USER REVIEWS: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E is a versatile formula. It works wonders on dry skin and creates a (non-greasy) protective barrier that keeps your bod feeling soft and hydrated.

The key ingredients are, you guessed it, Pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. It gives dry skin a much-needed moisture hit, and can also be used after sun exposure. Plus, it may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines, and scars.

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula has a subtle scent and absorbs into your skin without feeling too heavy or too rich.

This moisturing formula is suitable for a range of skin types, including eczema. Like any other product, we recommend doing a skin test first.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Jar has an RRP of $10.49. While this is a product everyone should have in their home, you may also like the new Body Lotions.

Get yours from Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, or Woolworths.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E jars. You can read their feedback in the comments below, or add your own review.

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5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

  1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is divine! The texture is thick yet smooth, absorbs quickly into my skin and the smell omg incredible.
    I love how my skin feels after using this body butter and it’s so versitile! I’ve been using on my skin, lips and hair (ends and a light tap onto fly aways).
    This product never disappoints!

  2. Palmer’s claims that the Cocoa Butter Solid Jar has 101 uses: sadly, I can’t say that I tried them all in the week or so I’ve been using this. However, I’ve tried a few, and it’s a great, versatile product that’s effective in all sorts of ways.
    I’ve tried it as a lip balm, as a general moisturiser, on a scar, and on some particularly dry and cracked elbows and heels.
    It’s a lovely light texture that absorbs very well. I found it worked very well at every task I put it to, although it was most noticeably effective at the more targeted tasks.
    For example, I would say that it was only three or four days before I saw a very definite improvement in my heels and elbows. My lips were even faster; it’s a really effective lip balm. My lips felt less “tight” almost immediately, and by the next day they looked smoother and less chapped.
    I didn’t see much difference in my scar, but given the results on other things, would expect I might see that within a few weeks. It was a good general moisturiser, but given I moisturise generously, there wasn’t so much room for immediate and dramatic improvements.
    I did have two minor problems. The first was the lovely chocolatey smell that’s such a distinctive part of Palmer’s products. My small suspicious children kept sniffing me and then accusing me of secretly eating chocolate without sharing. Then again, if I get them used to the idea it’s just Palmer’s, maybe I can get away with secretly eating chocolate! Maybe this isn’t a problem after all, but actually a benefit…
    The other minor hiccup was I found it hard to get the product out without getting it stuck under my fingernails: simple fix, I repurposed a spatula from a used up product. Although solid, the cocoa butter is soft enough to be very easy to get out with a little spatula.
    Overall, I really liked the Cocoa Butter Solid Jar. The smell is divine, and the texture is beautifully silky and soft. It was a pleasure to use. And as I’ve said earlier, it’s effective for all kinds of different uses. No doubt it’s also good value (Palmer’s products tend to be), and so I recommend you give it a try.

  3. When I was first chosen to review this I was expecting the cocoa butter to be a cream but was pleasantly surprised it is a solid-like formula.
    I have eczema that usually comes and goes on my body in small patches but can get very dry, itchy, and raw on odd occasions. I was unlucky to have it at the top part of my ear in the folds at the time, but this product arrived and I was eager to give it a go without holding too much hope like usual. It had got to the point the small area on my ear was like a second skin and felt a bit like a sunburn so I dabbed on a tiny amount as this went a long way. I also put it on my lips as they are constantly dry and also some dry patches on my legs as it was there to try. I did notice improvement over the week on my ear, and it is gone but still a tad dry, so I put it on before I go to bed, which has helped immensely.
    Also tried on my eyebrows to smooth and shape, my little flyaways are tamed but only by using a tiny bit rubbed in my hands first as I have finer hair so I need less. I haven’t got dry heels yet as usually the more I wear my thongs this happens, so can’t wait to have a quick fix on hand for that too.
    So to say I have a product I won’t have to buy again for a very long time because you don’t need much makes me very happy! I won’t be buying any more separate lip balm or products that claim to work as I have it here all in one tub. I gave my smaller pot to my son who uses it daily too as he is much like me and he hasn’t complained about his skin getting any worse and it looks so much better.
    Please purchase this and try it as it is worth the money and works well! Thank you for this trial I must say I might have never used this as I associate it with the cream version and this one is so much better for me.

  4. I was expecting to receive a liquid cream formula so I was shocked to discover it is a solid.
    Despite my initial shock I used it mainly on my legs but I also gave it a go on my lips and dry cuticles all of which it worked wonderfully on. The formula is very silky and well absorbed but I cant say that I enjoy the feeling of a solid I don’t like feeling like I have to “dig” it out of the jar.
    I probably wouldn’t purchase it purely because it is a solid, and I must say because it doesn’t say solid on the outside of the container (maybe it does on the back but certainly not on the front) I would be soooo angry if I bought this thinking it was a cream only to find out otherwise when I got home

  5. This is a multi use product that is perfect for all over body treatment!

    Great for arms, legs, body but gentle enough to use just about everywhere or on just about any skin type. I love the fact that it is more solid than a liquid as you dont have to use as much as you may if using a cream. A small amount goes a long way and doesnt feel like you are using a heavy moisteriser.

    Great for childrens skin and works wonders on areas that need a little more loving (such as heels and elbows!)

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