USER REVIEWS: nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Today I have an exciting post for you all, not only will I be featuring a brand on our website for the first time, but it will  be part of a sampling campaign with 30 of our members.

nu’trir is an Australian owned and made brand with a focus on naturally derived ingredients packed with vitamins and antioxidants. There are no harmful chemicals and they are not tested on animals, nor do they use animal ingredients.

There are four products in the range which will give your beauty routine a complete overhaul with the Nourishing Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Mineral Day Cream, Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum and Detoxifying Enzymatic Radiance Mask.

nutrir cleansing oil

While all of the products are lovely and complement each other very well, I want to take the time to discuss the Nourishing Cleansing Oil as that is the beauty we will be roadtesting with our readers. This oil based cleanser has a faint yet natural scent to it and does not leave your skin feeling dry, just hydrating and refreshed.

The Nourishing Cleansing Oil will remove makeup and nourish your skin while gentle removing dead skin cells. To best describe the product it is worth mentioning the ingredients as they are all skin loving – rosehip oil, sacha inchi oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, willowbark extract, tumeric, papaya extract and camu camu (think Vitamins A, B, D and E).

This comes in a convenient pump container with a natural brown and gold design. At 100ml a little goes a long way, and I find the benefit of using an oil really gives the skin a nice healthy glow while still giving you that clean feeling.


nu’trir is available at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, Priceline, Terry White Chemist, Good Price Pharmacy and other leading Pharmacies. For stockists call 1800 22 77 22 /

Find out the reviews from our readers in the comments section below.

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56 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil

  1. I love the sound of this cleansing oil and the fact that it gently removes dead skin cells. It sounds as though it is very kind to the skin and I would love to trial it as my skin is quite flaky and sensitive. I would be happy to give my true opinion on whether I found it beneficial and always tell friends etc. about any products that I try. Hoping you will consider me for this trial

    1. I have skin that seems to be allergic to everything I have purchased, but have never purchased this one… with advacado, rosehip, and many other goodness items would love to try and then tell all thru facebook, and friends how it does do as the product says….it does not sound as though it has any “fillers” in it, just to make up the volume, so would be a great way to see my skin improve… w.a. sun is no good for it…

  2. I’d love to try nu’trir. So many cleansers leave skin feeling tight and dry. This product, being oil-based, should avoid that issue.

  3. This Nourishing Cleansing Oil sounds like a great cleanser for the skin. Enriched with Natural Oils and vitamins A,B,D and E is sure to beneficial for your skin. I would like to try this product very much it’s sounds and looks fabulous cleanser.

  4. I have combination skin which needs deep cleansing, or I will be prone break outs. In my mid twenties, I still have struggle with embarrassing teenage breakouts. Enter cleansing oil! I love cleansing oils as it deep cleanses without stripping my skin of its natural oils. I have been using them for a while now, particularly the Shu Uemura so it would be great to see how this one compares. While it works a treat, they contain the controversial ingredient mineral oil. It would be great to discover a more affordable and natural Australian alternative.

    I haven’t been picked for a trial before but this is right up my alley. Please pick me!

  5. I have not tried an oil cleanser before, the Nourishing Cleansing Oil sounds like something I would really like to try, love the fact it contains vitamins and it effectively removes make up and dead skin cells whilst all at the same time leaves skin nourished, everything I would want in a cleanser.

  6. Sounds lovely and Australian too!!! Great work, Beauty and Lace for picking up on this.

  7. I would love to try this product and would be delighted to post my honest review for prospective users.

  8. Oh My Goodness, nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil sounds Ahhhhmazing. My tired skin could definitely go a hydration boost at the moment. I’ve heard a lot about cleansing oils and extremely intrigued, as my skin takes on a dry mind of it’s own in winter. I’d love to see if nu’trir could help combat this problem please. Many Thanks.

  9. I’m so skeptical about this product! Would love to trial it and have my mind changed– or not!

  10. I am very interested and curious to use this cleanser. I only use natural products and this one offers the ingredients which work wonders for the skin
    I have normal skin but I am an older woman. I would live to try it.

  11. I love the sound of these natural products & my skin could do with a overhaul so would be more than happy if I was chosen to try & review.

