USER REVIEWS: Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask

Right now, some of our lucky Beauty and Lace Club members are testing the Pure Exfoliating Mask from Skin Virtue. Before we get to their reviews, let’s take a minute to learn more about it.

Dubbed as a “hero product” the Exfoliating Mask will be a game changer in your skincare routine.

Used once or twice a week, the gentle exfoliation will revitalize dull skin.

Not only will it work on those dead skin cells, but the mask is also soothing, anti-inflammatory, and circulation-boosting.

The Pure Exfoliating Mask is packed with eco-friendly granules and a selection of proven ingredients. These include:

  • Pumice Powder
  • Sage Extract
  • Bisabolol
  • Panthenol
  • Squalane

Skin Virtue’s founder Nina Gijac says, “It’s not just a mask; it’s a radiance-restoring treatment that addresses issues like dead skin cells, dehydration, ageing, uneven skin tone and texture, lacklustre appearance and compromised skin barrier function.”

If you want to learn more about Nina and the Skin Virtue brand, check out this interview.

You can apply the Exfoliating Mask to your face and neck, gently massaging it into your skin. It should be used after your cleanser, and rinsed off with lukewarm water.

It’s a simple product with ingredients that work. The mask retails for $68 and can be found at

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

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51 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask

  1. As an avid skincare user all of my life, and having worked in the industry some years ago, I was keen to try this brand.
    I have worked for some of the worlds most high end brands, and have paid well over $100 per tube/jar of exfoliators.
    I can honestly say, this mask/exfoliator out does all others.
    As a mask, I left it on clean dry skin for 10 minutes, gently massaged and rinsed off. I use it on the back of my hands as well. As an exfoliating scrub, I used it in the shower all over my face, neck, decolettage and hands.
    My skin fellt so incredibly soft and smooth, and had a rosy glow from the stimulated circulation, and overall, looked brighter.
    I followed up with my usual serums and moisturiser.
    I cannot believe how wonderful my skin feels, even the day after use. It still feels incredibly soft, but also well nourished as my other products have penetrated so much deeper. I was also impressed by how a little goes a long way, making this good value for money, with the huge added bonus of being a generous size tube.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace, and Skin Virtue for introducing me to this brand, and the opportunity to try the ‘exfoliating mask’.
    I highly recommend, and will be checking out more from the ‘Skin Virtue’ range.

  2. With Skin Virtues philosophy of cleanical skincare products for all ethnicities and genders their products have done what it is meant to do – balance and nourish your skin.

    I am thoroughly enjoying using the Pure Exfoliating Mask, it is quite unique and different to other masks I have used. This dual product is great for removing the outer layer of dead skin cells and deep cleansing pores.

    I used a pea sized amount for face and neck, it has good spread ability and lathers into the skin nicely. It is a very gentle mask that does not tingle when applied and does not cause any dryness on the skin. I prefer natural scents, and as few additives as possible, this product ticks all the boxes with its natural ingredients.

    After use my skin feels rejuvenated and refined. It is like a mini facial with instant results of seeing your skin exfoliated, smooth, and supple making makeup go on a lot smoother which is a bonus.

    I feel my skin has been in good hands while using this brand, giving me the confidence that my skin is being treated with care for my age group. I highly recommend.

    Thank you, Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue, for the opportunity to test and review.

  3. The Pure Exfoliating Mask from Skin Virtue is a beautiful product, with eco-friendly pumice granules that gently help remove dead surface skin cells and boost circulation.

    I have used it both as a mask and as an exfoliator/scrub and it makes my skin feel wonderfully soft, hydrated and refreshed. As a mask only a small amount is needed and it is very easy to apply a thin layer to your face neck, and décolleté, gently massaging it in. Then even before you rinse it off you can feel your skin enjoying the boost to your circulation, easily getting rid of dead surface skin cells to reveal much softer, fresher skin. I love it so much I have also been using it as a scrub a bit more often than the bi weekly times suggested, as it is so gentle and soothing to my skin. Again only a small amount is needed.

    True to its claims of ‘balancing science with nature’ the Pure Exfoliating Mask really does have ingredients that my skin seems to love. I will definitely be buying more from Skin Virtue – it really is a beautiful product.

  4. Thank you Beauty & Lace, and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to try the ‘exfoliating mask’.
    I highly recommend, and will be checking out more from the ‘Skin Virtue’ range.
    I have used it daily as an exfoliating
    Treatment and once a week I left it on as a face mask.
    Easy to apply and remove, leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh.

