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If you like the smell of coffee in the morning, you can implement it into your beauty ritual with Naked Bean Australia. This is an Australian made range of products which are free from palm oil. They are against animal testing and there is a focus on organic ingredients.

There are four products in the range to choose from with a Berry Souffle Hand / Body Cream, Coffee Cream Face Scrub / Mask, Coffee Cream Body Scrub and Coffee Body Scrub.

All of the products except the body cream contain coffee granules, and all have an extra addition of organic lingonberries and bilberries. The caffeine paired with the antioxidants and fatty acids result in skin which is both moisturised and more toned. It is no wonder the tag line is “superfood for your skin”.

The Coffee Body Scrub comes in  a trendy sachet style package while the other products come in tubes. All have that unisex black, red and white design. I am enjoying using these for winter, my current favourite is the hand and body cream as my skin has been extremely dry lately. However, the scrubs are sure to be best sellers for the brand.

Prices start from just $12.95 and they are generous sizes, making them good value for money.

For more information or to purchase, visit Naked Bean Australia at Australian Skin Laboratory.

A few of our Beauty and Lace Club Members have been testing the Naked Bean range, you can read what they think in the comments section below. If you have tried this brand we would love to hear your thoughts too!



3 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Naked Bean Australia

  1. I was so lucky enough to be gifted a trial of these amazing products and here is my honest no holds barred review:

    Let’s start with the Coffee Body Scrub – The scrub leaves you feeling invigorated and your skin super soft and glowing. I love it! I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my skin quality and texture – the rough, dry areas are softer and smoother and my skin in general looks and feels better.

    The berry fragrance is nice too – not too overpowering but not so limp as to fade quickly. I suggest using at night but I’ve found the strong coffee smell is a real wake up if you use it first thing in the morning. You don’t need much as it goes a long way – my rating 9/10

    Onto the Coffee Cream Face Scrub/Mask – This is a mask that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Possibly due to the exfoliating effect of the coffee grounds. It smells great when it’s on your face which is always a bonus. I also like that this mask doesn’t have to be refrigerated and that I can leave it in my bathroom cupboard. In saying that I probably would consider putting it in the fridge during summer (imagine a cool coffee mask on a hot day – lush!).

    It’s full of scrubby bits to gently exfoliate the skin. My skin always looked clean and fresh after use. It really perks up the skin. Not only does it perform well, you’ll want to keep opening it just to smell the fantastic scent! – my rating 9/10

    Next up we have Coffee Cream Body Scrub – The first thing you notice about this wonderful, all natural scrub, is the delicious smell, intertwined with coffee, lingonberries and bilberries you don’t know whether to eat it or apply it!. It really is such an incredible aroma!

    I started by massaging onto my very dry, lower legs, knees and feet, a dollop of this fabulous smelling, granular cream, and immediately loved that you could actually feel the gently exfoliating effect of the grounded coffee. Personally I like to feel the “scrub” in a body scrub, but… I don’t want to scratch and damage my skin, and this scrub ticked this box perfectly.

    I spent a couple minutes massage in the scrub, allowing it to work its magic. When I rinsed it off, my skin felt as smooth and silky as a baby’s you know what!

    Coffee used in a scrub also helps increase circulation and is a great, all natural, skin anti-inflammatory – a huge bonus for me as I have dreadful skin on my lower legs and they need constant moisturiser. It must have worked wonders as my skin specialist said that my skin was looking fabulous on my legs and she had no idea that I had been using this. – my rating 10/10

    Apparently – using a high quality, natural coffee scrub during the summer months, is a great secret beauty weapon for woman who wants to diminish the look of their much abhorred cellulite.

    **Back that truck up and just deposit it all on my front lawn**

    Lastly we have my favourite of all – Berry Soufflé Hand/Body Cream – Anyone that knows me, knows I am never without hand cream in my bag, on my desk beside the couch, literally everywhere I am. This hand cream is such a luxe product but without the crazy price tag!

    The product itself is quite nourishing, without an overwhelmingly strong scent, and doesn’t have that “sticky-feeling” that some hand creams are known for. I soon found out how perfect this delightful product was for me once I started to use it. The fragrance is amazing!

