Innoxa Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

There are occasions when you don’t want to have a fully made up face, and tinted moisturisers are a great way to get a tiny bit of coverage without that made up look. I do love my regular foundation but on lazy Sundays and days when I want to allow my face a bit of breath-a-bility I like to use a tinted moisturiser.

I have been using the new Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 from Innoxa and the first thing I noticed is that it is gentle on sensitive skin. It is fragrance free which is really a big plus, I find a lot of tinted moisturisers are packed with unnecessary (and irritating) fragrances – I don’t see the point in having a perfumed face.


There are two shades with Nude Beige and Honey Glow, because it is only a light tint I think these colours would cater to most women but there still may be a few who don’t find a good fit.

The colour isn’t streaky and it blends easily. In terms of a moisturiser I find it works quite well with Vitamin E and added SPF 15 for some extra protection.

I’m going to continue to use the Innoxa Tined Moisturiser SPF 15, it’s one of those products that appears to be nonthreatening to my skin (no redness or irritation as yet) and it’s just nice to know you have “something there” rather than feeling completely (face) naked.

Innoxa products are made in Australia and not tested on animals.

Innoxa Tined Moisturiser SPF 15 has an RRP of $19.95. For your nearest stockist please phone: 1300 650 981

Are you a fan of Innoxa? What are your favourite products from the range?

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  1. I have the tinted moisturiser but am unable to find where to buy as my chemist no longer stocks it. Can you help.

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