  5. Received this product yesterday and so have only used it twice now. You do have to be gentle with rubbing this in as it does have quite an abrasive feeling (with only a minimal amount of pressure) however using this gently does produce a great silky feeling.

    Not sure I really want to use this daily, however would be great as a weekly exfoliating mask (well for my skin anyway).

    Worth exploring!

    1. I wanted to pop back and provide an update as I am a fan of ‘second chances’.

      I have continued to use this product and I have to say, I am a convert! My skin feels amazing and I love the feeling of doing something for myself. I stand by the need to go gentle but the benefits are wonderful and I feel like I glow!

      Would recommend!

  6. The Skin Virtue Exfoliating Mask is a divine product.
    After my usual cleansing routine I apply this product and massage gently into my skin (when also using as a mask I basically just leave it on while I finish showering – I will be doing this once a week). I’ve been using it everyday this week as an exfoliant and I love how hydrated my skin feels! My skin has also been quite uneven (winter always upsets my skin) and I’ve noticed it’s smoother, especially when applying foundation – it appears more even!
    5/5 stars from me!

  7. Thank you for Skin Virtue to try.

    This is a lovely cream that applies well, has no irritation and only a little is needed at a time. I love the tube which fits easily in our shower caddy. It is also easy to use and get results.

    It leaves my skin feeling slightly tingly and extremely smooth with a nice glow. Will happily keep using as a treat to myself.

  8. This Skin Virtue Exfoliating Mask is a really nice skin care product. I have always used an exfoliation scrub so was keen to trial this product. I have been using it every 2 or 3rd morning as a quick cleansing routine and have used it once as a mask. I have sensitive aged skin and this product provides a really gentle beaded exfoliation which is perfect for my skin. It leaves my skin soft and refreshed and my face feels lovely afterwards.
    I will definitely be purchasing it for future use.
    Thank you Skin Virtue for a great skin care product

  9. I haven’t been using an exfoliating mask before now but after using Skin Virtue, I realise that I should have been.
    You only need a small amount making it economical and it rubs nicely into my skin. After using the cream, my face feels much softer and a lot of dead, dry skin has been removed. I will keep using it for even better results.

  10. I have sensitive/older skin so approached using this with care. I shouldn’t have worried! The Pure Exfoliating Mask was so gentle on my skin I did worry at first that it wouldn’t be effective. I used it in the shower as a cleanser/exfoliator. It left my skin feeling silky and clean, but not dry or irritated as other exfoliators have done. It felt wonderful! After a few days use it was like having a facial – my skin improved and wasn’t as oily/shiny during the day, it seemed to keep things in check. I’ve been impressed at how well it’s worked; it feels wonderful – I’ve become an instant fan.
    Thanks so much to Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for this product. I fully intend to keep it in my skin care regime.

  11. I was lucky enough to trail this product thanks to Beauty and Lace Magazine, and I am not disappointed.

    Skin Virtues Pure Exfoliating Mask was a great addition to my everyday skincare regime. I used it at night after my cleanser, and my skin felt baby smooth after each use. Application was easy, and the granules didn’t make me feel like I was rubbing sandpaper on my face compared to some other exfoliating products.

    My skin did feel a little dry after use, so I made sure to moisturise after. I found after a week of use I had less small breakouts, especially on my forehead and cheeks.

    I will continue using this product in my skincare routine

  12. Wow, this mask/skin polishing peel is fabulous. I have normal to dry skin and you are always dubious about using some masks as they can be harsh on your skin but honestly, this one is amazing on your skin. I saw results after just one use. I have now been using it all week but mostly as a daily chore at night and if time permits, use it in the morning instead.

    I did the weekly mask last night. I wasn’t sure how long to leave it on for as no instructions for that but I just did as if a scrub and massaged it in and then let it sit for about 10 mins and then rinsed it off with warm water. What did I see? Perfect results and such a smooth face and neckline.

    The white cream with the granules is very gentle on your skin when you are massaging onto your face, neck & decolletage. It actually feels like I am polishing my skin and not harshly at all. Wow the results are seen once I wiped away with warm water. My skin felt so nourished and clean and vibrant. My skin had a radiant glow.

    Also to note, you don’t need too much of the product on your skin as a little does go a long way.

    The fragrance is ever so slight so won’t upset sensitive noses either.

