MeMeMe Dew Pot Eye Defining Cream

When you try a new brand you don’t know what you are going to get and this is my first time using UK brand MeMeMe Cosmetics. I have two Dew Pots and before I even opened them I adored the cute little glass jars (must reuse these for something when the product runs out!).

Open them up and the product is a cream formula, as much as I love loose shadows they can be a bit messy and these are much easier to apply. The cream does set very quickly when it hits your skin so the colour stays put.

Tangled Ivy
MeMeMe Dew Pot in Tangled Ivy

I have Tangled Ivy which is a dark green and Woodland Truffle which is a metallic light brown. The green looks quite dark in the pot so I thought I would use it for night and the Truffle for day – but really, Ivy isn’t nearly as intimidating as it looks and I love using both shades together. There are sparkling pigments which gives you a whimsical, fairytale finish and you can apply with a brush or even your finger.

There are eight shades, with blues, greens and purples among them. Have a play with these little cuties!

The Dew Pots have an RRP of $19.95 each

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