  12. Being an ‘older’ person, I am experiencing dryness issues with my skin. Especially a patch between my eyes. it is always flaky and dry. I normally use cleansing wipes so would love the opportunity to try nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil. thank you

  13. I would absolutely love to trial this cleansing oil…I currently use a make up remover before my cleanser and together they seem to totally dry my skin. But an oil which removes make up AND cleanses? this I have to see! I am in my late thirties, so starting to see the signs of ageing, and my skin gets relatively dry especially around the eyes and nose….So I often trial different skin care products to improve my skin. Please please please choose me!!!!

  14. Although I am generally happy with some of the skincare products that I use, I always have trouble with finding a suitable cleanser and always on the look-out for a reasonably priced and effective natural product. I would appreciate being chosen for this review panel as not only would I be able to experience a potentially suitable item, I also love sharing when I have found something that others would love as well!

  15. Age is hard and tougher than I expected. I would love to try this beautiful Nutrir Nourishing Cleansing Oil for my youthful flawless skin . I believe that natural ingredients skincare products have great benefits for long term users. I would reduce some winkles before my family photos appointment.

  16. Congratulations to the lucky 30 chosen! Not me this time around, but crossing my fingers that I will get chosen maybe next time.

    Can’t wait to read all your reviews, sounds like a fabulous product!

  17. I really love the sound of this product and I and my skin needs hydration especially due to bulking up with clothes etc in the early winter. So my skin is very dry. Would love to trail this

  18. Would love to try the Nu’trir cleansing oil ,I have know trouble useing a cleanser for s 7 days and review it for Beauty and Lace ,Maree

  19. If I could liken this cleanser to a fabric – it would be Angora! So gentle, nurturing and yet thoroughly cleansing. It gently foams to a tiny gentle lather as I rub it between my wet hands. Then I apply this to my face for a truly nourishing cleansing experience. Not only does it smell like a fresh, lemongrass botanical formula – it actually is! There is not artificial fragrance in this – just natural. There’s no nasties either so my skin gets a luxurious, pampering, nourishing cleanse. The formula is chock-ablock full of natural active ingredients. I love how I can use this right around my eye area too because it’s so gentle – it’s a fantastic morning cleanser for me because it smells so beautiful and cleanses all the night-time excess oils off my face, but not stripping it at all – just a gentle removal of what my skin worked at getting rid of during the night. These excess oils that it removes are replaced by the cleanser’s quality botanical oils that really feel great on my skin. Hence there is no dryness. (I have a combination skin with areas that are oily, dry, pimple-prone, ageing and dehydrated areas too). This cleanser works for all my different areas beautifully.

    I will continue to use this – it’s one of the most, if not the most nourishing cleanser I’ve ever used: my skin feels soft, cleansed, pampered and wonderfully refreshed after I cleanse with this cleanser.

    It’s a cleanser that is part of a new natural line of products by the Skin Doctors. It rinses off really easily too – I like to use a facecloth with warm water to remove it and then I splash my face a couple of times and I’m ready for my moisturiser.

  20. Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors for the opportunity to trial the nu’trir nourishing cleansing oil. I have aged, dry, wrinkled skin, so that’s a pretty challenging canvas on which to apply this product. and overall I’m very happy with it.

    There are many things I loved about the cleanser before I even started to use it. The fact that it is based on natural oil ingredients, that it is not tested on our animal friends, that the company is Aussie, the recyclable packaging. What’s there not to like?

    The pump bottle is plastic, which is particularly handy in the shower where things tend to slip out of hands and onto the floor. Don’t get me wrong. The packaging is natural but classy looking. The brown bottle with gold nozzle would not look out of place in a five star environment. And the opaque bottle protects the sensitive oils and helps them last longer. The pump works well in dispensing the small amount required for each use.

    The price is also quite good. $24.95 for 100 ml is not expensive at all, given that one bottle will last a long time.

    The scent of the cleanser is pleasant, but to me it smelled of lavender (which is not an ingredient). It may have been the combination of lemongrass, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle.

    The directions say to apply morning and night with fingertips and then rinse off with warm water. It couldn’t be easier than that! It does suggest doing a patch test 24 hours before use and I did this with no ill effects. That was a great start given the sensitive nature of my skin.

    So does it cleanse? In the wink of an eye! I’ve never owned a more effective cleanser in my life. Makeup just melted away and dirt washed away immediately. My face felt clean and refreshed and not “stripped”.