    This is fabulous for Sensitive skin which I tend to have when using some products. No redness, stinging or burning either.

    There are no added Parabens, mineral oils and other nasty ingredients. It is environmentally friendly.

    I can’t speak highly enough for this Skin Polishing Peel.

    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for giving me the opportunity of trialling this amazing product. You have won me.

  13. I was fortunate to trial this through the Beauty and Lace Club and I received the Pure Exfoliating Mask.
    I have used this twice now and my face is velvet smooth after use.

    The Pure Exfoliating Mask can be used several times a week.

    A must try and incorporate into your skincare routine

  14. Not having used an exfoliating mask before, I was pleased how the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask felt as I applied it to my face, although I could feel and was aware of the tiny granules, they didn’t feel overly gritty. I used it for a couple of days, during the week in the shower, and I used the product as a mask this morning, applying a small amount and gently massaging it in, after leaving it on for about ten minutes, then washing off with warm water. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, my skin felt softer, smoother, and definitely moisturised, with a subtle glow.

    This is a great product, it has a subtle fragrance, that is not overpowering, it is very easy to use, either as a scrub or a weekly mask, it massages well into your skin, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated, thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to review.

    1. What can I say about the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliation mask? Other than wow! Wow! Wow!
      Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for allowing me to review such an amazing product.
      I have always had such complicated skin with an oily T zone but the rest of my face gets flaky and dry.
      The pure exfoliating mask makes my skin feel so amazing. It gets rid of all of that dry dead skin and leaves my face feeling so fresh and clear and hydrated.
      The product was so easy to use and the Pure Exfoliating Mask will now be a staple in my skincare routine.
      I highly recommend giving it a go.

  15. Thankyou Beauty and Lace for the change to try Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating face mask.
    I found it easy to use and rub into my face just before I have a shower and rinse of with warm water.
    I feels nice when I rub it into my skin and I can feel it instantly going to work to get rid of my dead skin cells.
    I have been using it every morning for the last 3 days and can see an improvement in my skin it looks fresher, and feels soft and cleaner.
    It did not dry my skin out and it hasn’t got any added fragrances great for sensitive skin

  16. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask. I absolutely love this product it feels wonderful rubbing it on the skin and my skin feels so clean and rosy afterwards. I also used it as a mask and the results were even better. I found when I used it as a mask my serums and creams were more readily absorbed and my skin was left glowing. I have tried many products for my skin and this one is right at the top. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  17. Wow, I didn’t realise how much I needed this. I thought this product was perfect match for my skin as it was a fine, sandy texture which result in perfectly smooth skin after rinsing off. I loved the ease of use and that it was instant results when I looked in the mirror. So quick and easy, ready for my moisturiser.
    Beautiful product that I will look into buying before I run out.

  18. I was so excited to try the Pure Exfoliating Mask it was a product lacking in my current skin care routine.
    I have been using this as a treatment, apply a thin layer and leave on for 5mins then I slowly add warm water and exfoliate the product into the skin and remove and wow my skin was instantly so smooth! My skin appeared more even and felt super clean.
    If you have sensitive skin, you may need to use it less often as the exfoliating beads are very gritty – which is why it works well! Otherwise this will suit anyone who needs a product to help even skin texture creating the look of brighter skin!

  19. I received my skin virtue product and used that evening. I found the product to be quite firm to remove from the tube, it had pleasant smell but not overpowering nor overly a stand out.

    I loved the feel of the grit on my face to cleanse. It was not large but rather very tiny that I could massage into my face leaving it feeling very smooth and soft. I also used the extra bit on the back of my hands.

    I would definitely buy this product as an exfoliator in the future.

  20. The Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask is a great skin care product.

    I love the feel of the little granules as I cleanse my face. There is no overpowering smell and after rinsing, my skin feels very smooth.

    Containing no nasty chemicals, I have been using it every day, and am so far very impressed.

    As per the instructions, this product can also be used weekly as a mask.

    Thank you very much Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to try this product. I thoroughly recommend it and will continue to use as part of my skincare routine.

  21. I have been using the Skin Virtue Exfoliating Mask for a week now and I’m loving it! The scent is quite pleasant and subtle and only a small amount is needed when using. I do have a couple of tips for when using. Firstly make sure your make up has been removed before using and definitely use warm water to rinse off as per instructions on the box . My skin has definitely loved this product and the few blemishes I had have cleared up completely in record time. Definitely give this product a try, I think you’ll love it!

