Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

Mr Uemura discovered a revolutionary oil based cleanser whilst a Hollywood makeup artist in the 1950’s. This cleanser was able to remove heavy stage make-up in a single step without disturbing the delicate moisture levels in the skin. Mr Uemura’s unique formula grew to became a widespread international success.

The core of Mr Uemura’s philosophy is that beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin. Shu Uemura cleansing oil gives your skin only what it needs by combining science, nature and art for a pure and gentle cleansing experience.

In the years since She Uemura has continuously refined and improved the formula and texture always looking to reveal the beauty of women. The classic formula has been polished into the new generation High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula.

shu uemura

The latest cleansing oil has the enhanced cleansing power and improved skin care properties while it inherits the cocooning texture, delicate fragrance and gentle cleansing that have kept it a worldwide favourite for decades.

All of Shu Uemera’s oils are formulated with the exclusive HPO (High Performance Oil) system which is a complex combination of distinct oils that trap wax and oil residues found in make-up.

The new Advanced HPO System uses four specially selected oils for optimal results removing make-up and impurities. One of the new additions is IHD oil which increases the removal of water-proof mascara for an even more thorough one-step cleanse.

The specially tailored combinations mean that foundation, lipstick, waterproof make-up, dead skin cells and sebum are all gently rinsed away for advanced gentle cleansing.

Shu Uemura cleansing oils help preserve the skins proper condition by removing impurities and make-up without leaving an oily residue.

The two new additions to the classic formula are Camellia Oil and Ginger Root Oil to moisturise and balance the skin. Camellia Oil is known for its restorative and rejuvenating effect on skin and ginger Root Oil has a soothing and anti-aging effect.

Some of the other important ingredients are: Safflower – maintains barrier function, aids in cell renewal and skin nutrition; Jojoba – supports skin elasticity and suppleness; Macadamia – helps protect the skin; Corn – softens, soothes and supports skin hydration; Squalane from olive oil – enables oil to quickly spread over the surface of the skin.

The signature ingredient of Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils is Deepsea water known for its pure mineral rich properties. It is virtually pristine water said to traverse the seas below a depth of 200 metres, untouched by sunlight or pollution for 2000 years.

This range of cleansing oils has something to suit all skin conditions. There are six types of cleansing oil to suit the needs of each skin type.

New HPCO Classic is for all skin conditions with Advanced HPO, Camellia Oil and Ginger Root Extract. It gently cleanses and maintains skin’s moisture leaving skin feeling comfortable and petal soft with a botanical aroma.

HPCO enriched is for dry skin conditions with Bitter Orange Peel, Tomato extracts, Red Pepper extracts. It enriches and nourishes skin.

CBO Premium A/I is for delicate skin conditions and skin feeling external stresses. This one is a mild-textured oil containing soothing Licorice Root Derivative and moisturising Amino Acids. Skin will be left refined, soft smooth and plump.

HPCO Fresh for oily to combination skin with Cherry Extract to help exfoliate and tighten pores. This is a light textured oil which will refresh and refine skin.

CBO premium A/O for fatigued skin or skin with aging concerns. Green Tea Extract is known for its anti-oxidant properties and is in this oil to restore radiance and revitalize fatigued skin. This oil has a comfortable texture.

WR EX+ Brightening CO is for skin with concerns about dullness, UV and spots. Cherry Leaf Extract, Prune Extract and Cooling Agent swiftly remove make-up and impurities in this light-textured oil to make skin appear smoother, brighter and more clarified.

This range of cleansing oils is simple to use and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. It is as simple as spreading the oil gently and thoroughly on your face, adding a little warm water and combining the oil until it turns milky and then rinsing.

To celebrate the achievement of this New Classic there will be Limited Edition bottles released that are adorned with Shu Uemura’s calligraphy that will be a lasting mark from a legendary skin care pioneer and make-up artist.

Shu Uemura created three Shodo Japanese calligraphy symbols when he experienced the light texture and increased cleansing power of the newest cleansing oil. The three symbols are one (Shu Uemura cleansing oil is the world’s premium), heart (a life dedicated to the pursuit of cleansing oil perfection) and shu (excellence). The Japanese kanji meaning “shu” can be read as his name and excellence in English so this kanji has been chosen to be on each bottle of Limited Edition high performance balancing cleansing oil.

RRP for 150ml is $52.00

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