    Did it moisturise my skin? Unfortunately, not. In fairness, the directions say to use with the nu’trir hydrating mineral day cream in the morning and nu’trir collagen boosting peptide serum at night. I was curious to see how the cleanser would work on its own so I didn’t use any moisturiser during the trial period. And, yes, my skin became very dry. I have found cream cleansers are better at protecting and moisturising my very dry skin, but they do leave a thick film on your face which won’t appeal to everyone.

    So, in summary, I would definitely recommend this as a powerful and natural cleanser, but don’t forgo the moisturising routine. You’ll still need it. I suspect this cleanser is suitable for most skin type, but certainly for older, dry skin.

  21. I found this product to be very luxurious to use! Not only did it cleanse my face but it left it feeling smooth and supple. It did n dry out my skin like some cleansers do. I love that it foams up slightly and is made from mostly natural ingredients. The scent is slight but it smells so nice, it’s a real pleasure to use.

  22. I have been using the nu’trir oil for one week now morning and night and I must say I am impressed, I have never used an oil to clean my face before so was quite worried on how hard it would be to wash off, the cleanser felt and smelt beautiful on my face foamed up ever so sightly which was a suprise and was extremely easy to rinse off, I loved how clean and fresh my face felels after using, I read on the box that the name nu’trir translates to feed and nourish well this product certainly does, it also contains natural oils which is a big plus with my sensitive skin thought it is suitable for all skin types, after one week my face is looking and feeling a lot bette, I will be purchasing this product in the future and would recommend I will also be looking at the other products from nu’trir

  23. I used this product for the first time last night and this morning and my skin is glowing! I always hesitate with ‘oil’ products as they usually cause an acne breakout for me.
    My skin felt tingly and fresh and was left with a pleasant smell which lasted a couple of hours.
    Can’t wait to use it again tonight

  24. I have been using the nu’tir nourishing cleansing oil for 7 days, both morning and night.
    I’ve never used a cleansing oil before, but have found jojoba oil quite good at removing mascara and makeup.
    This comes in a good solid container with dark amber coloured hard plastic base, a handy pump dispenser and clear plastic hygenic cover that fits well!

    I applied it to a slightly dampened face – using about 2-4 pumps (4 if I have makeup to be removed and only 2 if not) and use light circular motions to lightly massage skin.

    I was surprised to find a very slight emulsion forming (don’t expect any foam or bubbles!) and it felt smooth on the face and cleansed easily with no pulling or tugging on the skin. I rinsed it off with warm water and pat dry with a towel. My skin felt lovely, smooth and soft after using. It certainly felt clean and if I used toner after (on a cotton ball) there was no makeup left behind. If I had heavy makeup on, I would be inclined to double cleanse to ensure complete removal.

    I absolutely love the delightful aroma of this cleanser. It has natural parfum and the aroma that stands out is Lemongrass (which I am a fan of) and it also contains Lime, and Lemon Myrtle Oils which combine to a refreshing and uplifting aroma!

    Contrary to what you might think, this product does not feel oily or greasy at all and I suffered no skin breakouts from using an ‘oil’!
    It was very gentle and hydrating on my skin and I didn’t feel the need to use a moisturiser, but did anyway.

    I loved using this product and found it to be a wonderful cleanser, effective at removing makeup and knowing that it’s also removing impurities and dead skin cells makes me feel good.

  25. Nut’rir Nourishing Cleansing oil review
    My skin is normal and starting to show signs of ageing (fine lines, less elasticity). Latley, Ive had some breakouts in my chin area.
    The oil comes in an impressive 100 ml brown, transparent plastic pump bottle. The easy to use pump bottle is handy and keeps the oil hygienic for use. Retailing at $24.95, this is a bargain as I only required 3-4 pumps to sufficiently cleanse my face and neck. I can see that this bottle will last me for the next 3-4 months with regular use.
    The smell is hard to describe. Maybe a light fruityish sort of smell? It wasn’t overpowering and didn’t linger. I used as directed by applying this oil to a damp face and worked it into my skin using circular upward motions with fingertips. I found it to be fast, gentle yet effective removing make up, while cleansing, without feeling tight or stripping my skin. My skin felt clean and refreshed. The oil seemed to compliment used in conjunction of other products in my skin care routine (toner, rosehip oil, moisturizer and eye cream as well as retinol at night). I felt my skin was given a pampering and was absorbing all the goodness of its added ingredients.
    I was extremely impressed with all the beneficial ingredients such as rosehip oil, camu camu (which is a high source of vitamin c), jojoba oil, olive oil, turmeric , papaya extract, sacha inchi oil ( which is a high source of omega oils and is a superfood), willowbark extract (a natural exfoliant reknown for its astringent properties and helps with skin turnover) and vitamins a,b,c and e, making this oil rich in antioxidants.’ I have never known of a skincare range with this many beneficial ingredients. This oil truly is nourishing as its name states.
    I have used this oil morning and night for a week and wow, my skin feels renewed! I had an annoying red, blind pimple on my chin and while using this product, it healed within 3 days and disappeared.
    Ive experience nothing but positives using this oil and no irritation. My skin is clear and bright. Ive noticed improvements in evenness, texture, colour, tone, plumpness and elasticity! My fine lines are less prominent. With continued use I may even be able to skip foundation altogether! Never have I seen results in such a short amount of time. I would love to continue using and repurchase. I would love to try the rest of the range.
    Thank you very much Beauty and Lace for allowing me to try this delicious cleansing oil. I love it xo

