Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak

Aching muscles will appreciate soaking in a warm bath with the addition of Molton Brown’s Bracing Silberbirch Thermal Muscle Soak. This soak has a strong woody scent and with two capfuls your strains and stresses will start to fade away.

The product contains leaves and bark from the silverbirch tree, cedarwood and incense. Combined with thermal salts the product is not only good for the condition of your skin but your aches and pains as well.


The fragrance is quite intense when it is in the bottle, and I would describe it as being unisex – I can imagine this would become a favourite for men as well as women after a session at the gym or a long day at work.

Molton Brown is a brand who take inspiration from London, and have a range of bath and body products with ingredients sourced from around the world.

The Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak has an RRP of $45.00

Available from David Jones and Molton Brown Emporium store, Queen Victoria Building.

2 thoughts on “Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak

  1. Sounds fabulous. My osteopath recommends the Radox muscle soak which works for the muscles but I don’t think does much for the skin. I’m glad Molton Brown have a dual-purpose product.

  2. I do like the sound of this product. I have purchased Molton brown’s beautiful candles which have the most exquisite fragrance. I’m sure this would be a relaxing delight.

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