Beauty Chat with Taryn Williams

Taryn Williams is a former model and founder of the successful modelling agency, WINK. Recently we had a look inside Taryn’s wardrobe and because she is a woman who always needs to look her best, we decided to find out about her favourite beauty products and tips.

Tell us about your current skincare routine…

I’m pretty low maintenance, which might surprise some people! I spent a few years using the most expensive, boutique, ‘miracle’ creams I could find, and my skin just really didn’t look any different (but my wallet sure did!). It was when I switched to cheaper, over the counter and natural products that I started getting lots of compliments on my skin.
Every morning I was my face in the shower with something pretty gentle like either MACs green gel cleanser or Cetaphil. Once a week I use an exfoliating scrub, at the moment I’m loving Biore microderm exfoliator.

I use Simple Age Resisting day cream every day, its SPF15+, but I usually top this up with Invisible Zinc SPF 30+.
I always take my makeup off at night, not doing so is a sin! If its late I’ll Simple or Neutrogena cleansing wipes. I use organic rosehip oil every night, slather it on all over my face and chest, and my skin just drinks it up.
On my body I use Aesop Rind Concentrate body balm because it smells soooo good! I’m addicted to their body cleansers as well.

Taryn Williams

Do you have any skin concerns?

Not really, I think just the aim we all have, trying to look as young as possible for as long as possible!

What is your favourite foundation?

For general day to day wear, I use MAC Cosmetics Face & Body Tint. I’ve used it for years and I just don’t think you can fault it for the perfect light coverage and C3 is the perfect colour match for my skin, like it was made for me. The huge bottles last forever too – at an absolute bargain price!

For evening or when I need a heavier coverage I use Harlotte Afterglow + Afterglow Luminosity. You mix a little bit of the ‘luminosity’ liquid in with the foundation and it gives this beautiful, healthy, fuller coverage without looking dull or cakey. And its Australian made too, which I love.

What do you currently have on your nails?

On my toes – Butter London in Jaffa.
On my fingers – OPI in Mod About You, my all time favourite nail colour. I have managed to get most of my models addicted to it, so if you go to the salon and the bottle is empty, you can probably blame the WINK models!

Have you always had short hair, and why do you love it?

I’ve had short hair for about 5 years now, and I would never go back to long hair. When my hair was long it was very fine, and to be honest looked quite boring. Short hair suits my face much better, and I like that its quite an  uncommon cut, a lot of people know me by my short hair.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

Its great to roll out of bed and not have to do much to it – I don’t miss the hours of blow drying and straightening of long hair! A bit of mens hair paste and I’m good to go. That said, short hair does need to be cut a lot more regularly to keep its shape. Thankfully my hairdresser is a good friend and will always fit me in whenever my crazy schedule allows.

Taryn Williams

Hair product you cannot live without?

Ooh can I only pick one? My top 2 are Schwarzkopf Instant Volume powder which gives the best volume boost and texture, and saves dirty hair when you don’t have time to wash it. I also love American Crew Tea Tree Firm Hold styling cream, I love the masculine smell (I think I stole my first tube from a boyfriend!) and that it’s not shiny or too ‘producty’.

What is your signature scent?

Maison Martin Margiela ‘Untitled’ is my signature scent. I’ve always had to get people to bring it back from me from the Margiela store in Italy as it was the only place you could buy it until recently. I love that it’s a scent you can’t quite put your finger on the notes in it, it’s not floral, it’s not woody, it’s not citrus.. I always get comments on it!

What is your number one beauty tip?

Exercise and drink plenty of water – not exactly groundbreaking, but it works! I train twice a week at BTC Power Plate studio, which really boosts blood circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage, so it’s a work out and a beauty treatment in one.

Which products do you take everywhere with you?

Trilogy everything balm –  the perfect lip balm, fixes dry elbows, shins, and smells divine.
MAC lipstick in Such Flare – red lipstick can transform nearly any outfit from a day to night look.
A big bottle of water – not a product, but I never leave home without one.
Eyedrops – for those ‘staring at a computer screen’ all day eyes.

Do you visit the beauty salon or any skin specialists?

I’ll admit, I’m on a first name basis with all the lovely skin specialists at Skin Renu in Balmain. Laser hair removal is fabulous, anything that saves time (no more shaving!) is a winner with me. I’ve also been indulging in Omnilux treatments, which helps boost collagen, and are my little 20min reality escape. I love trying new things and always have a little play with the ladies when I go in – trying peels, new products, LPL etc. There’s so many amazing new treatments out there!

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