  26. I have been using the cleanser for 7 days now and have enjoyed it so far, although it is too early to say whether my skin looks any better, it does as it says, which is nourish.
    The positives for me are the packaging and that it’s Australian made and not tested on animals and contains no animal products.
    I found that it wasn’t overly effective at removing my eye makeup, this could be due to the light lathering effect, or that it contains oils as opposed to a cream based cleanser. It didn’t moisturise either but still left my skin feeling clean and refreshed nonetheless.
    The scent was also a huge plus; I dislike overpowering scents and this subtle lemon scent is lovely.
    I think that it is great value because you only need about 3 pumps of the product to have enough lather for face and neck.
    The packaging makes the product look really classy too!
    Overall, this cleanser is pretty good but doesn’t moisturise, and is good value.
    Thanks for the chance to review!

  27. It is day 2 for me and I have had an acne spot appear overnight, other than this I am still happy with the product and are finding it extremely pleasant to use and very refreshing on the skin

  28. First impressions of this product were that the packaging was wonderfully sturdy. I once tried a cleansing oil of another brand and found that the flimsy plastic bottle proved to be a major problem but with nu’trir you wont have this issue as the bottle is a thick plastic with a thick clear plastic clip on top to protect the pump. I like the fact that you can see through the bottle so you will always know how much product you have left.
    My first application of this cleansing oil was a little bit of a shock simply because of the scent which reminded me of something like a mossie spray which was a bit of a shock but after a few uses I became used to the scent. I found i needed 3-4 pumps of the oil to cleanse my face and neck and I didnt think it was overly oily. it wasnt like putting baby oil on your face for instance.
    My skin felt wonderful soft and clean after each use. It did not feel dry and stripped of natural oils.
    My skin is very sensitive but I had no negative reactions to this product at all and I would happily suggest that if you are looking for good cleansing oil then this product is certainly one that you should put on your ‘to try’ list.
    One bottle of nu’trir cleansing oil would last me for months. Ive bee n using it twice a day for a week now and I feel that I have hardly made a dent in the bottle at all. Excellent value.

  29. Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil review.
    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and nu’trir for the opportunity to trial this cleansing oil. I’m a massive fan of cleansing oils as they don’t leave my facial skin feeling as dried out as other cleansers and I have very dry & mature skin.
    The ingredients that are used to create this soothing cleansing oil are all natural and are as follows; Ingredients include: rosehip oil, sacha inchi oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, willowbark extract, tumeric, papaya extract and camu camu, rich in antioxidants & vitamins a, b, c, e. The product has a gorgeous herbaceous Earthy scent.
    The consistency of the oil is more of a runny oil and it doesn’t feel overly oily on the skin. I dampen my face first and then expel a couple of pumps of oil, massage my hands together and then apply in circular motion to my entire face and neck area, including the eye area. I am happy to say that I have never had the oil create any adverse effects with my eyes, no stinging, watering. And it almost completely rids my eyes of my waterproof mascara too, I only need to wipe over gently with a bit of eye makeup remover on a cotton ball. But the cleanser performs well in ridding my face of the days makeup and built up grime from the day, leaving my skin feeling clean, hydrated and fresh. I love that it doesn’t strip the goodness from my skin as it cleans. It would be a perfect cleanser for those with sensitive and oily skins also.
    I think the nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a beautiful product, in looks and effectiveness and is great value. I’d definitely buy again once I finish this off. 5 stars from me!

