My Beauty Cupboard Cleanse

OUT with the old, IN with the new!!

Admittedly I have a few personal changes which I am currently working on, I want to be fitter and more active and I want to give all the clothes I don’t wear to the op shop (you know the expression – too many clothes and nothing to wear…that’s my wardrobe!)

This week I am doing a victory dance because I have crossed one big task off my list, the clean out of my beauty cabinet. If you are a makeup lover you will understand how hard it is to let go. First, I had to check the used by dates and anything that was over or questionable went out. Fake tans don’t seem to last very well from one summer to another so they were out too.

Mascara stroke

Mascara was a tough one, but anything opened over 4 months ago had to be binned. Any lipsticks or eyeshadows which were hidden at the back of the cupboard also said goodbye. Yes, I was brutal – things that weren’t my colour (none of this “oh, but one day I might have a really dark tan and need that extra dark foundation”) or blue eye shadow which really doesn’t suit me…GONE.

Beauty products don’t last forever  and this includes perfume and skincare too. Lipstick however does have a longer shelf life so my favourites were spared. Cleaning out my cupboard made me free up some space, while discovering some little gems which I forgot I had.

With a nice clean beauty cabinet which was reduced in size by half, what is a girl to do? Well, this post is about out with the old, IN with the new…

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Do you need to change something in your life and get out with the old and in with the new?

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