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I like to have fun with eyeshadow, there are so many ways to mix and match colours and even when it doesn’t give you the right result, you know it washes off – there is nothing wrong with experimenting to see what works.

So, I was really excited when I heard about ColourOn Professional Eyeshadow Appliques, and have been testing two products from the range – the Bestsellers Kit and Animal Instincts.


The appliques are cloth pieces with eyeshadow on them, there are two ovals which have mirror image designs – one for each eye. The eyeshadow isn’t just one block colour, it is a mixture of colours in different positions.

Hygienically protected with a plastic sheet, once this is removed you close one eye and place the oval pad over top (print side down). You gently rub the back and when you remove…ta da! You have one perfect looking eye. You need to line the applique up with your lashline, and somehow both eyes turn out the same – there was no wonky shadow in the wrong place.

A model wearing appliques - Best Sellers

To finish the process you can blend if you want to and there is a little pot of powder formula and a brush which you use carefully to seal the shadow.

The Best Sellers Kit is really suitable for every day use, it honestly gave me the look of having eye shadow applied by a professional. I like to blend these for added softness, and it is a real time saver with no skill required. This pack has 10 pairs with pinks, purples, bronze (my pick) and a smoke.

The second set I tried is more for fun, and is good for special events or those times when you really want to make a statement. These are all animal prints (tortoise, snake, leopard, camouflage and zebra), and are going to get you noticed. I was wearing the turtle print and the second the two men in my life saw me (husband and 3 year old son) they said “Cool, what is that on your eyes?!” (from two boys who don’t even notice when I wear a bright green facemask).

A model wearing appliques - Animal Instincts

Wearing these during the day felt a little over the top, but I would love to put these on when out and about at night. I didn’t blend these and had to be extra careful with the powder because they look much better with crisp, clean lines.

Both sets of appliques were long lasting, and outdid all my other eyeshadows in that regard. I used makeup wipes to remove the shadow without any problems.

The Best Sellers Kit is the more usable of the two, because you can wear them anytime but the Animal Instincts appliques are really unique and have that wow factor.

An amazing little invention making everyone a makeup artist and I cannot wait to try more from the collection.

No animal testing.

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5 thoughts on “ColorOn Professional Eyeshadow Appliques

  1. Have heard about these but not actually seen them or any pictures of what they look like till now. OMG>>>>>how fascinating they are though. I love ideas like this and especially great when going out and I need that perfect look.

  2. Lucky you for getting to try them, they make eyeshadow look like a breeze and so professional. I really need to invest in the Best Sellers Kit, they would make my makeup routine sooooooo much quicker.l

  3. i have tried these before. they are awesome and last through out the day. the shadow is kind of like paint at first but dries like powder. i love them and so easy to do.

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