  22. Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask is packaged well and is appealing to the eye. Better yet is the product inside. Mild aroma that is pleasing to the senses. The fine pumice in the product is a bit scratchy and works well for exfoliation and is not too over the top, which I have found other products to be. The benefit of it being able to be used as a scrub or a mask is awesome. I hate having to have so many products for the different purposes so I’m loving this exfoliating mask. The after feel is good too, face feels cleansed and even a bit brighter. It doesn’t feel stripped like some other cleansers do. I will be using this ongoing, thank you for the opportunity to try Beauty & Lace.

  23. This is a wonderful product.

    I like to exfoliate regularly, and I’ve tried a lot of different exfoliators. It’s really hard to find one which does a good job while not feeling unduly rough on your skin. The Skin Virtue is perfect. It’s creamy, and feels quite gentle and only a little gritty, but wow does it polish your skin.

    I loved the way my skin felt after the first use – soft, smoother and perhaps even a little clearer. I’ve now used it three times in about ten days, and I feel that my skin looks and feels a little better each time. I also tried it as a mask; to be honest I didn’t see a lot of difference between using it as a mask and as an exfoliator. The results were good for both, but leaving it on as a mask didn’t really seem to improve or change anything.

    This is creamy, mildly gritty (as you’d expect), and without any very noticeable scent. It’s easy and pleasant to use and you truly do see immediate results. I’m definitely going to keep using it, and will be taking a look at the rest of the range.

  24. Finding a great skin care product is difficult these days I get oily skin and it drives me nuts I was lucky enough to be chosen as tester Skin Virtues Pure Exfoliating Mask every day has made my face softer, smoother and has helped crack down on the oily skin issue. I’ve found my new facial mask and am so grateful to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue

  25. This mask from skin virtue came in at the perfect time when my skin needed it the most. This mask exfoliator retails for $68 and come in a handy white tube.
    It can be used daily as a exfoliator or as a mask for deep cleansing. To be honest I didn’t use it daily buy used it every second day and it made my skin feel really soft and clean, most of the dead skin was gone and it felt like I had a facial.
    The mask worked the same way and it made my pores super clean too, the only thing I would say is to not use it too abrasively so it doesn’t damage the skin.
    Overall, its a great product.

  26. Thank you Beauty & Lace, and Skin Virtue for introducing me to this brand, and the opportunity to try the ‘exfoliating mask’.
    I have been using this product most days in the shower as an exfoliator. It has left my skin feeling fantastic. Other exfoliators I have used have left my skin feeling dry, tight and stripped whereas Skin Virtues product keeps the moisture in the skin while also removing dead skin cells and providing a softer feeling to the face surface. I also haven’t always applied other serums on my skin afterwards as my skin has felt amazing.
    I have yet to use this product as a mask but look forward to trying this option also.
    I have noticed the reduction of fine lines and blemishes over the past 2 weeks of trying this product and will continue using it.
    Only a small amount has been needed to be used which makes it quite affordable as a daily product.
    I look forward to checking out other products in the Skin Virtue line up.
    A cruelty free product that combines science and nature, Skin Virtue is a company I’m happy to support.

  27. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask.
    I feel like “mask” doesn’t do this divine product justice. I have been using the exfoliating mask daily for a few days to test out for reviewing, however using it one or twice a week would certainly suffice.

    To use, is simply applying a thin layer and then gently massage into the skin using circular motions until it melts into the skin and then rinsing off with warm water. This process can easily be done in the shower. After using the mask as a gentle exfoliation, it has literally transformed my lacklustre, dull winter skin and revitalised it into a dewy and radiant complexion. After one day of use, I was complimented on my skin and asked what I had been using/done. I have never shied away from trying various skin products of varying price points and I cannot think of a skin or facial product which has exceeded my expectations as much as the Skin Virtue Mask has. The quality natural ingredients actually work and I have found that the gentle sloughing off of dead skin cells, white heads etc through boosting circulation, has made a visible and smoothing difference to my face, neck and decolettage. My skin feels revitalised and oh so soft and dewy and is gentle enough for sensitive skins, middle aged skin and younger skin alike. No heavy perfume/scent was a welcome bonus as well, especially if you are a Migraineur or sensitive to perfumes/scents. I have never been more impressed with an exfoliation mask and not only do I rate this product 5 out of 5 stars, I highly recommend and will be purchasing for gifts and for my own beauty and skincare regime. 

