Natio Meditate Body Butter

Natio have added six new body butters to their Meditate body care range and I have been using the Mogra Attar and Narcissus Attar fragrances.

These body butters are quite thick and butterlike, but they still glide on easily and absorb into the skin. The scents remind me of alternative therapies like yoga and meditation (hence the name), think that mystical incense smell – breathe in, breathe out and be ultra calm.

The scents are based on Attar fragrances which have been used for centuries to relax, awaken your senses and aide in meditation. Packed in travel sized pots they are perfect for a good mood booster on the go.


Not only do they smell lovely, but they do have other ingredients aimed at hydrating the skin. Neem and Brahmi nourish and moisturise, as well as Sesame, Turmeric, Grapeseed and Shea Butter.

Out of the two I have been trialling, my favourite is the Yoga Scent Mogra Attar, it’s aim is to “Awaken Inner Energy” and I find it more uplifting than the Narcissus Attar which is more relaxing.

There are four other butters in the collection, each with their own exotic scent and purpose –

The Nag Champa Attar uplifts and helps to still the mind, the Pink Lotus Attar brings the body and mind to a calm still centre, the Jasmine Attar energises and enlivens and the Blue Lotus Attar uplifts the spirits.

These body products are interesting as they evoke different feelings depending on the scent, and I am certainly enjoying the uniqueness of them.

The new Natio Meditate Body Butters have an RRP of $10.95 and are available from Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

For your nearest stockist please phone 03 9415 9911 or visit

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