Skin Virtue is an Australian beauty brand. The Sydney woman behind the range is Nina Gajic who saw a gap in the market.

As someone who suffered from problematic, sensitive skin, Nina decided to develop this luxurious skincare line. She teamed up with her husband Gary, and a team of dermatologists.

Skin Virtue is designed for the Australian climate, and offers protection while combatting a number of common skin concerns.

“Aussie women need to focus on the health of their skin and create a night-time routine before bed to properly protect the skin they were born with, no matter how problematic it might be,” Nina says.

The brand took over ten years to perfect, with ongoing research and testing. Nina says, “it took us a long time to come up with our unique formula, we kept changing things up and making our products better.”

There are nineteen products in the Skin Virtue range. It balances science with nature, to give you ingredients that your skin will love.

Nina Gajic

A selection of our members have been testing the Skin Virtue range. They each received a different product to road test, and here is what they had to say,

DEBBIE: Future Advanced Brightening Cream

I’ve been using Skin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening Cream for just over a week now and can already see the improvement in clarity and reduction in redness and blotching of my skin. 

I chose to trial this product as I was noticing my skin appeared a little dull and lack lustre (oh the joys of being over 40!). It glides on smoothly, is a gentle texture and doesn’t have an overbearing scent, all positives for me.

I will continue using this product and imagine the results will only get better with time!

DENISE: Super Clear Essential Cream

At my age, I have used many products over the years but I prefer and my skin prefers simplicity. 

I’ve enjoyed using the Skin Virtue Super Clear Essential Cream on my face and neck. It’s soft, smooth, creamy and soaks into my skin so well.  I know it’s early days but I can feel a difference in that my face isn’t so dry! I wake up not wanting to apply moisturiser to my face immediately. 

The pump is super effective in releasing a small amount which goes a long way. 

As an add on, I have started applying some to my dry feet the last two nights and I think that it is making a difference. This product is a keeper for me!

FREDA: Future Advanced Eye Serum

Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Eye Serum. I have always had dark circles and of course getting older more wrinkles around the eye area. I used the eye serum morning and night and absolutely love it.

It must be the first serum I have tried that actually works on dark circles and my eye area is so much smoother as well. I am so glad I was picked to review it as I may have never have found this wonderful eye serum. The serum feels wonderful when you put it on and I find it does not make my skin dry at all. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

RENEE: Future Advanced Purifying Cleanser

I love that the Future Advanced Purifying Cleanser was sent with paperwork describing the company and how Nina Gajic came to work on these products to help not only her skin but woman all over the world. These products are for all skin types, with clean ingredients  and are not tested on animals.

I found the cleanser really nice to use on my skin with a very subtle scent. I use a little amount at a time and it lathers nicely and my face feels really clean and soft afterwards.

I would recommend this product as it works and I love what this company stands for.

PAULINE: Future Advanced Vitality Cream

I have only been using the Future Advanced Vitality Cream for five days and it has already made a difference to my skin. 

My skin feels so much smoother and hydrated and my dry spots have disappeared.  It feels nice to wear and I use it before bed . 

I love the bottle and nozzle it is easy to use and I only need a small amount. The smell is nice and neutral and it’s the nicest cream I have used in a while. Overall, I give it a score of 4 stars 

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3 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Skin Virtue

  1. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution.

    I absolutley love this product, it makes my skin feel amazing and so hydrated. I used to use toner but felt it made my skin very dry so I was intrigued to try this. I have sensitive/dry skin and this product takes care of both of these concerns. I find it very moisturising and I feel like I’ve had a facial after using it. I love using it especially at the end of the day when make up is taken off and it makes my skin feel so great.

  2. Absolutely loved that this toner came in a spray instead of my usual brand where I have to pour some on my hand before I apply without hopefully spilling it. Warning to myself was: Close my mouth fully before spraying haha!
    I used this both morning and night to really nourish and hydrate my skin on the face and neck area because I get such dry skin, it was so refreshing, convenient, and easy to apply and go. This product did not irritate my skin at all and I could feel an instant firmness as my skin drank this hydrating solution in straight away, so my skin really needed this before my moisturiser was applied a few minutes later.
    Thankyou kindly for letting me try and review Skin Virtue Pure Nourishing Hydrating Solution as I was very impressed with it.

  3. I found ‘Skin Virtue Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution’ did everything it claims!
    It certainly has a wonderful hydrating effect, containing a powerful blend of antioxidents and anti-aging qualities, I found it a lovely product.
    I have been using this first thing in the morning and at night. I use a make-up round and using the pump action container I moisten the round (usually 4 to 5 sprays) and apply gently to my face (avoiding eye area) and neck.
    I could certainly, and even now notice a moistness in my skin, and somehow feel my face and neck area have a softer look.
    The package is white with a silver band at the base and it’s easy to see what the pack contains.
    The pump bottle is large, contents being 150ml, a product produced in Sydney, this has a very pleasant, subtle scent. It is very natural and ideal for sensitive skin.

    My thanks to Beautyandlace and Skin Virtue for the lovely trial.

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