  28. The Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask is beautiful to use, I love Exfoliating my skin and this one does a fantastic job, it’s not too harsh and moisturises my skin without making it greasy.
    A little bit goes a long way too which is always a good thing, you don’t feel like your battling to get it all over your face without using half the tube. I will definitely look into buying more of this product.
    Thanks do much to Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the product to try and review.

  29. Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask where have you been all my life! I just LOVE this product it made my skin feel like soft velvet from the first use! I loved it that much I gave some to my daughter in law and she loves it too! For such a small amount of effort and product you will feel like a new woman! The effect and glow of your skin will keep you looking fresh for many days. There is also no after greasy or shiny feel to your skin it just feels smooth and so so soft. this is a definite must in my cleaning regime now and forever.
    I cant thank you enough Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for giving me my skin back and letting me review this product. You have a winning formula and a permanent customer of this product forever!

  30. I hadn’t heard of the Skin Virtue range of products before and was very happy to receive and trial the Pure Exfoliating Mask – can be used daily as an exfoliating scrub and weekly as a mask.

    When I opened up the tube I was delighted that it did not have an overpowering smell. I loved the feel of the cream with small granules. It was gentle on your skin as it cleansed my face and after rinsing my face it felt very smooth, polished and refreshed. You don’t need a lot of the cream as a little goes a long way.

    I particularly liked that there are no added parabens, mineral oils and is environmentally friendly.

    A product that I would never have tried and am very impressed with the results and would recommend to anyone that is after a new exfoliating mask.

  31. With a lovely creamy texture and gentle scrub properties I was comfortable using this as part of my everyday skin routine

    I liked the smell of the product as it was subtle and in no way overpowering. The creamy texture massaged in well and rinsed off easily with warm water.

    I did a gel cleanse afterwards on the first few days of use as felt my skin still had residue but later that week realised that my skin was quite clean, and what I thought was residue was a less dry skin texture.

    A little over a week later and my skin is looking brighter, more refined and dare I say it healthier.

    This product gets a big tick from me and I’m so happy I was able to trial it.

  32. I have seen many glowing reviews for this product, it is a really nice product, but I don’t think it’s for me.
    I have somewhat sensitive skin and I have found this to feel a little too abrasive for daily uses, but that being said, after my first few uses it caused quite a few pimples to come out, which I’m taking to mean it has given my skin a good and thorough cleaning that it was obviously needing.

    I see a lot of people commenting about their skin feeling soft and smooth after using. And yes I agree it does however for me it was not a noticeable difference from my regular skincare routine using a vibrating, silicon face scrubber and hypoallergenic face wash.

    The product smells quite nice and not too overpowering.

    I will continue to use this product and see what the results are like long-term.

  33. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for allowing me to try this excellent pure exfoliating mask.
    This is my second skin virtue product and it didn’t disappoint.
    I have used it every morning since I received it and love the ease of use and the results. I use a small amount and I can feel it cleaning my skin.
    I love that it contains environmentally friendly ingredients as well.
    I highly recommend this and any other of the skin virtue products as you will instantly see results.

  34. I have always taken the best care with my skin and love to give new products a try so i was very excited when the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask arrived.
    On the very first use I noticed that as i washed the product of my skin felt divine. So silky soft, clean and hydrated. There was none of that tight stripped of natural oils feeling.
    I really love this product and only have positive remarks to make. It became a favorite part of my day to apply this product to my skin and then give me skin the gentle scrub that i knew would leave me with skin that felt amazing.
    There are so many scrubs and exfoliating masks out there that leave the skin red and sensitive after use but for my sensitive skin this product is without a doubt the best.
    There are no nasties on the Ingredients list, its environmentaly friendly and the granules are eco friendly also.
    Seriously whats not to like.

  35. I’ve used the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask four times now and have really been enjoying it. I’ve only used it as a scrub, not as a mask, but like how you only need a small amount to cover your face. On my skin I have to be quite gentle rubbing it in, but once washed off and after the rest of my skincare routine is completed my skin looks so smooth and feels like velvet. My skin has been looking healthy and radient. Yes, there is a high price tag, but you use such a small amount a couple of times a week that I think it will last for a while and that balances the price for me. I can’t wait to see the longer term effects of using this. Thanks for letting me try it out.