  30. Thank you Beautyandlace and Skin Doctors for the opportunity to review Nutrir Oil cleanser. I have never used and oil cleanser before, and probably would never have bought one. But I am converted now. The packaging is great, the brown & gold plastic bottle is a perfect shape to hold and the pump action works well.
    The first time I used it I was skeptical and expected loads more makeup to come off when I followed up with a toner. However, I was wrong. Nutrir removed every trace of makeup from my face and neck. I am using 2 or 3 pumps into wet hand then gently massaging into my skin and removing with a warm face chamois
    After one week I am pleased with the results. I have dehyrated, aging skin. Already my skin feels smoother and softer.
    This product is Australian and all natural, I will definitely continue using it and add more Nutrir products to my skin care regime

  31. I have been using nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil morning and night for the past week now. I have extremely dry skin that only gets more dehydrated during the winter months. The thought of using a natural cleanser produced from oils appeal to me as my skin can be quite sensitive and I like a product that thoroughly removes my makeup.

    The consistency of the cleanser was not what I expected. I thought it would be quite thick but I found it to be quite runny. Because of this, I had to use a few pumps to ensure that I had enough to spread all over my face. The first time I used nu’trir, I was worried that it would not adequately take off my makeup and used double the amount of product! However, it managed to effectively remove all traces of makeup and didn’t leave my skin with that taut feeling that over cleansing sometimes does. I even used it to take off my eye makeup and it didn’t cause any irritation or stinging. I ensured my face and hands were wet before applying the product which enabled me to be able to massage it more easily over my face and neck.

    After a few days of using the nu’trir cleansing oil my skin felt much smoother and more hydrated and some of my fine lines were less visible. I still needed to use a moisturiser and would like to try the serum they recommend to use as a combined routine with the cleanser. On day two, I had a break out on my chin. I am not sure if this was because of the change in product or if it was brewing already! After using the cleanser daily it cleared up quite fast and did not become irritated.

    I was happy with the results from my first week using nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil. For those with dry skin – I would not recommend using the cleanser alone. A good moisturiser would still be needed to add that extra hydration. However, I was very pleased with the way it properly washed off my makeup and didn’t leave my skin feel tight.

    Thank you for the trial Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors.

  32. In the past I have been quite hesitant about cleansing oils, and there is one that I did use by another brand and I wasnt that impressed with it.
    Well thank you to B&L and Skin Doctors for letting me trial this one, as it has changed my mind about this type of product. I have absolutely adored using this cleansing oil.
    I have been using this product to cleanse my skin and remove my makeup and I have to say that it leaves my skin so soft, supple and hydrated, and my skin remains that way all day.
    The oil comes in an easy to use pump pack, that allows me to distribute the perfect amount of product. I wet my hands and face and using my fingertips, apply the product to my whole face. I then rinse it off and pat dry my skin, and then continue with my daily routine.
    I really cant beleive the difference that this oil has made to my skin. It is really, really clean and feels really refreshed.
    The oil has a very light, but pleasant scent, that is almost herbal.
    I have totally fallen in love with this product and will definitely be continuing to use it in the future.
    This is fantastic value for money, as you dont need a lot and it will last quite a long time.

  33. I have been trialling this cleanser now for 7 days – I like that it has such a fresh smell and that it is not overpowering. It is so easy to use, just a few pumps on wet hands and gently massage on your face and neck using fingertips in a circular upward motion and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
    I have never used an oil cleanser before and was really surprised how effectively it removed my makeup and how wonderful it made my skin feel, so really nourished and clean.
    I normally have dry skin, but after using nu’trir it most definitely has rejuvenated it and it feels so much smoother and looks much better.
    It certainly is not expensive at $24.95 for 100ml as it would easily last for 3 months using it regularly each morning and night.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Doctors for giving me the opportunity to trial this cleanser

  34. I have been using the nu’trir nourishing cleansing oil daily for a week now and I really like it. I love that the bottle is plastic because I have been using the oil in the shower and things can get a bit slippery in there! The bottle is also see through, which means I can see how much I’ve got left. Having said that, only a little bit is used each time and so a bottle will last for ages, so I think the $24.95 is good value.

    I’ve really loved the smell. I think it’ she lemongrass in particular that really gets me. It smells so clean and refreshing and makes me feel happy just using it and that is always a bonus!

