What is Mineral Makeup? (With Leslie Graham)

Leslie Graham is the National Educator and Brand Expert for Jane Iredale Australia, and has over 15 years experience in the industry. The brand is known for it’s mineral cosmetics, so we asked Leslie all about this style of makeup:

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is formulated from elements derived from the earth’s minerals, which have been in existence for millions of years.  It is a silk-like powder that contains a combination of ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, boron nitride, and iron oxides with small amounts of carmine and inorganic colourant pigments – sorry for the science!

Basically, mineral makeup uses natural minerals from the earth that have been compressed and then micro pulverized into a clean refined state in a laboratory. Some kinds of minerals can have beneficial health results and quality brands provide pure pigment.

Does mineral automatically mean natural?

No! There are many brands of mineral makeup globally and the quality and ingredients can vary greatly from brand to brand. Some products still contain talc and bismuth oxychloride which are known skin irritants. So, consumer beware!, it’s very important to check the ingredient list on the box.

Are there any ingredients in mineral makeup that we should avoid?

Yes! Talc and bismuth oxychloride, synthetic chemicals, F, D & C dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives and parabens.

Do you have any tips for applying loose foundation?

Blending light layers using the proper brush will always ensure the best results. I recommend using a powder brush, starting on the cheek and blending around the face, feathering into the hairline.

Tips: #1 Start on the side of the face that requires more coverage. #2 Take the powder onto neck, ears, décolleté for further coverage and SPF.


Is it possible to get the same kind of coverage as with regular cosmetics?

The coverage really depends on the quality of the brand, its ingredients and its application. A good quality brand with nourishing, high quality minerals will give the skin more benefits; such as healing, soothing, hydration and protection. If applied properly, a light coverage can improve the look of almost every complexion and give the illusion of clear, healthy skin.

And are there any skin benefits to using this type of cosmetics?

Most definitely! The features and benefits to mineral makeup are enormous. Its soothing protection and nourishing ingredients will not only diffuse fine lines and minimise pores, but also give immediate water resistant SPF coverage, calm inflammation, help to heal the skin and prevent moisture loss – acting as a 4 in 1 in product. It’s your foundation, concealer, powder and sun protection all in one!

Are there any skin types which shouldn’t choose mineral makeup?

No, there is a mineral product for every skin type. Depending on your skin type it’s important to prime the skin with either a moisture driven primer or an oil control primer. To cater for everyone, jane iredale offers pressed powders, loose powders, liquid minerals, tints and even brand new BB cream so you can tailor coverage to your individual needs.

Are all mineral makeup products and brands created equally?

Most certainly not! Mineral makeup ‘branding’ has exploded since its conception with jane iredale in 1994 to today, with hundreds of ‘mineral’ brands on the market today. That’s why the quality of ingredients is so important; be aware of what is going on your skin, keep it clean and healthy and always check ingredients before buying.

For girls out there who have never tried mineral makeup, what advice would you give them?

Girls should have a really healthy approach to skincare – use beauty products that are good for the skin! If you take care of your skin by using a high quality mineral brand it will certainly pay off. They are so quick, easy to apply and long lasting. There will be a product for you so have fun being creative with the colours and versatility of using the minerals wet or dry. Mineral make up will help to enhance your beauty, not smother it!

And…what is your number one favourite Jane Iredale product right now?!

Hmm… it’s so hard to list just one! But I must say I reach for Tantasia in the morning to give my face and body a golden glow. I always touch up with PureMatte and I love our JustKissed Lip & Cheek stain in Forever Pink. I’m also, very excited about some of our upcoming seasonal collections!

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