing.

In three sizes, Small, Medium and Large, if you are unsure go a little larger than normal because it is better for it to be a bit looser.

The TANFAN has an RRP of $49.95 and is available at www.tanfan.com.au

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