    Although it is an oil, coming out of the bottle it didn’t feel oily to me. It’s a really nice texture and hasn’t left my skin oily at all, even after putting moisturiser on. I’ve done some experimenting and have left my skin after cleansing, not putting anything on it and other times moisturising, but either way my skin has felt lovely.

    The cleanser has taken my make up off and done its job well. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me do this review. Nut’rir nourishing cleansing oil is something I will definitely go for a second time.

  35. In conclusion to my trial my skin is radiant, glowing and looking hydrated. In saying that I don’t think I would purchase this product at $24.95 as there are other products on the market which give results like these at half the price. Long term I don’t know if this product would be better than other products. This product has restored my faith in facial oil products and would recommend this product in an instant

  36. Nu’trir Cleansing Oil Review

    Firstly the packaging of this product looks luxurious which I love and would definitely sit on top of the vanity, not hidden in a drawer. The aroma was refreshing and not overpowering.

    My first use i was sceptical as it did not foam up as most cleansers do but I was amazed at how clean it left my skin! It removed all traces of make up with one quick cleanse. I accidentally left the cleanser on for a minute or two as I was distracted and once rinsed off it left my skin looking like it was sunburnt and hot. BUT I like this, it tells me the active ingredients are working and my face returned to normal within 30 minutes and then it looked amazing! PLEASE NOTE – When I rinsed it off the following days straight after cleansing it did not affect my skin like that, there was no tingling, heat or redness. I have been using it morning and night for a week now and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the outcome especially as its my 34th birthday tomorrow!! I have left it on fora little longer a couple of more times as I do like it and it was nothing to be alarmed about. The last 2 days I’ve even been able to go to work without any foundation as my skin is so clear now.

    My pores have shrunk, all my blackheads have disappeared or at least smoothed out and it has reduced the reddy tone in my skin. I had a few pimples when I started using it and this cleanser dried them up immediately after the first use and were gone completely the following day. My t-zone which is normally very oily is now normal. My dry skin on my temples and cheek bones is now normal. I have never used one product that can make that possible.

    I only regret that this product was not around a few years ago when I was running my own beauty salon as it definitely would have been what I used in facials and stocked. Unfortunately I do not work as a beauty therapist any longer but I will continue to use this product and recommend it to all my friends and family.

    I cannot wait to try the remaining products such as the moisturiser etc. and will definitely be looking for them on my next shop. I am very happy to have been offered to trial this amazing product and cannot recommend it enough…even my fiancé has commented on my fresh skin without knowing I was trying something new, now that says a lot when a man notices!!! Lol

  37. I loved trialling this nourishing cleansing oil on my sensitive, ageing skin. One small pump of the oil is enough to remove the day’s makeup, so I can see the bottle being good value and lasting quite a while. After I have cleansed, very little water is required for rinsing it off as there are no soapy suds- yay! Afterwards, my skin felt very soft and clean without feeling dry. The eucalyptus and lemon myrtle scent was very uplifting, making me feel like I was being pampered at a spa. I will definitely continue using nu’trir nourishing cleansing oil and shall look out for the other complimentary products in the range.

  38. i would love the chance to trail this amazing sounding cleaners. I am a member of Beauty Heaven and I’m sure that they would love to read about the results of this product also. I’ love natural products as they don’t strip your skin of its natural oils. This is a wonderful chance.

  39. So i have been looking for a product like Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil for a while now and I am so happy to have found it. On first impressions reading the packaging I was thrilled to read that it was a natural skincare product, that actually was (not trying to mislead like the usual advertising around). No parabans or sulphates, I was sold. The container is pretty hardy (survived a trip in my suitcase) and the lid stayed on thankfully.

    I have had horrible break out prior to using this product. I was using products that were the opposite of natural.

    So on using it for just over a week, I have experienced a significant change in my skin, with the ingredients soothing my broken skin. I have less break-outs and the appearance of my skin has become smoother.
    It took a bit of a while to get used to the oil and the obvious lack of foam, now i’m loving it though and have even reduced my moisturiser use to once a day because i feel the oil is giving me the extra boost my skin was needing.

    I am very thankful that I was able to trial this product and will be purchasing other items in the line very soon, as they are quite affordable.