  36. Thank you so much for opening up my skin care routine to the Pure Exfoliating Mask from Skin Virtue. I have extremely sensitive skin that is also aging (argh) and find it hard to find suitable products that don’t cause my skin to react. I put my hand up to trial this as looking at their website I saw they specialised in sensitive and aging skin issues – yay!
    In an attractive and classy looking tube, the product itself is white with a gritty texture (well it is an exfoliant!) but wasn’t too scratchy like some can be. A delicate almost earthy kind of scent which I really liked and one I don’t think anyone would find offensive as it is so barely noticeable.
    Going off the instructions though I just wasn’t entirely sure on how to use it. This would be the only downside to this wonderful product in that more instructions would be greatly appreciated! I made the assumption that to use like a scrub, I should cleanse my face and then use it on wet skin. I gently massaged/rubbed it over my face, neck and décolletage and then rinsed it off. I found my skin felt soft and silky and not irritated in the slightest. Applying moisturiser afterwards I noticed how smooth and glowy my skin looked and felt, it was incredible! Another plus was, my skin did not break out after use! Normally after exfoliating, my skin breaks out over the next couple of days which I always assumed was normal, well not anymore! I even used it biweekly as suggested on the website (I found slightly more detailed instructions on there) without irritating my skin! In using it as a mask, the instructions on the tube/package are where these come into play. Once again though, I checked on the website to discover I needed to use it on dry skin so glad I checked! My skin once again felt really silky after the mask and hydrated as well. Going forward I think I will use once a week as a scrub and once a week as a mask. I think that is enough for my skin, as I don’t want to push it!
    Overall, I absolutely loved this product as it truly delivers and also they are cruelty free which is a huge tick for me too.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and to Skin Virtue for allowing me the chance to trial this product. I am already looking at what products to purchase from their range!

  37. I’ve now had the pleasure of using the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask for a couple of weeks. I was keen to use it a few times before I reviewed it.
    In the past I’ve found some exfoliating products to be too harsh, leaving my skin feeling tight and a little sore but that certainly hasn’t been the case with this product. No doubt this is because it has been designed to be soothing and anti-inflammatory.
    After use my skin feels really clean, fresh, soft and revitalised. I was also impressed that I only needed a small amount of the product, so it is good value.
    Having read more about the team behind the Skin Virtue brand and their philosophy I am keen to support them and try other products. I love that their focus is:
    “To combine clinical, result-driven formulations with cruelty-free ingredients that balance, nourish and love the skin you’re in.”
    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to try this product.

  38. I was lucky enough to get to trial the Pure Exfoliating Mask from Skin Virtue. I had not heard of this brand previously and was very interested to learn the how and why the brand started. ” Skin Virtue was founded and developed in Australia by formulation science expert Nina Gajic, who set out to create a range of highly effective, evidence-based products after suffering from sensitive, allergic and problem-prone skin. Nina devoted decades to studying formulation science and clinical medical research, enabling her to understand why her skin was so sensitive and how to combat the damage that lifestyle and climate aggressors can cause to your skin. This led to the development of Skin Virtue’s innovative skincare formulations. Our collections incorporate the latest ingredients and technologies from both science and nature. They offer customised solutions that calibrate, optimise and balance sensitive, ageing skin for all ethnicities and genders.” This has got me excited to trial more of their range.

    Initially I found the Exfoliating Mask a bit abrasive as I have been using a product that is different to traditional exfoliating masks but once I used it multiple times, I was use to the texture again and found my skin responded by feeling soft, supple and replenished. I found it easy to use on face, neck and decolletage. I waited to review after a few weeks of use and I highly recommend it. Your skin feels so nice after using it. I highly recommend..

  39. Thank you for this trial opportunity.

    The exfoliating scrub comes in a sleek long tube and you squeeze the product out to use.
    The product is cream to white in colour and goes onto the skin smoothly with the exfoliating granules. The scrub is made with natural ingredients so you’re not ruining marine life with your beauty product. There are no little plastic beads.

    The scrub can be used daily and I liked using it every other day. I used it on my face, neck, décolletage with small and gentle circular motion. It felt good and clean on my skin and not oily or rough. It feels like a very gentle scrub.

    It can be used as a mask also.

    My only point that I wasn’t a fan of, was the mild minty scent, it reminded me of toothpaste. I know this is personal preference and others may not mind at all.

    Overall, it is a good scrub that was gentle to use daily. It’s made in Italy.

