USER REVIEWS: Noelle Australia DUO Hand Care Kit

Feel empowered as you energise your hands with with the skin-rejuvenating and antioxidant rich combination found in our Hand Care Kit featuring the iconic duo of:

1x Energy Handwash 300ml
1x Energy Hand Lotion 300ml

A perfect gift for your loved ones or a treat for your own home, it’s like stepping out in to a bushwalk beneath the stars every time you wash your hands.

Wild Hibiscus is a precious native flower that thrives in the Australian woodlands packing potent skin-rejuvenating antioxidants, combined with our juicy, zesty and vitamin rich Mandarin, we have created a well-balanced skin energising antidote for modern living.

100% Australian Natural Active Ingredients, 100% Vegan, 100% Cruelty Free
Free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanols, SLES and Dimethicones

RRP $24.95

Get it at:

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4 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Noelle Australia DUO Hand Care Kit

  1. I love this perfect duo!
    Having a baby obviously means i wash my hands every 5 minutes (mostly!) And this hand wash has NEVER dried out my hands.

    Smells divine and orangey with herbal goodness!
    The cream is amazing- soaks right in and nourishes where most needed

  2. My hands can get so dry, especially in the winter months. Noelle looks and sounds like a great brand with made with quality and care. I love the look of the bottles, so sleek.

  3. I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful with hand and body products. Noelle hand wash and hand lotion are gentle , nourishing and very effective. I love the “woodland” smell –its very refreshing and people have remarked with “Whats that lovely perfume”? Absolutely no problem for my sensitive skin with no redness or dryness occurring. The duo package looks appealing and would be a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates luxurious beauty products.

  4. I think this pack would be perfect for a gift as it is so pretty! I am obsessed with hand and body products so was excited to try this set. It is non drying and I love the scent, it’s fresh and seems to linger. Out of the two I do prefer the handwash, but the lotion is lovely too. It’s affordable yet you get the benefits of natural ingredients. I only use cruelty free products so this gets a tick from me. Thanks for letting me test, off to check out their website for more gift ideas!

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