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to trial Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil. I have sensitive skin that is prone to eczema especially during the colder months and I only ever use natural products with the least chemical additives.
    I’ve been using the Nourishing Oil for a week now and I absolutely love it. I’ve had no adverse reaction. It smells beautiful and it cleans perfectly without leaving your skin feeling dry.
    It is also quite affordable and very economical because you only have to use a small amount each time.
    My skin now feels so soft and smooth. I’ve decided I will never use any other cleanser than this one, now that I’ve tried it all others pale in comparison.

  41. I’ve been trialling this product for 1 ½ weeks now and also my husband has been using the product as well. Very excited to be trying a product that contains all natural ingredients, there are NO nasty chemicals. I am in my mid 50s and do suffer dry skin.

    I adore how the packaging is a pump hard plastic container and the gold and brown colours of the container even look classy on my bathroom shelf. The plastic lid on top is strong and stays secure so when travelling, I can trust that it won’t leak.

    I found 3-4 pumps were ample enough to apply to my already dampened skin. I only applied around my skin. Didn’t use on the eyes or lips. Although the product says oil, for me it actually feels just like water so this means it definitely isn’t oily or greasy. The scent I found strong at first but it’s not an unpleasant fragrance.
    Your actually smelling all the lovely natural ingredients that are contained in this oil for example, rosehip oil, papaya extract, Avocado Oil. Once applied to your dampened skin, don’t expect a lot of foamy froth – it’s just a slight soapy film (almost like you haven’t put enough of the oil on your face – but you have).

    It absolutely removed all traces of make-up and my skin definitely felt hydrated and so refreshed and after completely dry, my dry skin was feeling so soft afterwards.

    I was amazed at the price of this product being $24.95 for 100mls and really like that it is affordable to anyone.

    It is just such a beautiful product for cleansing off make-up or where husband is concerned, the day’s grime. He has really enjoyed testing it out too.

    Thank you BH for introducing me to this brand. Thoroughly enjoyed trialling this new product.

  42. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this product.
    I have always wanted to test a cleansing oil but I wasn’t sure if it would work for me so I was hesitant to spend the cash for it. This one came in neat packaging and with a pump that was very easy to use. I like that it has a pump as I think that is more hygienic than some other types of packaging.

    I have sensitive skin that is normal to dry in complexion so I was interested to see how the cleansing oil would suit. I found this product felt very nice to use but was a little different as it didn’t lather or foam up like many other types of cleanser – it was exactly how I expected an oil would feel to use.

    I have used it every night for the last week and it easily removed the makeup from my face as well as cleaning away any sweat, dirt, etc. I find after using it that my face does feel soft, nourished and hydrated similar to using an oil (like straight on the skin) but it wasn’t greasy as it would be if directly applying oil. I finished it off with a moisturiser and my skin felt beautifully refreshed.
    What I also loved about the product was the invigorating scent – it’s quite a strong but refreshing scent that smells of the natural ingredients but it doesn’t linger after rinsing it off.

    Overall I really enjoyed this product and would purchase it again. I think for the product $25 is a reasonable price as it is quite a large size being 100mL and a little does go a long way.

  43. After 2 weeks of trialing Nu’trir, my skin is so soft and supple – with no signs of the original flakiness that I started out with. It has been so easy to apply and just a very tiny amount is used each time – making it such a wonderful and economical skincare cleansing oil. My sister and neighbour have now bought Nu’trir at Chemist Warehouse as they were so impressed with my results. It is wonderful that it can be bought at a discount Chemist, which keeps the price down. This product will last me quite a long time and of course just before i finish it, I will be off to Chemist Warehouse to buy one, so that I don’t run out.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to trial this product

  44. Really impressed with how soft my skin felt after washing my face with this cleansing oil. Did not feel dry, tight and taut as it often does in winter and autumn. My skin was clean free from excess oil and makeup and felt fresh and hydrated. Really helped improve the overall dryness of my face especially around my T zone, which tends to become dry and flaky in the colder months.
    Loved the beautiful natural fragrance of the oil as well.
    Even though there was no foaming action it was very good at cleansing my skin.
    Really liked the beautiful amber coloured bottle with the easy to use gold pump that dispensed just enough oil to cover my face. When I had makeup on I did need two pumps to remove all traces of makeup.
    Very gentle on the skin and suitable even for sensitive skin types.
    Very impressed with this cleansing oil! Will continue to purchase and use it!

