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Synergie Skin first launched in 2005. It’s an Australian owned and made skincare brand, that’s recognised as a leader across the globe.

The brand prides itself on ethical, effective skincare that’s backed by science. Synergie Skin combines both naturally derived and laboratory synthesised ingredients.

If you’re looking for high-potency formulas that are recommended by skincare experts, add Synergie Skin to your daily routine. The products in the range are cruelty free and responsibly sourced.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are testing ReClaim, an age-defying moisturiser from Synergie Skin. And, it’s a bestseller for good reason.

It’s packed with skin-loving ingredients, including Lapacho Bark Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, and EPS 3. The results? A hydration boost that helps to lift, firm, and smooth tired skin.

The product stimulates collagen, helping to reverse the signs of ageing over time. Whether you’ve got dry skin, or you’re looking to combat fine lines and wrinkles, this one is for you. RRP $149.00.

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5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Synergie Skin ReClaim

  1. This is a lovely moisturiser, in a beautiful pump action container that makes it very easy to use and so keep the remaining product clean and away from fingers or applicators. It has an understated scent that is slightly mineral-y rather than fragrant, but is absolutely very pleasant and inviting. What I like most about this moisturiser is the smooth way it applies easily over the skin and then feels light, non-greasy and very nourishing. It seems particularly effective on dry skin, making a visible difference when used consistently. It’s been a delight to use in this trial and feels lovely on the face and neck. I will continue to use it until the pot is empty! Thanks to Synergie Skin and Beauty & Lace for providing the product for this trial.

  2. Wow, seeing results on the first day from this cream was absolutely amazing. I have dry skin and used this cream every morning and the results I was seeing was a much firmer, plumper and hydrated skin looking back at me.

    My skin looks so much brighter and wrinkles certainly have decreased.

    Having dry skin, some creams will just sit on your face for ages but this moisturiser absorbed into my skin so easily and there was no greasy feeling to the skin either.

    The cream is yellow and very light to apply. I liked the idea of the round jar with a push down dispenser. I found one push was enough to apply all over my face and neck. There is a slight fragrance which could upset some sensitive noses. I am one of those sufferers but with this cream, I found at first it was a little strong but it dissipates once it is absorbed into the skin.

    It is such a beautiful cream and when you can see the results so quick after just one day, it really heightened my mood to continue on. It’s an Australian made product with lots of ingredients to help with anti-ageing.

    It’s a 50ml container and the price is a little scarey but definitely worth the price if you can afford to buy it. I would highly recommend this for any age. I myself am 65 and to see such results so quick, was really lovely to see. I will be continuing to use this product as just loving my skin at the moment looking so healthy.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Synergie Skin for giving me the chance to trial this beautiful moisturiser.

  3. Thank you, Beauty and Lace and SYNERGIE SKIN for the opportunity to review the amazing ReClaim age-defying moisturiser, I am super impressed with this product – this moisturiser is Amazing.

    It smells Amazing, a little goes a long way, it applies smoothly on my skin, the pump action application of ReClaim is a first for me, and I’m a definite convert, it keeps the moisturiser free from contaminants, and appears to me to provide a measured ample dose on each application.

    ReClaim is a gentle face moisturiser, which leaves my skin feeling plump and ultra-soft after it’s been applied, without any need to re-apply through-out the day.

    I love that the moisturiser comes in an environmentally friendly glass bottle and I’m wondering if going forward in the future a refill sachet of moisturiser may be available to refill the existing glass bottle?

    I would gladly love for this Amazing moisturiser to continue to be a must have in my beauty regime, but, sadly it is a bit cost prohibitive for that to be the case, but, I will definately savour ever last drop.

  4. I have really enjoyed using my Synergie skin ReClaim moisturiser. I love the vacuum pump jar, which means I can apply my moisturiser without the fear of bacteria getting into the unused product in the jar. The moisturiser has a slight fragrance which to me smells a bit like cloves. Most of the time once I’ve applied it, I can’t smell it anymore, but sometimes for some reason every now and then I get a faint whiff of it. Once my husband walked into the bathroom after I’d applied it and he could still smell it in the air. So, although the smell isn’t strong it can linger sometimes. That wasn’t a problem for me, but may be for others who don’t like/react to fragrance. This moisturiser just sinks into my skin so quickly leaving it feeling plump, hydrated and well moisturised. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, nor does my skin become greasy during the day. It plays well with my other skin care, make up products and sunscreen as well which is also a big plus. The only downside I have to this is the cost which despite the product being good, I don’t think I can justify. Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace for letting me review this >:o)

  5. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Synergie for the opportunity to try the Skin Reclaim moisturiser.
    I used it every evening after cleansing my face and found it to absorb well into the skin and not leave residue on the skin. The scent was not overwhelming though others may be irritated by a fragrance. My skin can be sensitive but I was not irritated by this at all.
    The pump top enabled the cream to be utilised sparingly and keep the product clean.
    I found that I didn’t have to reapply in the morning and my skin felt well moisturised. I have noticed a difference in the integrity and appearance of my skin and will continue tonuse this as part of my skin care regime
    I love that the product is Australian, vegan and owned by a female cosmetic chemist.

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