Beauty on a Budget

These days everyone seems to be on a tight budget and maintaining your hair and beauty routine can be a costly exercise. A few friends have recently told me “I can’t afford to be a blonde anymore, so I am going back to my natural colour.”

If you are wondering how to reduce your beauty bill and not sure which items to cut out, here are some useful tips to keep you looking fabulous on a budget:


One of the most essential parts of grooming is hair removal, but going to the salon can become an expensive exercise. Unless you are very confident, your eyebrows and bikini area should be done by an expert, but can be maintained at home in between visits. Once your eyebrows have been shaped by a beauty professional you can use tweezers to remove any new regrowth.

If you love the feeling of silky smooth waxed legs, try going for half leg instead of a full leg on alternating visits. Shaving your legs and underarms will also keep costs down but the hair will grow back quicker because it won’t be removed directly from the roots. If you have a medium to high pain threshold we suggest investing in an epilator, it gives the feeling of a wax but can be time consuming.


You don’t always have to choose the most expensive makeup brands to create the look you want. Cheaper mascara, eyeliner and eye shadows can work just as well, and brands such as NP Set have quality, affordable compacts available.

Using a tester will help prevent you buying something that just doesn’t work, and you should always invest in your foundation. If you get home and have changed your mind, either swap it over for something more suitable or swap it with a friend. There is no point having makeup that you will never wear!



Skincare is essential to any beauty routine, and this is one area you should spend a little more. You can cut out the toner and day/night creams and stick with a good cleanser and moisturiser.

Choose a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type and contains sunscreen. Use a mask every second week instead of weekly, or look for recipes to create your own. Drink plenty of water and watch what you eat, this will do wonders for your skin from the inside out.


Manicures and Pedicures can be done at home, so if you are on a budget ditch the falsies! Having painted nails will give you an instant pick me up. Begin with a nice scrub, file and buff your nails, base coat, polish and top coat.

For lower maintenance or if you have trouble with chipping, stick with clear polish on your fingernails.


If you have good hair, everything else will look better! If you are looking for ways to cut down on your hairdressing bill, don’t skip that appointment all together but give the blow-dry a miss unless it’s a special occasion. Cuts are essential and we would always recommend going to the salon for a colour.

If you like to go blonde, try getting half a head of foils instead of a full head. Foils are good because regrowth is less noticeable and it is a cheaper option.

Purchase an at home treatment, it will work out to be better value than a salon treatment. If you prefer to buy professional quality hair products, buying them from a warehouse or online can save you money.

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