What is Microdermabrasion?

Jessica O’Brian is the General Manager at Results Laser Clinic and an expert in the beauty industry. We borrowed her to find out everything you need to know about the Microdermabrasion skin treatment:

What is Microdermabrasion?

This age-defying process can give a brighter, smoother appearance to any skin area in need of exfoliation such as face, neck, hands and chest. Whether you have a problem area or just want a quick pick-me-up; brighter, smoother skin can be achieved in just a few treatments.

Benefits include;

  • Treating acne Blemishes
  • Cleaning enlarged and clogged pores, blackheads & white heads
  • Restoring a healthy, smooth feel to skin
  • Helping fight signs of aging
  • Hyper Pigmentation

How does it work?
Microdermabrasion promotes the production of new cells in the basal (deepest) layers of the dermis and stimulates the growth of collagen to further smooth and improve skin tone and appearance.

The Microdermabrasion uses three specially designed, state-of-the-Microdermabrasion skin treatments to exfoliate the skin, much in the same way as a loofah sponge, although through a mechanical process. The Microdermabrasion uses three specially designed, state-of-the-art subsystems:

  1.  A vacuum system
  2.  A compressor
  3.  A patented hand piece with tubing interlink system

The system’s hand piece projects micro crystals onto the skin’s surface in what we call a “sandblasting” type of technique and then pulls the crystals back up into an adjoining waste canister along with any expunged skin cells. Generally you may require more than one treatment which is discussed during a complimentary consultation with a trained member of staff.

The beautiful young girl with a clean fresh skin touches with a hand a cheek
Is there any preparation required beforehand?

Nothing specific, however it is recommended you stay out of the sun and wear SPF 30+ sunscreen leading up to treatment. A good skin regime always helps!

Are they any risks?

When performed correctly and with the use of new technology in a sterile, professional environment there are minimal risks associated with Microdermabrasion. This is due to its non invasive nature (it only removes the layers of skin that host skin cells that are already dead.) However – like any cosmetic procedure there are risks involved. Improper sterilization or misuse of the machine can cause infections, injuries or hyper pigmentation. You may also experience temporary discoloration and redness

How do we choose the right beauty therapist to perform Microdermabrasion?

When deciding where to get any cosmetic procedure you should take into consideration the implications of an improperly conducted treatment. Experienced clinics generally provide a free consultation and asses your skin type prior to scheduled treatments. They should give you a thorough, professional overview of the treatment you are to receive, how it is expected to progress and brief on any potential risks. As skin conditions and skin types vary from person to person, it is important that your treatment is tailored to your personal requirements and a good beauty therapist will perform a systematical checking on your skin and background.

It is also a good idea to ask if the clinic offers technology that assesses the treatment/technology that will work best on you and ensure that any technologies provided are FDA approved. This information can be obtained on the clinic’s website or in health publications.

What at home maintenance is required?

It is important to use the right products for your skin post-Microdermabrasion, otherwise you could be reversing the good being done in the treatment. It is essential that you use a broad spectrum 30+ sunscreen, because the fresh new skin cells you have exposed in your treatment are very susceptible to sun damage. We also recommend both AHA and Vitamin C serums, which further help to keep skin surface clear.

Exercise is not recommended for a day or two after treatment however, being totally non-invasive there is virtually no discomfort, down time or recovery. Patients typically experience some redness for about an hour after the procedure, and some patients may experience a tightness and redness of the skin, comparing it to the feeling of mild sunburn. Healing time for most is just a few days.

What is the price and length for the treatment?

A course of Microdermabrasion is usually recommended i.e. one treatment every week for six weeks. This is followed by a maintenance program, whereby a treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

The price of the microdermabrasion treatment is affected by the size of the treatment area. As a general rule, the smaller the area- the lower the price of the individual sessions. Results Laser Clinic offers discounts on Four treatment Programs and Six Treatment programs, ranging from $70 – $120.

Skin types it is / and isn’t suitable for?

Everyone can have microdermabrasion. The age-defying procedure has been proven effective for all skin colours and types – from light to dark, dry to oily. The best candidates are men and women who have good skin tone, good health, and realistic expectations.

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