Beauty Chat with Teisha Lowry (INDAH)

Teisha Lowry has had a successful modelling career, is an Aromachologist and has her own Australian made skincare brand, INDAH. This week Teisha took some time out to talk beauty with us:

Tell us about your current skincare routine…

I cleanse everyday using my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (a great natural exfoliator) I love it because oil breaks through oil. I moisturise twice a day, using an array of pure essential oils depending on what my skin needs, or I use Raw Asset Body Balm on my face paying attention to under my eyes. If I’ve been on a shoot I leave the coconut on for about an hour, rinse, and then spritz my face with purified water mixed with some pure Lavender oil.

I exfoliate my entire body about three times per week using my Coconut Oil and a new ingredient I’m working with which polishes my skin rather than rubbing it red raw. Sunday is usually my only day off, it’s my makeup free day, and I like to treat myself with a full facial. I do my own at home, using a face steamer, light exfoliator and mask, using an array of ingredients from my kitchen cupboard or new oils I’ve purchased that week.

Do you have any skin concerns?

Like most 30+ year olds, I have to be careful of maturing wrinkles, I’m not afraid of them, but I’m more aware of how much time I spend in the sun and I can massage my muscles in my face to help them from forming. I eat a very clean Metabolic/Organic diet; I can tell when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me, because it shows in my skin. I’m really in tune with my body and can really tell what areas on my body are being affected from what blemishes appear on certain areas of my face. I can balance this out with diet and certain essential oils.

What is your favourite foundation?

I don’t wear foundation, I use a tinted moisturiser from Korres Greece, it has a small amount of SPF in it, which is great! I don’t like wearing heavy makeup I think covering too much skin spoils natural beauty and radiance.


What do you currently have on your nails?

I like to keep my nails all natural. For a nice sheen I buff them, but usually my hands get knocked around so much from packing orders and working out I keep my nails short. If I do get a manicure I use Butter London or Zoya polishes.

And what’s on your lips?

A new lip balm I’m playing with, I’m trying to resurrect one of my old lip balms that I use to make, called Coco Love. But this time it’s going to be a bit more special, watch this space!

How often do you visit the hairdresser?  

Every 6 weeks, I visit the beautiful Marita Onn at her private studio, she only uses the finest organic tints on my hair, it’s hard being blonde as it gets very porous and dry, she’s always treating it and shares her best hair secrets with me, she makes sure it looks healthy. I am very particular with using other products on my hair so we have to study the bottle before she attempts anything!

If we caught you on your day off, how would you be wearing your hair?

Slicked back in a pony tail with a lot of Coconut Oil in it.

Hair product you cannot live without?

My Extra Virgin Coconut Oil of course, it’s the only treatment I use and it’s my biggest beauty secret.

What is your signature scent?

I’m an Aromachologist so I have WAY to many favourite scents, it’s my job to play with different scents. Today I’m wearing pure Rose from France, Australian Sandalwood and Vetiver. If I’m in a rush I have my Dewi Perfume Balm in my bag.

What is your number one beauty tip?

I have always sworn by my Coconut Oil, it’s the base in all of my products. I use it for everything and the benefits our amazing, I have something coming out next year to supplement it.

Which products do you take everywhere with you?

I have one of everything from my range, because the aromas suit different occasions. I travel a lot and cannot stand flying, so my Lalu Travel Balm is a necessity. If I can’t sleep I give myself a mini facial with my Zen Balm to help me relax as it has Cardamom and Frankincense in it. Frankincense has been used for centuries as an offering to the Gods from all different religions, it’s such a powerful ingredient in beauty and wellbeing – you’ll be seeing more of this from me soon.

Do you visit the beauty salon or any skin specialists?

Not really anymore, I’ve been studying skin for the last five years; I can pretty much self cure anything. I love using my INDAH products as I know exactly what goes into them – 100% organic and natural ingredients. I tend not to trust salons. Once I went to a very well-known organic day spa and asked them what they were going to use on my face, they mentioned their own brand and ensured it was completely safe and organic.

Then once my facial was completed I saw the tubes of a lethal dermal brand. My skin broke out for two weeks after that and was extremely irritable and super sensitive. I think it pays to do some investigating before visiting a salon and ensuring you know the ingredients in the products you are using. INDAH is about communicating the truth in beauty and working harmoniously with humanity and the environment.

You can read an interview with Teisha Lowry about the INDAH brand here.

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