  45. Living with rather sensitive skin, I am always on the look out for a facial cleanser that doesn’t leave me red raw, itchy or breaking out with pimples.
    After using Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil for over a week now I am pleasantly surprised with how well my skin has adjusted to it. I have not had one single reaction, and with the weather getting harsher I have found that my skin hasn’t “dried out” like it usually does around this time of year!
    The pump pack bottle was really easy to use, it is a sturdy bottle so it’s good to have on the shelf in the shower. I found that I didn’t require more than say 3 pumps to wash my face and neck sufficiently, so the bottle would therefore last for some time.
    It smelt nice too – a fresh earthly scent not sickly or too over powering which was nice.
    I felt that some days my skin didn’t even feel like it needed moisturiser applied afterwards due to how soft and supple it felt after washing.
    In conclusion I would definitely buy and use the Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil, and I will be keeping my eye out for any other products they may have in there product line.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity of testing this for you 🙂

  46. I quite enjoyed the way that this cleansing oil made my skin feel, also made it look quite nourished and radiant.
    To have to wet my face then use the cleanser and then wash off, I did find it a little time consuming doing this 2 times a day.
    In future I would probably only use it once a day before bed time, and I do find it a little expensive for what you get.

    The bottle was very easy to use having the pump action and the product didn’t over foam when applied, easy to wash off and made my skin feel like it didn’t even need moisturiser after.
    I did enjoy trialling the product and will continue to use it until finished.

    thankyou for the opportunity to trial the Nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil.

  47. When I opened this product, I was excited. The packaging was nice & sturdy, and classic (not boasting). The product itself smells amazing. You use your fingers to massage the oil into your face. It has a nice consistancy – not too runny but not like a thick gel. Then you wash your face off with warm water.

    I have been using it for a week now. Each time I use this product my skin feels fresh, and the smooth sily fresh feeling of my skin continues for quite some time. The smell is very pleasant, not at all overpowering, yet enough to heighten the senses. I’ve been a bit stressed the last week so my skin around my forehead was dry but I found that this product actually helped to improve the skin there. I would recommend this product to others, and I would buy it in future. 5/5 Stars from me.

  48. I loved the feel of this product from the very first time I used it. I had never used an oil-bases cleanser before, so was pleasantly surprised at how it felt on my skin. I used it twice a day for 7 days, and my skin feels and looks fantastic. It’s so smooth and hydrated, especially in these winter months, where it usually dries out and feels rough to the touch. I would definitely recommend this product, but is a touch out of my price range at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity to try this wonderful product 🙂

  49. Thank you Beauty and Lace and nu’trir for this wonderful trial. I have loved this trial and I have now discovered new favourite cleansing oil.

    After reading a bit about this cleansing oil it really appealed to me because it is an Aussie company and product and it’s not tested on animals. The ingredients sounded really good for my skin too.

    This cleansing oil comes in a 100ml plastic pump bottle. I love how easy and hygienic the pump bottle is to use. I needed a couple of pumps to cleanse all of my face and neck. To use I applied this oil to my face after wetting it and massaged it into my face with a circular motion.

    The cleansing oil has a soft scent, and did not irritate me at all. The cleansing oil was super soft on my skin and was very effective at removing all of my makeup. The cleansing oil left my skin clean, soft and refreshed. Even though it’s an oil based product, my face didn’t feel oily or greasy after use. There was no residue or tight skin feeling.

    My clear has been so much clearer and brighter since using this cleansing oil. It removes makeup and cleanses my face, but I can also see that it also doing wonders for my skin. I just love this nu’trir for creating this product.

    At $24.95, it’s an affordable product. I give this cleansing oil 5/5 and I would recommend this product to others.

  50. I’m lucky to have skin that alternates between excessive oil, breakouts and dehydrated – fun times! Needless to say, I’m never sure how my skin will react to products that I haven’t tried before, especially oils.

    nu’trir have made an amazing product which improved my skin! It hydrated it without turning it oily, it cleaned up my blemishes and gave great cleanse, without that squeaky clean feel.

    If you’re unsure about this product because it’s an oil – don’t be. It’s fabulous! 🙂

  51. Ill have to look out for this, I love cleansing oils, and am almost finished the Dr Lewinn’s one, I might try this next 🙂

  52. The Cleansing oil is remarkable.
    Best I have used fior my sensitive skin.
    After I have cleansed with the oil. massaged my face and removed gently with a warm cloth I see a radiant smooth even complexion.
    It’s economical and is very affordable.

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