  40. I really love this Skin Virtue product, and have thoroughly enjoyed trialling it as both a mask and exfoliating scrub. My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated after each use. I have also enjoyed sharing with my teen daughter who is really into skin products and masks, and is now raving about the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask.

    As well as effectiveness, I like the ethos of the company being focused on results-driven product development and cruelty-free and environmentally friendly ingredients.

    overall, Skin Virtue is a winner for us and I look forward to seeing how my skin looks after a few more weeks of use. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace for introducing me to this product!

  41. The Pure Exfoliating Mask was so gentle on my skin, even using it daily. My skin tends to be sensitive with new products either breaking out or drying out. However, I had no problems with the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask, leaving my skin feeling silky and clean. I am happy to incorporate this excellent product into my skincare regime.
    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to try this product.

  42. What a fabulous product! I have been using The Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask for a few weeks now and it lives up to everything it claims. With active ingredients, no added parabens, environmentally friendly and vegan suitable it ticks all my boxes. Most importantly however is that it works. The product is dense with micro exfoliating granules that feel amazing on the skin as you massage them away and my skin is left looking radiant and feeling amazing.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial and review this product. I will happily incorporate this into my ongoing beauty routine and recommend to everyone who likes to look after their skin.

  43. Thank you for letting me try and review this product, however I must admit I’m a bit on the fence… I tried it as a mask as such, and it was ok – I found when washing it off that my skin felt oily and not clean at all but after my skin was completely dry it felt ok and I could nearly have done without my normal moisturiser (which of course I still applied).
    I also used just as an exfoliating scrub, and loved how good the scrub felt – yes quite abrasive, but it felt like a good, deep clean, however again when washing it off my skin felt really oily and not squeaky clean like I expected. Perhaps I need my skin to get used to it, perhaps it’s not quite right for me…??
    I will continue with it twice weekly as I love the deep clean feel I get from this scrub, but still undecided if I would buy it or recommend.

  44. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product. It is a nice product, no strong fragrance,, no parabens and vegan. It is very gentle, so I found it better as an exfoliator rather than the mask. I didn’t feel that it left the skin as moisturised as other masks, but it is great marketed as a daily exfoliator. I would be interested to see how it works with other products in its range.

  45. This product makes my skin feel so smooth! I have used it with both methods (as a scrub or as a mask) but do prefer using it as a mask as I found it gave a better scrub once it dries onto the skin. It does feel quite abrasive but has still been gentle enough for the skin. I do find that after washing it off, my wet skin feels very oily and like it has heaps of residue on it so I often do a cleanse afterwards, but even if I haven’t I don’t notice this once it’s dry. I love using this once a week and feel good about doing so as it’s environmentally friendly.

  46. I used this product as a mask. I loved the feel being abrasive but smoothed on easily. Washed off easily and left my skin feeling refreshed and tingly in a lovely way. Highly recommend Skin Virtue, and will continue to use this product and purchase when required.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial this wonderful product.

  47. I received my Skin Virtue product and used it that evening. I found the product to be quite firm to remove from the tube, it had a pleasant smell but not overpowering nor overly a stand-out.

    I loved the feel of the grit on my face to cleanse. It was not large but rather very tiny that I could massage into my face, leaving it feeling very smooth and soft. I also used the extra bit on the back of my hands.

    I would definitely buy this product as an exfoliator in the future.

  48. I don’t usually use masks very often but, I really enjoyed how smooth and soft it felt. I am also glad that it had a very soothing smell, it wasn’t over powering it just made it even more relaxing while I was putting it on my face. As I have sensitive skin, my skin didn’t react like it would usually do to other skin products. It was very easy to wash off and it left my skin looking very shiny!

    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to use this Skin Virtue Product.

  49. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask.

    This product is so easy to use. I do my skin cleanse in the shower, so I always put this on first, do my usual wash, then remove the mask by massaging into my face as I wash it off. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and clean.

    I have sensitive skin, so I’m always skeptical when using new products as I’m never sure of the reaction, but this is a moisturiser and cleanser in one – winning!

    This is definitely a product I would recommend. I started using it and then would finish with another cleanser, but realised I was undoing some of the great moisturising work that Skin Virtue was doing, so now my skin constantly feels clean and soft and cuts down on time in the morning as I do two-in-one in the shower 🙂

    Grab yourself this mask and find out for yourself.

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