What is an Oxygen Facial?

The Oxygen Facial is the latest beauty treatment that is popular among celebrities including Madonna, Miranda Kerr and Eva Longoria. A natural alternative to procedures such as Botox, we wanted to know more.

Helen Penemenos is from Wild Orchid Beauty and a Reiki, Seichim Master and Beauty Therapist.

We asked Helen to tell us more about the Oxygen Facial:

What is the Oxygen Facial?

An oxygen facial is the most natural way to treat the skin, without using harsh products. Hospital grade Oxygen gas is infused into the skin with Certified Organic products. It treats wrinkles, acne and helps the skin look dewy and fresh.  It is a slow process as it works on the skin cells, this is why a 10 week program is needed to see a great effect.

It is a non-abrasive treatment, they call it the ‘natural face lift’.

How does an Oxygen Facial work?

The skin is cleansed and exfoliated deeply to remove the dead skin on the surface, therefore allowing better penetration of the  Vitamins and minerals that are are infused into the skin with Hospital Grade Oxygen gas.  Before the infusion, the skin  is massaged well to allow a good blood flow and stimulation of collage.  Then the infusion takes place.  A complimentary massage is offered with every facial (the client has an option of head, arms or feet) to enable the client to sink into the bed and relax whilst we perform this beautiful treatment.

What makes it different?

Oxygen is a natural way of keeping young.  It removes toxins and allows the skin to breath, rather than clogging it up with chemicals that result in a quick fix.  This treatment is not a quick fix, it enables the skin to repair and  look young naturally, this is why it takes about 10 weeks until you see a result.

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What kinds of results should we expect?

Reduction of lines. skin that looks plump, fresh and younger.  It results in healthy looking skin.

Who is suitable for and should avoid?

This treatment is suitable for everybody as it helps with ageing, acne and dull complexions.  It puts a beautiful glow to the skin.  If a woman is pregnant we should be notified so we do not use Vitamin A, we have an alternative that is safe whilst pregnant.

What kind of training does a therapist need to do to be able to perform an oxygen facial?

As long as the therapist is a professional Beauty Therapist, the only training required is how to use the oxygen machine and training of this particular massage is required as it is a deeper type of massage than any other facial massage.

What will our skin be like shortly after treatments?

The skin will look and feel younger and healthier, but this is not temporary, after the 10 week program the cells have been nourished and stimulated therefore will continue to renew in a healthy way.  Toxins are removed therefore allowing the cells to become healthier.

How often should it be performed?

The 10 week program is recommended once a year and if desired you may follow it up every 6 weeks, instead of having a normal facial.  Maintenance is up to the individual, our clients love it so much that they become addicted and opt for this instead every time they are due for a facial.  Others come only once a year and have the program of 10.

What kinds of costs are involved?

An oxygen facial costs $180.  If a program is purchased the client gets a $300 discount,therefore a program of 10 costs $1500.

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  1. This sounds amazing but a little out of my price range. I know it would be so beneficial for my skin, however, I think I will have to stick to my do it at home yourself facials.

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