    The cream is SO hydrating & rich on my dry hands & cuticles but it isn’t greasy. My dry hands feel instantly hydrated, soothed and softened.

    Pros: felt like a luxurious hand cream, gorgeous packaging, affordable price point…..Cons: none – my rating 10/10

  2. Appearance/Packaging: 9/10
    The packaging is obviously high quality – the bold black tubes felt durable, and the labelling was embossed and had a lovely texture. The labels were clear and easy to read, but a little too bold for me. (I prefer a softer look to my self-care products – these products don’t encourage relaxation so much as motivated invigoration!)

    Body Cream: 9/10
    The Body Cream smells amazing; berry bliss with only undertones of coffee scent – it was refreshing and quite sexy! The tiniest bit of this cream will go a LONG way, and it has almost a soufflé texture as you rub it into the skin. It leaves skin ridiculously silky and smooth, and was fine on my skin (which tends to be sensitive to new products). I used this everywhere; arms, legs, cellulite-rich booty… I also coated my feet in the cream before putting socks on and getting into bed, leaving me with spectacularly soft feet the next day! I also found that this cream does a better job of firming loose skin than many “firming” creams I’ve tried. (I’ve recently lost a fair bit of weight and so have excess skin around my abdomen)

    Coffee Face Scrub/Mask = 10/10
    The coffee scrub/mask worked awesomely as both a scrub and a mask; it felt like it was working but it was gentle too. It didn’t aggravate my sensitive skin or my acne, but my pores were visibly cleaned after. It smells incredible; you catch both coffee and berry scents and it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. I’ve started using the scrub every other day and feel that it’s keeping my skin youthful. Plus, did I mention it smells amazing? And leaves skin smelling amazing?

    Coffee Cream Body Scrub = 9/10
    The cream body scrub also smelled marvellously revitalising, and had a great texture that was satisfying to rub into the skin. It left skin feeling soft, although not as much as the other products did.

    Body Scrub = 10/10
    The body scrub smelled so. Freaking. Good. It was easy to open, apply and seal (something important if you’re as uncoordinated as I am!). It was gritty enough to feel that it was working, but not scratchy when applying. It left my skin feeling moisturised and smelling great. It works well everywhere, and was gentle on my scarred/sensitive skin. Did I mention it smelled staggeringly delicious?

    Overall, I loved these products. Although the quality says, “treat yo self”, the price and the efficiency of them means they’re delightful for daily use. Highly recommend!

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for letting me trial these products. And also how generous Naked Bean were for giving me the whole full sized set of their products. the scent of these products is divine with a berry coffee smell that I really wanted to eat instead!!!

    So starting with the Coffee Body Scrub. I thought initially this might be a little rough on my skin, but oh how I was wrong. The coffee body scrub was actually not harsh, it’s still an exfoliator so it’s there to work on your skin but it doesn’t leave you skin feel stripped at all. Instead my skin feels smoother all over. Rating for this is 8/10

    Next is the Berry Soufflé Hand/Body Cream. I must say, a little really goes a long way. It’s rich and moiturising and nourishing. It sinks into tmy skin perfectly leaving it so soft, smooth and supple. This is definitely a favourite. Rating 10/10

    Next is the Coffee Cream Body Scrub. so much like the coffee body scrub, it has the coffee grains in it but also has a rich moisturising and thick creamy base to it which leave my skin not only exfoliated but also moisturised at the same time. Do to the creamy base, it felt not as scratchy as the Coffee body scrub. Rating 9/10

    Last but not least is the Coffee Face Scrub/Mask, I only really used it as a scrub (i felt weird to use it as a mask due to the coffee grains. This is much gentler than the Coffee Cream Body Scrub so it doesn’t scratch your face, but exfoliated gently to ensure that your skin is renewed. The creamy base also ensures that your skin is protected and moisturised. I’ve found my face looks smoother and feels soft too after using this product. Rating 9/10

    Overall, these are wonderful product that priced well to be used every day and they are also gentle enough for every day too.

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