Summer Tanning Favourites

What was originally going to be a feature of all our favourite bronzing products has ended up in two parts due to us having too many favourites. We began with our summer bronzers and now we have our tanning feature.

We’ve been spraying and slapping ourselves in fake tan so we can share summer’s finest with you:

It was too hard to choose just one Napoleon Perdis tanning product so instead lets focus on the range. Summer Lovers (RRP $40.00 / Stockist: 1800 814 572) is a self tanning mousse and is for girls who like a more traditional method of application.

summer lovers

Containing Aloe Vera and Apricot Oil it gives you the colour you love without the drying factor.

Summer Sun (RRP $30.00 / Stockist: 1800 814 572) self tanning spray is a must have, easy to apply and a natural looking shade.


Personally we find a spray a really efficient way to get an all over tan but you may need a little help from a friend. The only thing we wish about this is that there was more in the can.

Also try the Napoleon Perdis Whipped Dream (RRP $40.00 / Stockist: 1800 814 572) tan enhancer to help extend the life of your tan, and After Sun Body Oil (RRP $30.00 / Stockist: 1800 814 572) to even out any streaks.

Moving on to Dr Lewinn’s now, a brand we previously didn’t associate with tanning but their Sunless Self Tanning Lotion (RRP $29.95 / Stockist: 1800 630 056) is simple and effective.

Sunless Self Tanning Lotion

This is a fairly fast acting product, your tan will come up in around 4 hours but you can leave it on overnight if you like. This is a lotion and does take a little bit of practise to get right, but it is a really nice product if you can perfect the application.

Technically not a tanning product, but worth mentioning is the Flawless Legs (RRP $17.99 / Stockist: 1300 650 981) wash off leg makeup from Le Tan. If you slip on a dress only to discover your legs resemble Casper the friendly ghost, then this is a quick fix. These sprays will also make a fading tan look new again.

Flawless Legs Bronze

It takes 60 seconds to dry and while we don’t recommend you wear a tight white skirt, it does stay on quite well for a night out. Comes in two shades – Bronze and Deep Bronze.

It is quite hard to find a natural tanning lotion, and Aviva Organics Sun Free Skin Glow Face Creme (RRP $59.00 / Stockist: 1300 363 144) is possibly the closest you are going to get.

Certified organic, it has essential oils and fruit and leaf extracts and the colour is quite smooth and natural looking.

AVIVA Organics Sun-Free Skin Glow Face Creme

This is especially good for girls who have sensitive skin, as it is hypoallergenic and paraben free. A good pre-tanning product is the Conditioning Body Polish (RRP $48.00 / Stockist: 1300 363 144), it gives you a soft, exfoliated base to work with.

Ti Cosmetics The Bronzer Self Tan (RRP $24.95 / Stockist: can be used on face and body and has shea butter for added softness.

The Bronzer Instant Tan $24.95

Paraben free, this develops in about 2 hours and although it doesn’t last quite as long as some of the others, the colour is good and it is worth putting emptying your money box for.

The Tanning Specialists Instant Tanning Mousse (RRP $24.95 / Stockist: 03 9755 8008) is a good consistency and the end result is fairly dark so a light application is all that is required.

The Tanning Specialists

The brand is Australian made and owned, and the product works well so we can’t ask for much more than that!

The invention of the tan removal cloth is a good one, and there are two sitting here and we really can’t decide which one we like best.

The first is Tan-Off Sunless Tan Removal Mitt (RRP $24.95 / Stockist: 0413 130 103), which you wear like a glove.


By adding a little water you can fix up your tanning mistakes or remove it all when it starts to wear off.

It’s bright orange which originally felt like a bit of an eye sore but really, at least any tan stains won’t be visible and you will always be able to find it. It is double sided, orange is for light exfoliation and black is for more heavy duty exfoliation.

The second cloth is TanGO Tan Removal Cloth (RRP $29.95 / Stockist 1300 363 144) and this looks a little bit like a blue face washer but is made from Polyamide microfibre. It removes excess tan without having to turn your skin raw from harsh scrubbing.

tanGO cloth image

No chemicals are required, all you need is the cloth with some water. It feels gentle on your body and it comes in a cute silver tin!

If you are opting for the gradual tan, Dove have Summer Glow (RRP from $6.99 / Stockist: 1800 061 027)which is moisturiser with a hint of tan (rather than the other way around).

dove tan

If you are really white you will notice some colour after the first day, and it gradually builds up to a nice healthy glow. If you forget to apply for a couple of days it does fade really quickly but the benefit is an even looking tan. Comes in two shade levels depending on how dark you want to go.

Just remember, when applying any fake tan your preparation is what really counts. Smooth skin makes a huge difference to getting that even tan. Most fake tans do not contain sunscreen so make sure you still apply sun protection.

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