Nails with Fiona Hay (Orly)

Fiona Hay is a celebrity manicurist and Creative Director at ORLY. We asked her about the latest nail trends and techniques:

What nail colours are in fashion right now?

Pastels are very much in trend at the moment, peach, mint, lavender and baby blue. Metallic gold, silver and bronze also look great with metal detail in a lot of the fashion this season.

Is it all about matte colours or can we mix it up with things like glitter polish?

Many have been afraid of glitter/metallic polishes over the last few years, but it is safe to say they are well and truly back in trend.

Unlike the old ‘frosted’ polishes, textures have changed, glitters are finer and produce some amazing effects when caught in the light. Go there I say.

Fiona Hay

Do you have any tips to prevent polish from chipping?

Always apply a stroke of polish across the tip to seal in and protect your polish. This seals off each coat and prevents lifting and moisture getting under your polish. Also, if you apply a coat of top coat each day this can also prolong your polish.

How many days should a quality nail polish last?

This can vary depending on the condition of your nails. If your nails have peeling or flaking issues, not as long as a strong healthy nail. 3-5 days.

What makes Orly polishes different?

They are free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde, they dry quicker, they release a new colour collection every two months, they don’t go thick and gluggy and they have a great selection of base and top coats to suit specific needs/conditions!

Is it better to get fake nails or go natural?


Do vitamins or specific foods help to improve nail strength or is this a myth?

Diet plays a huge role in the health of our hair, skin and nails. If you are healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside.

A balanced diet, including plenty of protein, Omega 3 and vitamin C will definitely improve strength of your nails. Silica is also a fantastic supplement to take and will help hair, skin and nails.

Tell us the correct nail filing technique…

Using a fine grit nail file, and holding at a 45 degree under the nail, file in one direction and using light pressure round off corners.

Should toes and fingers be matching?

No! There is no rule that they need to be matching. As long as they both work with what you are wearing for the occasion, then why not?

Sometimes you need colour on your toes to work with your shoes, where as you may need something different on your hands to work with the top half.

Does the whiteness of the moons on our nails have any real significance?

Yes. This is why doctors ask for no nail polish when going in for surgery. Although not always appearing on every nail, many only have their ‘lunula’ showing on thumbs.

The colour of your lunula (moon) can identify conditions of the heart, lungs and kidneys. For example, a red or blue tinge in the lunula can indicate heart or lung disease.

What is your number one manicure tip?

Don’t pick your nail polish off when it starts to chip, always use non acetone nail polish remover. Picking off your nail polish can take off layers of your nail making them peel and weaken.

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